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This plugin allows developers to preload specific audio and images before running the game through a new pre-title scene.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Preloader Core

This plugin allows developers to preload specific audio and images before
running the game through a new pre-title scene.

Preload Options

For all of the audio and img folders, you have four options for preloading
files: none, custom, important, all.


If a preload is set to “none”, no files from that folder will be preloaded.

custom: f1, f2, …

If set to “custom”, specific files can be selected to be preloaded.
Simply input the filenames, no extensions, and separate each with a comma.
For example – custom: Battle1, Battle2, Theme6


If set to “important”, then files that are deemed “important” will be
preloaded. What’s considered “important” is different for each folder. For
example, important BGMs include ones specified in the database, important
Animation Images include all images used in animations, etc.


All files within the folder will be preloaded.
This feature can only be used on Node.js supported platforms.

Plugin Commands

If you wish to manually preload audio or images in game, the following
Plugin Commands can be used:

PreloadAudio [folder] [name]

Replace “folder” with one of the audio folders, and replace “name” with one of
the file names within that folder.
For example – PreloadAudio bgm Theme6

PreloadImage [folder] [name] [hue]

Replace “folder” with one of the img folders, and replace “name” with one of
the file names within that folder. You can also use the optional “hue”
argument to have the preloaded image preload a specific hue.
For example – PreloadImage titles1 Book 0


9 thoughts on “Preloader Core – MV Plugin

  1. Tatsumaro

    sorry to bother, can you please help me. HI i´m using GALV_AnimatedSplashScreens and than you release this great plugin , and my problems start. I cant make them work together. Please help me find a solution or redirect me to a solution. thanks

  2. JourneyToNowhere

    Thanks for all of these amazing plugins!

    @sad, he said it does not support that just yet! Even if he doesn’t implement it, his plugins are shaweeet!

  3. Tsuyoi Raion

    Awesome plugin! Works like a charm, I made a small edit to the code to add a bgs that plays during the preload scene ^_^
    Another small edit i would like to do is change the Y position of the load bar, where exactly in the code can i find/change that at?

    Would be really helpful, thanks!

  4. Aiden Vetter

    I may be doing something wrong, but it’s not working. I put at the bottom and top of the list. I have EnemyBook, ItemBook, CoreEngine, BattleEngineCore, BattleStatusWindow, VictoryAftermath, AftermathLevelUp, StealSnatch, and SkillCore.

  5. VibrantEchoes

    I left a YouTube comment, but I figure I may as well try saying something here in more detail as well. I don’t know why, but nothing I do can make this plugin work, and that sucks because it would help with a lot of things!

    I’ve tried turning every other plugin I have off, and that didn’t affect it. I’ve tried putting this at the top, middle, and bottom of my list of plugins, and still nothing. So, I don’t think it’s some kind of incompatibility with other plugins I have. I also tried messing with some of the settings, such as changing what gets preloaded. Nothing. The plugin simply does not function. It doesn’t stop the game from working, at least. It doesn’t affect anything else I have. It just doesn’t do anything at all for me and I don’t know why. I even tried exporting the game itself so I could run it outside of MV’s playtesting feature to see if that would work. No difference.

    It’s worth mentioning I have the latest update for RPG Maker MV (I JUST made sure of that today).

    If there’s anything, ANYTHING I can do to make this work, I would really like to. One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to jump over is MV’s way of loading things as they’re needed, which keeps the game from playing smoothly quite often. It makes scripting cutscenes just about impossible, and in a story-driven RPG, that’s a huge problem.

    I have tried looking for a different preloader plugin, but I only managed to find one, and it doesn’t function the same way, so it doesn’t help me. I really need this one to work.

  6. DutchPowerCreations

    I have sent in a bug report now that they released version 1.5 about this plugin.

    Basically on a blank project with 3 plugins (this one and YEP core + battle engine) the game doesn’t show the first damage in battle. I kind of made this plugin vital to my game so getting it out breaks some other things. I would really appreciate it if you can take a look at this!


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