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This plugin allows developers to set up automatic updates to occur whenever a player plays the game while internet is available.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Sample Image:

Auto Updater

This plugin allows developers to set up automatic updates to occur whenever a
player plays the game while internet is available.

Install a Background Image!!

Before anything else, be sure to install a background image:


You can use the default I created here:

How to Set up MASTER Text File

In order to create orders and information the game can access online to use
in order to update, you must host a text file online. I would recommend
using GitHub. Once the text file is hosted online, place the direct link
into the “Update Text URL” Parameter.

In order to create an update for the game, simply use the following notetag:

<Version: ###>
<End of Version>

Replace “###” with the version number you wish to create. If the client’s
game has a version number less than that number, all the links contained
within the Version notetags will be downloaded.

Setting up Version Downloads

Let’s say you want to download this file into your game:

In order to do so, first you must create a new Version:

<Version: 1.01>
<End of Version>

Within the version tags, make a list of downloads using this format:

[download-destination] [download-link]

For example:

<Version: 1.01>
<End of Version>

If you input that notetag in its entirety in your MASTER text, then all games
connected to the internet will download the file from and save
it within the /data/ folder and name it “”.

If you wish to update a game again, you’ll need to create a new notetag
(don’t erase the old one) with even newer links. If a game has fallen behind
on updates, all updates with numbers higher than the game’s current version
number will be downloaded!


14 thoughts on “Auto Updater Plugin – MV Plugin

  1. Nezumi

    Hi, I want to try this Plug In but have a Error:
    Failed to Load: img/SumRndmDde/auto-update/Background.png

    I don’t know what i can do, have seen you tutorail 8 times, and make step for step,
    have delete all and make new, change the size auf background and more…

    Can you upload the Plugin with a Clear Demo, than i can look what i have make false…

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      You didn’t install the Background image in the correct directory.
      Try simply naming it “Background” without the .png.

      1. Nezumi

        Have try it, its don’t work.
        have try all pic formats, and have named alle the versions “Background” withot the .png / .jpg …
        The name of the Folder is corect too… and have no idea’s
        (and sorry for my bad english)

  2. Somerandompissedoffgal

    I’m encountering the SAME error as the guy above and no, its NOT in the wrong directory…want proof?

    Here ya go! Just as you said but its throwing that error at me. So unless this img directory is supposed to be its OWN image directory outside of the main img directry in the game folder, I don’t know what to say other than:


    Now on the off-change I’m just being an idiot and somehow managed to create a file directory incorrectly despite ya know…it being the second easiest thing to do in windows….care do tell me what I did wrong?

    1. Somerandompissedoffgal

      OOOOH, so your instructions were wrong…

      It’s \img\SumRndmDde\auto-update

      NOT \img\SumRndmDde\auto-updates

      Only took me 3 hours to figure this out after banging my head against the wall actually thinking I did something wrong UNTIL i checked the raw code of the plugin file…

  3. Nezumi

    have a new problem, have try al combinatios , bevor i wrote here, i used a lot of your plugins and for Yanfly, but this uploder plugin don’t work with Engie core plugin or Massege core, an i need both plugins for my gaane, if you want what i can doo, when i used Yanfly Engine?

    I Think i made something sully -.-

    have you a idea how i can used Yanfly Engine Cor and Battle Core? ( if i make the plugins i off, than work you update plgin

  4. Orfeas

    Hello! Thank you so much for the plugin, it really is awesome and easy to use! I had a problem with the Made with MV plugin, but after moving that over the auto-updater, it worked!
    So, I just wanted to ask one thing; is it possible to stop the “Updating.” from semi-rotating? I know I can change the lines 475-489, but, I mean, is it ok if I do that? May I change the “updating” to something else, too?

  5. Barlagg

    I’m trying to use your plugin but it doesn’t seem to work.

    On my title screen, I do see 1.00 at the bottom right but it does not go on my website’s URL to fetch the MASTER.txt at all.

    Is there something I did wrong?

  6. dazzlesparx

    Hey, for some reason this plugin isn’t working with Yanfly Item Come. Is there any way to fix this? I really need both for my game.

  7. CT_Bolt

    Amazing work! Bravo good sir, take a bow for this little gem. ☺
    I also use a few of the other masterpieces you’ve created. I just recently acquired your astounding Super Tools Engine from watching you excellent YouTube video. That is really ground breaking work. Kudos.

    So anyways I was wondering you’re awesomeness…

    Do you think you could possible help me out?
    I’m trying to find a way when the player wants to view the score board, a file would download to be read so the data could be sent to be viewed by the player. If the player makes the global score board the data would be uploaded.

    I’ve created a “help me” thread here:


  8. GuilhermeSantos(GS)

    I did the honors of updating this amazing plugin, and I added a function to check all existing updates, if you delete a file in the folder of the project the plugin checks for and automatically get search for downloads , and if there is smaller files than the originals it downloads the file again for security reasons against corrupted files

    Download: [url][/url]


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