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Allows you to copy Actors to have multiple instances of the same Actor in your game.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Copy Actors
Version 1.00

This is a Plugin that allows you to copy Actors to have multiple instances
of the same Actor in your game.

How to Make Copy Actors

In order to create and add a Copy Actor to your party, use the following
Plugin Command:

CopyActor x

This will create a Copy Actor based off of Actor ID x.
For example:

CopyActor 1

This will create a copy of Actor ID 1 and add it to the party.

Referencing Copy Actors through Variables

When you create a Copy Actor through a Plugin Command, you can store the
Copy Actor’s ID into a variable by adding a second Parameter:

CopyActor x y

Set y to the ID of the Variable you wish to store the Copy Actor ID’s in.

Copy Actors Mode

When Copy Actors Mode is turned on, using the “Change Party Member” event
will add copies of the Actors instead of actual originals.

You can customize whether this is on or off at the beginning of the game
in the Parameters of this plugin.

You can also use the Plugin Commands:

CopyActorMode ON
CopyActorMode OFF

to turn Copy Actors Mode on or off.

New Game_Actor Functions

In order to compensate for the new Copy Actors, there are two new functions
that can be used on Actor objects (instances of Game_Actor class).


Returns the ID of the copy. ID 0 is the original, and every number after
that is the number refers to the amount of Copy Actors that existed
at the Copy Actor’s creation plus one.

For example, the first Copy Actor has Copy ID 1, the second has Copy ID 2,
the third has Copy ID 3, etc…


The ID of the Actor the Copy Actor was created from.



9 thoughts on “Copy Actors – MV Plugin

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  2. CurtMerciless

    Would you know if this script call would work with copies?

    gameParty._actors[0] = $gameVariables.value(1)

    I’m attempting to make a system that rotates the actors in one slot at a time without rotating the entire party, or the other slots. When I do it now, when the rotation returns to the top I get an ‘alreadyappeared’ error so I’m hoping this will help with that by allowing duplicates.


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