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This plugin allows developers to create skills that prompt players to make a second input after the original skill input.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Skill Extender

This plugin allows developers to create skills that prompt players to make a
second input after the original skill input.

Skill Notetags

The following notetags can be used to customize the extend setup:

<Extend Skills: [skillId1], [skillId2], …>

Using this notetag, a list of Skills can be set up for extension on the
original Skill. For example:

<Extend Skills Style: [simple/skill]>

Using this notetag, the style can be set to either ‘simple’ or ‘skill’.
For example:

Using this notetag, the width of the extend window for this skill can be set.

<Extend Skills Align: [left/center/right]>

Using this notetag, the alignment of the text within the extend window
can be customized for this skill.

<Extend Skills Must Be Learned>

Using this notetag, the Actor must know the Extend Skills for them to appear.


30 thoughts on “Skill Extender – MV Plugin

    1. Kohlskui

      I found a very easy way. Simply add “this._skillExtend.setHelpWindow(this._helpWindow);” in both “createSkillExtendWindow” of the plugin, and that’ll do (check out for typos).
      I hope SumRndmDde add this to his plugin, because it is extremely useful and convenient.

      1. Vick

        Sorry… could you be a little more specific? I can’t seem to be getting it to work. Where must i add it? After the createSkillExtendWindow? And which of them? The one with the functions, or the other two?

  1. Roko

    A bug happens after I added the “” Line, every time I try to use the parent spell I get an error “Type Error, Undefined is not a function”. Can anyone help?

  2. Ez

    Aw… this would be great for mobile but it doesn’t work ๐Ÿ™ …so how to make this work for mobile?

      1. Ez

        i did some troubleshoots and still can not make this work on mobile (android) ๐Ÿ™
        1. disabled a lot of other plugins that might be incompatible, placed it under and above, etc. still didn’t work so incompatibility with other plugins is not the problem. But I discovered another bug after doing this and it’s what Roko mentioned, the causes error Undefined is not a function.
        2. tried different target scope, skill types, damage type, animation, hit type, mp cost, etc. of the main skill but still not working.

        to be clear, the problem i have is…
        – clicking the main skill won’t open the skill extender window but it uses the main skill like a regular skill.
        …this however is not a problem in PC but just mobile build.

        i think it’s on the code on how the window is created. but I dunno that part anymore. need help @_@

  3. That Random Nerd (Don't worry I came up with the name before I saw your channel)

    I installed this plugin, and for some reason it does not work. Will you please help me?

      1. Cybarxz

        I submitted a report, two actually, but some weeks has passed and I didn`t receive any reply. I don`t even know if the report was submitted successfully, how can I be sure that someone is going to see the report I sent ?

  4. Rose

    I really like this plugin, and I fully intend to use it, if I can get by this not-so-compatible issue. Any idea how to get by having the Skill Extender skill always opening a menu to all subskills? I wanted to use this alongside Yanfly’s Equipable skills plugin, but if I equip an extender, the skill cannot be removed later from the skill menu. My only idea currently is create an event that will force the actor to forget the extender, but that results in an error stating “Type error” “Cannot read property ‘_se_extendSkills’ of null”. Any idea to make these plugins compatible at all, or any plans to?

    1. Rose

      Ack I forgot to include important details. The error that I stated appears when attempting to select the now empty skill slot on the actor that forgot the extender.

  5. The Fan

    Hey, what were the changes between version 1.00 and 1.04?
    Was it only the inclusion of the help text?


    This is very similar to what I want to implement in my game, in that it opens a popup depending on which skill is chosen.
    What I want, however, is to give players the ability to choose how much MP to spend on the chosen skill, so as to boost skill effects (depending on certain conditions; ofc “mp req > 0” and “mp > mp req”, at least).
    I’m very close to get some results, but popup with options does not show up yet. (I borrowed “some” functions here and there, and…yeaah…).
    (I’ve replaced the “._data” “$dataSkills[id]” (object) array with “._data” “choices” (number) array, within the “makeItemList” thing. Did it – surely – mess things up?)

    1. MORINGA

      OK, now I made a “._choices” array. This time, a menu appears; I just don’t know exactly how to dinamically add menu items, since all them will be related to 1 skill – and it’s not viable to add all possible options (all positive integer numbers) via notetags.

  7. Cosmo

    If iยดm use the notetag Extend Skills Must Be Learned how can i avoid that the other skills are in the the skill list of the character too

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  9. Cybarxz

    Hi i’m testing the plugin and appeared a error message.

    Octal literals are not allowed in strict mode

    Could you help me ?

  10. Laylae

    Doesn’t seem to work with Skill 1, ie Attack. Was hoping to have it so when the user selects Attack they can choose between a strong attack, a fast attack, or a magic attack.

    1. Cybarxz

      Only skill 1? I for me is not working at all. I can’t even do a test battle. Appears a black screen with error message

  11. Cybarxz

    I`m using Super Tool too. Is not working yet. Thanks for the advice. I also downloaded the update plugin tool but the playtest don`t run if the skill-extender is on I can`t use the update to see if the plugin is updated. But I downloaded the name day that I made the 1st comment. I believe it is up to date, its version 1.04.

    Thanks for trying to help Laylae.
    Merry xXxmas

  12. Jeff

    My current issue is that all the skills I open to do not disappear from the list. So “Fire” shows on the list, but so does all the other (fire I, fire II, fire III) skills. His video makes it look like any extended skills get hidden from the list, but they do not.

  13. Cybarxz

    Just an update. I already sent an bug report. but today I tried using the plugin again and that message error is gone, I swear I didn`t do anything different it fixed all by itself.

    But, now I`m having the same issue that Jeff is having. the extended skills don`t appear on a new window all spells (fire, fire 1, fire 2, fire 3) appear in the same window as all magic skill. In other words the plugin is not working at all


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