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This plugin allows developers to create their own map-based HUD through an in-game GUI window!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

HUD Maker

This plugin allows developers to create their own map-based HUD through
an in-game GUI window!

Image Installation

All HUD images must be placed in:


They need to be segmented into four folders:
– pictures
– numbers
– gauge_images
– gauge_backs

Each folder will be used to hold images for the corresponding pieces:
– Picture
– Image Numbers
– Image Gauge


50 thoughts on “HUD Maker – MV Plugin

    1. WiiTehNeko

      Make sure you have the latest version of Super Tools Engine, all the files are in the right location, and- of course- that the plugins are turned on in your plugin manager. I hope this helped! =D
      (The SRD_HUDMaker.js file should be in /js/plugins
      and the 4 image files (guage_backs, guage_images, numbers, pictures) should be in img/SumRndDde/hud (Im pretty sure it has to be exact same capitalization for both the SumRndmDde and hud files, tho im not sure.))

  1. serbyk

    I want to show how many items of a specific potion I have in my inventory to show on the HUD … anyone got any idea how to do that ??? please help me.


    This is awesome. Can you provide a step by step on how to make a ATB gauge using Yanfly’s ATB Battle system script for each character? Been trying to figure that out for awhile now.

      1. starsavior506

        For some reason, it says 1.3.5 on RPG Maker on Steam, I have ‘update when I activate the app’ on, and yet apparently I still don’t have 1.3.0. Any ideas why, if you can help?

      1. Idlemage

        I fixed the issue hide the hud during events and just to be sure I put it below my Yanfly plugins
        Thank you for the work on hud maker!!

  3. Kimberly

    does anyone have a place where someone like me could visit to see a sort of library of javascript codes that function with this plugin?

    For instance:
    In the “condition” box will make your HUD element appear only when a specific switch is active. But what if I wanted to have something display only when a specific variable is at a specific value?

    Another example:
    In the “value” box of the “text” element will make the text display the name of the actor in the leader slot, but what code might I use to make a text element display the name of whatever actor is in the second party slot?

    A final example:
    In the “Image” box under the “picture EX” element will make the HUD maker display a specific picture file that has the same name as the actor in the leader slot, but again, what if I wanted to have a specific picture display that changes based on whatever actor happens to be in the second party slot?

    I find this plugin to be absolutely amazing and super powerful! And honestly, even as someone with absolutely no javascript coding knowledge at all I can do so much! But If I could just find some place that had a list of codes that described what each does, I feel like I could do virtually anything I can imagine with this plug in!

    1. Zakaria

      first for variables i believe u use $gameVariables.value(id);
      and for the 2nd and 3rd questions $gameParty.members()[id].name() since u want the second party member then id=1 (u start from 0)

    2. Logan

      I rather use ${$gameParty.battleMembers()[x].name()}, because if you remove a party member using the PartySystem of Yanfly the hud will still show that member data, and you should use this for the condition too.

      example for the text:

      value: ${$gameParty.battleMembers()[x].name()}

      condition : $gameParty.battleMembers()[x] && $gameSwitches.value(z)

      where “x” is the member id and ” z” the switch that has to be ON (both conditions should be met)

      I use this because i linked that switch to a common event and i use the button common events plugin, that way you can show/hide
      the hud pressing a key.

      Hope this have been useful.

  4. Kevin Frost

    Hey SRDude, this script is awesome! However, there seems to be a huge bug with it. When deploying a project for web, this script no longer works (no errors come up, just none of the huds display anymore.) Just thought I’d give you a heads up πŸ™‚

  5. Railgun

    Ask, I try to save my hud but it says:

    Uncaught Error: Cannot read ‘property’ value of null

    I try to make one of HP barο»Ώ

  6. Maxi

    Sum. It not fully compatible with the last rpg maker update 1.5.0 it’s not drawing the texts, or bars, only the custom images.
    Can you please help me? Thanks

  7. Yorae Rasante

    I just downloaded the plugin, and it only shows the first four options to add. And the pictures aren’t being added either.
    Also, is it compatible with the faces of the Character Creator Ex yet?

    1. Yorae Rasante

      (the “just downloaded” is to say that it is as updated as the site right now. The maker is on version 1.5.0)

    1. Lost Raven

      i figured out to move the pieces by cursor; needed to doubleclick before dragging around and it works fine. but arrow keys and ctrl are still not working, as are the other hotkeys

  8. Navy Goku

    First that all, i need to say this: my english is not too good

    How i can show a actor alternate state

    1. Dabide A.

      I tried that:

      – Creates a new ‘Text’ and set in ‘value’ –> ${$gameParty.leader().allIcons()}

      But… I don’t know how to show the icons of states πŸ™

  9. Benji-Ninja

    Hey SumRndmDde!

    I’ve build a script where you press a button to summon a common event to swap characters (effectively a character is just removed and then readded).

    I’ve set the HUD to update when the Party Leader takes over and text updates straight away, however the character’s face doesn’t seem to update unless a menu is opened? It wills remain the old face until the menu is opened, then it will update. Do you know a way around this or a script to force refresh of the face graphics?

  10. Lili

    Hmm could i ask you if you could tell me who i can make a condition on click, i mean like on the image leftklick and something happens.

  11. Light Ain

    Just a suggestion that I thought you might find fun and many of us useful. That being somehow combining this with your Blinking Faces. Maybe a replace image with this said image at certain intervals?

  12. alex

    Hi, i got a tiny little problem with the ACTOR FACE, every time i create a new Actor Face – Element, i get the message, “uncaught Error: undefined ist not a function.”
    i tried different things but it never worked.. what can i do ? …
    btw i really love ur videos …

  13. Owen

    I am probably not thinking but pressing f12 doesn’t work for me i’m using a mac and have pressed the function key while pressing

  14. Ken

    How can I show the value of variable as text?
    For example: the Variable 1 in my game is 123123
    How can i show the text as 123123
    and when i change Variable 1 to 456456
    the text show 456456

  15. Johnnie


    Any chance that you can ALSO have… Custom Character EX face graphics on there as an element as well?


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