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This is a plugin that allows players to create their own custom characters in game.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Character Creator
Version 1.00

This is a plugin that allows players to create their own custom characters
in game.

A menu system in which the player can create a character can be called
upon at any time and assigned to an Actor. Once an Actor has been assigned
a custom character, that character will be used on the map and in side-
view battles.

Setting up Files

In order to set up the “generator” pieces, you need to create a new
folder in the “img” folder called “character-creator”.

So the file location should be:


Within this folder, you need 3 new folders:

“walk” – Overworld Character pieces
“dead” – Dead Character pieces
“sv” – Side-View Character pieces
“face” – Side-View Character pieces

So these should be located as:


Within each folder, they all need to have the same folders.
Each folder represents a “section” within the Character Creator.

For example, if you created a “head”, “body”, and “feet” folder within
each of the folders of the Character Creator, those would appear as
sections once you placed them in the “Order” Parameter.

I would highly recommend using the sample images provided.

Finally, you’re also going to need a couple required images placed in:


These images are:


The “Background” image will be used as a background for the character
creator if you choose to use it.

The “CustomCharacter” and “CustomFace” will be used in scenarios where
a custom character’s Character or Face image cannot be loaded.

Finally, the “LoadingResoureces” image will appear to inform the player
that the resources are loading while in the Character Creator.

Opening the Character Creator

In order to set up the Character Creator, use the Plugin Command:

OpenCharacterCreator [actorId]

Set “actorId” to the Actor ID of the Actor you wish to create images for.

For example:

OpenCharacterCreator 3
OpenCharacterCreator 7
OpenCharacterCreator 26

Showing Custom Face in Show Text

If you wish to have a character’s custom face used in a “Show Text”,
here’s what you need to do:

1) Make sure there is a face image selected for the “Show Text” event.
It can be any face image, it just needs to be there.

2) Use the following notetag in the “Show Text” box:

<CC Face: [id]>

Set “id” to the ID of the Actor who has the Custom Face you wish to use.

Disabling the Custom Images

In order temporarily distable the custom images set up for an Actor, use
the Plugin Command:

DisableCharacterCreatorImages [actorId]

Of course, simply set “actorId” to the Actor ID you wish to disable
custom character images for.

EnableCharacterCreatorImages [actorId]

This would enable the character creator images again.

For example:

DisableCharacterCreatorImages 12
EnableCharacterCreatorImages 8



18 thoughts on “Character Creator – MV Plugin

  1. continuumg

    One quick question; is there a way to check if a certain part has been chosen?
    I want to be able to see if the player made a male or female character.

    1. continuumg

      Actually I figured it out.
      I just plopped the following:

      if (this._fileList.currentSection() == “Body”) {
      //this._mandatories[this._fileList.currentSection()] = false;
      if (this._fileList.currentFile() == “Body (1)”) {
      $gameSwitches.setValue(6, true); // ISFEMALE switch

      Underneath the following in Scene_CharacterCreator.prototype.saveCurrentSelection
      if(this._mandatories[this._fileList.currentSection()]) {
      this._mandatories[this._fileList.currentSection()] = false;

      1. Nanaya

        Could you explain a bit more were you put your code, just to be sure. I’d like to check the gender as well in my game.

        1. continuumg

          if (this._fileList.currentSection() == “Body”) {
          if (this._fileList.currentFile() == “Body (1)”) {
          $gameSwitches.setValue(PUT-THE-SWITCH-ID-YOU-WANT-TO-CHECK-HERE, true); // If the switch is on, female

          goes on line 2472 -ish, depending on whether I edited anything else above it. Don’t think I did, though.

          1. continuumg

            I just realized that I think if the player selected the female body, then changed their mind and switched to male, it would still set the switch. You’ll need to add the following after the first end bracket:
            if (this._fileList.currentFile() == “Body (2)”) {
            $gameSwitches.setValue(SWITCH-ID, false);

  2. continuumg

    I’ve discovered a problem that may need confirmation from others.
    This works just fine when I’m playing the test version in the editor, but if I deploy it for windows I get the following error:

    Cannot read property ‘apply’ of undefined.

    1. continuumg

      Sorry for loading these posts here; wish I could edit these.
      To solve this issue, you need to create a new img directory in the main project folder, instead of the ‘www’ folder where it exports to by default. Put the charactor creator files within this directory. (Keep your other project img files where they are)

  3. Xiangyou

    So yeah! First thing to say *Amazing Plugin* great work and continue like this. My question is : it this possible to manage using only (Mouse) without keyboard? get a (Escape) button or something like this. that would be amazing for people who want to create [Device] Android Game.

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Yeah, RPG Maker MV already has that stuff built in.
      Tap to enter a section, tap with two fingers to move back, and use the volume buttons to change colors.

  4. Gin-Shiio

    Dear SumRndmDde,

    you have created a truly outstanding plugin with this one. I was working on a character creator of my own utilizing not a plugin, but roughly 500 unique character portraits I had created to cover each and every player choice. Needless to say, I lost a good chunk of my sanity in the process. I also much prefer what you have created.

    Other than giving thanks, the reason I write to you is that I make use of Hime’s Hidden Choice Conditions plugin (, which unfortunately seems to make the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ unselectable at the end of the creation process.

    My request is for you to perhaps consider making these two plugins compatible, as both are essential for my project. I am willing to mildly reimburse you for the trouble of course.

    Best regards,

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Have you tried setting choices 1 and 2 to have a condition of “true” before opening the Character Creator?

      1. Gin-Shiio

        Yes, but that didn’t change anything unfortunately.

        Unrelated to that issue, changing the mandatory selections by adding for example front and rear hair will have you unable to proceed with the creation, as the plugin will not take note of the choices you made for the two.

        Best regards,

  5. Kip

    Oh my dear gods this is an AMAZING plugin! I can’t believe I just happened to stumble across it!

    It’s so easy to use and so powerful at the same time!

    I’ve been in the process of trying to modify RPG maker Mv’s built in Character generator for the last couple days and just when I thought I had a breakthrough, I realized that the default Generator does not output sprites in anything other than the default 48×48 pixels even if the input models you use are of different sizes. My game is full of unique characters that can not be generated without heavy customizations in both size and character models.

    All that being said, here you are with something that outputs in any size I damn well please!? Spectacular!

    I have two requests, each something I would gladly pay for! Please can it be possible to get your plugin to output the sprite sheets it’s generating in a folder that I can get to? I would love to be able to use this to generate sprites to be able to utilize as “filler” characters in my game!

    And second, is it possible to change the color of the “body” in the same way we can change the colors for everything else? I would like to be able to change the skin tones for the generated characters.

    And out of curiosity, Mv’s generator, uses a two tone system for it’s sprites, where in, if a specific color is painted over certain sections of an item or accessory, the system knows to apply a “secondary” color to this spot, Are there any plans for your plugin to do something similar?

    1. Jonathan

      SumRndmDde, this is a perfect complement to the Character Name scene that comes with RMMV by default. That it also comes followed with your Custom Faces and Dynamic Actors plugins makes for some of the most engaging role play I can imagine on a RpgMaker game.

      Thank you for that.

      To follow up with Kip’a point earlier, I was wondering if you had any plans to implement a gradient-based color system like the original Character Generator? My intention is to limit players to more realistic hair colors, but currently there’s no way to limit color selection aside from the amount each color is hue shifted.

      Another thing that would be well appreciated, although isn’t strictly necessary, is the ability to specify each actor’s default configuration ahead of time. One example I’m thinking of is the Mass Effect series, where you could specify the look of your particular Commander Shepard, or go for default. Maybe a player could start with Harold as a base, and then customize his hair or eye color for example?

  6. Glenn Boggs Jr

    I’m having a conflict with this and Hime’s “Hidden Choice Conditions” plugin. They are the only two plugins i have at the moment and at the default configuration for both, the “are you done – Yes and No” dialog has 2 blank options and neither can be selected. The only reason I ask is because i found this Hime plugin through your “FAVORITE PLUGIN CREATORS” section so I’m hoping you already have a workaround or an idea how to fix it.

  7. theJ

    I have a problem i create a new project for test this plugins i install your caracter creation with the good way for file but when i lauch the test the game show any error and leave before i can do anything 🙁

  8. TheKingRiki


    I have configured everything as instructed, however, the character creation screen doesn’t even show. Am I doing something wrong?


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