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This plugin allows developers to set a map to be used as the background of their title screen.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Title Map Background

This plugin allows developers to set a map to be used as the background of
their title screen.

Simply set the “Map ID” Parameter to the map you wish to use on the title.

This map will play out normally like any map would within the game.
Events will act/move through the map, and all the animated tiles will be

Setting up a Camera

Now, an important thing to keep in mind about the Title-Map is that it will
not have the Player within it. Instead, the “camera” will be positioned in
the top-left of the map. However, you can set up an event to act as the
position the camera will focus on, similar to how the camera focuses on the
player during the game.

Simply use the notetag:

<Title Map Camera>

inside the notebox of an event within the Title-Map, and the camera will
follow that event around in the title screen.



8 thoughts on “Title Map Background – MV Plugin

  1. Khorttez

    I use a lot of plugins in a beta project. When I try this plugin a message error appear:
    Cannot read property ‘padZero’ of undefined

    Can you heIp me fix this?

  2. Neil London

    Can this be carried across different maps? Like if you want to use the title screen to show cut scenes from the game?

  3. Neil London

    A really intersting bug. When I try to use it with the camera core plugin it moves the events around instead of the camera. Is it possible to use the 2 together? Also is it possible to play a movie in the background so if I wanted to record gameplay and use that in the title instead? Thanks Love your plugins!

  4. Chaos

    Good evening SRD
    may i ask you, hopefully you get a message 😀 , i use this plugin among others from yanfly, but as soon as i start the game-testing and it comes to the titel-screen i got an fps drop to 1 for a few seconds… 🙁
    may i ask for help 🙁

    greetings – Chaos

  5. Tsuyoi Raion

    Using this along side the camera core system makes all the picture commands on the title stop working, adding in a function to turn off the camera with a note tag on maps would be great! Thanks! ^_^


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