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Current Plugin Count: 100


These are plugins that preform some sort of manipulation on the game’s menu!

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Menu Status Customizer
  –  Allows you to have more customization over the Actor Statuses that appear in the main part of the menu.

Gold Window Customizer  –  A Plugin that allows you to manipulate the information presented on the Gold Window.

Fullscreen Toggle Options  –  Adds an option to the Options Menu which allows the player
to choose between Fullscreen or Windowed modes.

Menu Backgrounds  –  A Plugin that can be used with all Alt Menu Plugins (and the default menu) to give backgrounds to each section of the menu. The opacity of the windows can be manipulated and the backgrounds can be scaled to fit all screen sizes.

In-Menu Usage Upgrade  –  A Plugin that allows you to customize the Window for when the Player uses an Item or Skill in the menu and it requires an Actor to be selected.

Remove Faded Continue Choice (Direct Download)  –  Removes the “Continue” choice from the Title Screen when there is no save file saved. (View)



These are plugins that change the entire format of the game’s menu.

Click to see Alternative Menu Plugins!

5 Alternative Menu Screens
  –  Five very simple alternative menu screens for your game!

Alternative Menu Screen: Phantasia  –  Adds an alternative menu screen based off of the one from Tales of Phantasia.

Alternative Menu Screen: Bust Select  –  An alternative menu screen that uses “busts” as the main form of Actor selection. Also contains an HP Bar window and Side-View Battler window.

Alternative Menu Screen: Busts and Icons  –  Using this Plugin, you can allow the player to select a Character from a list of available characters. You can set an image file that contains Characters and the index of the Character you wish to use within that file.

Alternative Menu Screen: Info Box  –  Adds an alternative menu screen based off of the “Face” menu but also adds more information including Playtime, Location, Current Background Music, and more!

Alternative Menu Screen: Mobile –  Adds an alternative menu screen that is built to be more effective on mobile devices.

Alternative Menu Screen: Icons –  An alternative menu screen that uses Icons in order to list the Command Window choices. All of the Icons can be customized and Icons for custom commands can be added also.

Alternative Menu Screen: Icon Cycle –  An alternative menu screen that uses Icons in order to list the Command Window choices. All of the Icons can be customized and Icons for custom commands can be added also.

Alternative Menu Screen: Final Fantasy 7 –  A Plugin that gives your game a menu based off of the menu from Final Fantasy 7. “Play Time” and “Location” displays have been added along with a “To Next Level” bar.

Alternative Menu Screen: Kingdom Hearts –  An alternative menu based off of the menu from Kingdom Hearts.

Alternative Menu Screen: Face Bars  –  Extension to “Alt Menu Screen: Face/Info Box/Mobile” Plugins. Adds HP, MP, and TP bars to the Face-styled alt menu screens I have created. Simply install both a Face Menu and this Plugin underneath it to use it.



These are plugins that manipulate various aspects of battles.

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Battle GUI Core
  –  This plugin allows developers to customize the window set up of battles within their game.

Battle Status Customizer  –  This plugin gives developers control over the information provided within the Battle Status windows for each Actor.

Walk Character Battlers  –  This plugin allows developers to use Walk Character images as side-view battlers for Actors and Enemies.

Undertale Battle System  –  This is a plugin that replicates the Bullet-hell system from Undertale.

Battle Popup Customizer  –  This plugin adds more options to the Battle Popups! You have more customization over the attributes of the popups and also have the ability to add custom popups.

State Popups  –  This is an extension to the Battle Popup Customizer that adds popups that display the addition or removal of States and Buffs during battles.

Battle Background Scroll  –  This plugin allows the backgrounds within battles to scroll in both the X and Y directions during a battle.

Sequence Input  –  Allows you to check for Input within Yanfly’s Action Sequences.

Active Defense Core  –  Adds a system that allows the Actors to dodge or counter Enemy attacks through the use of active inputs.

Active Defense: Charge  –  Adds an Active Defense that forces the Player to charge up before dodging an attack.

TP Upgrade  –  Allows you to have a dynamic Max TP stat and an Initial TP stat. Furthermore, allows you to change a few things pertaining to the TP System as a whole.

Enemy Bulk Drops  –  Adds bulk drop options to Yanfly’s Extra Enemy Drops that can be used to make large scale dropping systems easier to create.

Battle Log Upgrade  –  A somewhat simple Plugin that allows you to customize the Battle Log. Things such as position, size, order in which the logs are placed, and colors can be manipulated.

Repeat Upgrade Plugin – Allows you to have more customization over the “Repeat” functionality of your Skills and Items, including formulas used to determine repeat count.

Weapon Guard Skill (Direct Download)  –  Allows you to set a specific Guard Skill for your
Actors depending on his or her weapon. (View)



Timed Attacks are plugins that allow developers to add timed inputs to successfully preform skills for Actors.

Click to see Timed Attack Plugins!

Timed Attack Core
  – This Plugin adds a system which forces the user to time certain inputs to preform Skills during battle. The better the input is preformed, the more effective the Skill is.

Timed Attack: Circle  – This Plugin adds a new Timed Attack system involving circles that skrink and must be stopped at their smallest point.

Timed Attack: Clock  – Adds a new Timed Attack system that is similar to a clock hand revolving around the face of the clock.

Timed Attack: Mash  – Adds a new Timed Attack system that requires the Player to mash a button to get a gauge to a certain point.

Timed Attack: Arrows  – Adds a new Timed Attack system that requires the Player to mash a button to get a gauge to a certain point.

Timed Attack: Wheel  – A ring appears on screen and commands cycle around it. The Player must press the commands as they appear on the top.

Timed Attack: Results  – Adds a customizable pop-up that can display the results of the Timed Attack.

Timed Attack: Action Sequences  – Allows Timed Attacks to be called upon within Yanfly’s Action Sequences.



These are plugins that manipulate mechanics related to the map.

Click to see Map Plugins!

Camera Core
  –  This plugin allows developers to preform various camera motions including focusing and zooming.

Auto Camera  –  This plugin allows developers to set the camera to move based on what regions the player moves onto.

Common Event Battle Intro  –  This plugin allows you to have a Common Event run as your battle intro.

Map Slip Damage  –  This plugin replaces the default Slip Damage system with a new system that gives more control over State damage that occurs on the map.

Collision Checker  –  This is a plugin that allows developers to check the collision of various coordinates/directions on the map for event collision.

Picture Choices  –  This is a plugin that allows players to have the ability to select from a collection of pictures.

Wait Options  –  This is a plugin that adds more options for waiting during events.

Custom Battle Intro  –  Allows you to completely customize your random encounter battle intros frame by frame using a unique “command” system.

Random Encounter Switches (Direct Download)  –  Allows the user to toggle Random Encounters for predefined Maps using predefined Switches. (View)

Restrict Movement Directions  –  Allows you to restrict the Player from moving in a specific direction
based on a predefined Switch or JavaScript condition.



These are plugins related to the Character Creator plugin.

Click to see Character Creator Plugins!

Character Creator
  –  This is a plugin that allows players to create their own custom characters in game.

Dynamic Actors  –  This plugin allows Actors to have their sprites and images dynamically change based on the Class, Weapon, or Armors that the Actor has equipped.

Custom Faces  –  This plugin allows developers to give custom characters multiple expressions through Show Text events. They are created by changing specific pieces of the custom character’s face image.



These are plugins that manipulate some of the less prominent scenes within one’s game.

Click to see Scene Plugins!

Options Upgrade
  –  This Plugin upgrades the Options Menu! The options are placed into different categories and a description window has been added.

Equip Comparison Upgrade  –  This plugin allows for developers to customize all the visible stats that can be seen on the Equip Screen. Furthermore, it sets the comparison window to only show the stats that are being changed.

Title Command Customizer  –  This Plugin allows customization over the Title Command Window! You can customize the size, position, rows, columns, and commands!

Title Map Background  –  This plugin allows developers to set a map to be used as the background of their title screen.

Character Choices  –  Using this Plugin, you can allow the player to select a Character from a list of available characters. You can set an image file that contains Characters and the index of the Character you wish to use within that file.

Actor Select  –  Call upon a screen that allows your Player to select an Actor. Then that Actor’s ID is stored in a variable for you to use in whichever system you wish!

Name Input Upgrade  –  Pretty much the main thing is that you can use your normal keyboard to enter a name though there are many other wonderful features, check them out!

Switch Shop  –  This Plugin allows you to set up a Shop for the Player. However, unlike normal Shops, this Shop sells Items that, when purchased, turn on a Switch.

Sell Shop  –  Allows you to create a shop that gives a specific list of Items for the Player to sell to the shop. These Items can be sold for higher, or different, prices then they would normally be sold for in a normal shop.

Press Start  –  A very simple Plugin that sets up a “Press Start” scene before opening up the Command Window on the Title Screen.

Movie Credits  –  Shows credits in a similar fashion to how movies display them at the end. They appear as a centered list that moves from the bottom of the screen to the top.

Remove Title Screen (Direct Download)  –  Completely removes the Title Screen from the game. Going to the Title Screen starts a New Game automatically. (View)

Skip Title Screen Without Save File (Direct Download)  –  Skips the Title Screen if there are no saved files. (View)



These are plugins that manipulate the capabilities or properties of windows.

Click to see Window Plugins!

Shaking Text
– Allows you to add Shaking Text to your Show Text events!

Window Skin Option – This Plugin adds a Window Skin selector to the Options Window that allows the Player to choose a Window Skin for the game. Can also set the order of the Window Skins and have some unlock based on Switches.

Window Frame Anti-Stretch – Makes it so instead of “stretching” the window frame, this Plugin makes it so they are repeated. Window skins that have patterns can now be used correctly.

Window Layers – This Plugin causes all of the Windows in your game to be drawn on different layers, stopping them from overdrawing each other and creating an overlapping effect.

Custom Colors – Instead of having the “Window.png” file have control of your colors, this Plugin allows you to customize all the available colors in your game using Parameters.

Individual Skins for Windows – This Plugin allows you to customize the Window Skins for each individual Window within your entire game.

Window Open Upgrade – A Plugin that allows you to customize the animation of a Window when it opens or closes. You can change the speed along with formulas to manipulate the X/Y Scale, X/Y Position, Opacity, and Rotation.

Shaking Windows  –  Makes your windows with commands shake when the Player is selecting a command. Adds a sort of animation to what would normally be boring windows.

Automatic Name Boxes – This Plugin allows Show Text events to have “text codes” automatically added to them based on the face image used. This can mainly be used for assigning Name Boxes automatically.

Blinking Faces – Using this Plugin, you can make it so the character face images on the dialogue boxes within your game have “blinking” animations.



These are plugins that help developers or debuggers test games.

Click to see Debug Plugins!

Spell Check
  –  A utility/debug Plugin that can be used to check your spelling of various texts throughout your game.

Debug Display  –  Displays various, customization text on screen detailing information ranging from Variable values to Player coordinates. Can be toggled using a customized key.

Debug Speed Up  –  Allows you to speed up your game at various speeds such as x1.5, x2, or x5. Can be used to playtest your game without taking up much time.



These are plugins that don’t fall into any of the categories listed above.

Click to see Other Plugins!

Auto Updater
– This plugin allows developers to set up automatic updates to occur whenever a player plays the game while internet is available.

Bitmap Upgrade – This plugin adds various Bitmap functions to allow color transformations to characters, battlers, and weapons.

Credits Plugin – This is a plugin that adds an entirely new scene to your game for the purpose of giving credit!

Swipe Input – This is a Plugin that allows the developer to check for swipe input on the
touch screen or on a mouse.

Video Wait – When the user uses “Play Move”, this Plugin forces the event to stop all eventing and wait until the video is complete.

Variable Rates –  Adds the ability to have Game Variables be incremented or decremented in the background of your game at a specific speed, rate, and condition.



These are plugins that were inspired by Pokemon mechanics.

Click to see Pokemon Plugins!

  –  Replicates the Nature system from Pokemon games to affect Actors.

Copy Actors  –  Allows you to copy Actors to have multiple instances of the same Actor in your game.

Pokemon 4 Moves Only  –  Makes it so Actors can only learn 4 Skills; if an Actor learns more, then they will be prompted with a screen and must select one Skill to delete.

Pokemon Move Deleter  –  Extension to “Pokemon 4 Moves Only” Plugin. Allows you to call upon a screen to select an Actor and delete a Skill from that Actor. Can even delete undeleteable moves!

Pokemon Type System  –  Allows you to assign elements to Actors and Enemies. Also adds “Super Effective” and “Not Very Effective” hits based on the damage element of the Skill and the target’s elements.

Pokemon Type Display  –  Extension to “Pokemon Types System” Plugin. Using this Plugin, the place where usually the Actor’s Class is located is replaced with the Actor’s Elements.

Pokemon Trainer Sprite  –  A more effective way to give your Player a Trainer sprite even if there is no Actor for it. Allows for separate sprites for different genders and running.

Pokemon Trainer Name Input  –  A more effective way to input a Trainer name without having to rely on an Actor to store it.

Metronome Skill  –  Adds the ability to easily create a Metronome Skill in your game.


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  1. Maxi

    Hi Sum! I have a request for you.
    Can u please make a pluggin for MV, like a OVERKILL on Final Fantasy X?
    So, when u kill a enemy with more than 1.5 of it HP, it will give u more exp, more gold, and more items (This could be seteable on database enemy notes window) and it must show a little img with the word “Overkill” or something like that.
    Thanks ! 😀

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    Thanks for everything!! and question? do you think you could do a Damage Pop Up plugins to give us something more cool then just 4 colors?? Like nice bouncing animation when the number appear!! Thanks for everything I return to my work on my project. Have fun!

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    Best Plugins Ever! keep up the good work oh and can i ask you if you can make a plugin where you can put or take items or gold
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    just want to say love your Plugins, and your youtube videos, btw the link to ActiveDefense: Charge leads to ActiveDefense Core 🙂 I wrote it in manually to reach it so i can download Your plugin 🙂

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    Is this possible? because I suck at programming it and it takes soooooo long.
    You are great at creating plugins so I figured, if you wanted to make this kind of plugin it would be perfect like all your other plugins 😉


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