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A Plugin that allows you to manipulate the information presented on the Gold Window.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Gold Window Customizer
Version 1.00

A Plugin that allows you to manipulate the information presented on the
Gold Window using a wide variety of information codes.

Information Commands

In order to customize the information presented, one must manipulate the
“Information #” Parameters to list out all the info that is desired.

Here is a list of all the available codes for information:

Gold – Shows the party’s gold.
Item: x – Shows the amount of Item ID x the party has.
Weapon: x – Shows the amount of Weapon ID x the party has.
Armor: x – Shows the amount of Armor ID x the party has.
Variable: x – Shows the value of Variable ID x.
Switch: x – Shows the value of Switch ID x.
Battles – Shows the amount of battles fought.
Map – Shows the name of the map.
Map-display – Shows the display name of the map.
BGM – Shows the bgm that is currently playing.
Text: x – Displays the text x and aligns it to the left.
Text-right: x – Displays the text x and aligns it to the right.
Text-center: x – Displays the text x and aligns it to the center.
Text-ex: x – Displays the text x and allows use of text codes.
Eval: x – Displays the JavaScript String eval.

Gauge: rate, text, color1, color2
– Displays a gauge based off of a JavaScript eval rate.


Gold WIndow Customizer SS

14 thoughts on “Gold Window Customizer – MV Plugin

  1. PieDarling

    Hey! So I’m not sure if you are gonna see this, but this is kind of important to me so I’m gonna try!! Is there anyways we could make the information conditional?? Say I have a switch and if it’s on it would show the information but if it’s off it won’t? (Not showing the value of the switch but some other info.)

    More context: I am making a game with a pseudo time system, it’s not related to in-game time at all instead time is divided into Morning, Afternoon, and Night. Time paces when the player does certain actions (example: it will be morning until the player leaves the village. Then it will be afternoon until they come back to the village.) Certain events only happen at one time or another and NPCs move locations depending on the time as well so I think it would be good if the player had an easy way of telling what time of day it is, especially after loading the game because they might forget when they saved.

    If it’s too complicated please don’t worry about it tho, I’m not gonna ask you to work for me xD But if it’s simple I will just like… love you even more than I already do!! And will send you my game! (Altho, it’s gonna be a romance game with a female MC and male LIs so be warned xD)

    1. PieDarling

      Oh, a plugin command that turns the info on or off can also work!! (I can just turn the information off at the same time I change the switch that controls the other events) I’m not sure what would be easier so I decided to mention it.

  2. John

    Hey! Love your plugins. Great job! They’ve helped me out a lot!
    Just a question about this one,
    When showing the ‘map display’ , “(Map)” shows up next to it.
    Just wondering if there is a way to remove that.

    Thanks for your great work!


  3. Jeff Sproul

    I can’t seem to get the plugin to utilize more than 1 column. Is it properly utilizing other columns, if there are 2+ specified?

  4. john

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  6. Kirby

    When we try to Battle Test from the DataBase, it shows Error, but if i load a game it works perfectly fine.
    An update would be cool, idk how to solve this issue ^^’

  7. Avey

    Why collums don’t work in with out other plugins? i used only this plugins, and set rows 2 and collums 2, frame up height and weight, BUT collums don’t work my window gold have only 1 collum(

    Help me fix yhis pls) good day)


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