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Allows you to have more customization over the “Repeat” functionality of your Skills and Items, including formulas used to determine repeat count.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Here is the help file:

Normally, RPG Maker MV allows you to set a constant number between
1 and 9 as a Skill’s or Item’s repeat count.

Using this Plugin, you can surpass that limit and even create custom
formulas for a Skill’s or Item’s repeat count.

Skill and Item Notetags

<Repeat: x>

This simply allows you to input any repeat count.
For example, if you wanted a Skill/Item to repeat 20 times, you would do:

<Repeat: 20>

Repeat Formula

You can also create a formula.
Within the formula, you can use:
a = The User
v = Game Variables
s = Game Switches
item = The Item

So, for example, you could do:

<Repeat: a.level>
(Sets the repeat count to the level of the user)

<Repeat: (a.atk / 10) + 1>
(Adds 1 repeat for every 10 ATK the user has)

<Repeat: Math.randomInt(4) + 1>
(Sets the repeat to a number between 2 and 5 inclusive)

Take note of the fact that the resulting number will always round down
to the closest integer value.

Long Repeat Formula



This is an expansion on the notetag above.
Within the two notetags, you can use JavaScript code to create an
expanded formula for your Skill’s or Item’s repeat count.

To set the final repeat count, set the value you wish to use to the
variable “result”.

For example:

result = 10;


This would set the repeat count to 10.

Here are some more examples:
var temp = Math.random(3);
temp = temp + 10;
result = temp;
(Sets the repeat to a random number between 10 and 12)

var temp = v[2];
temp += a.level;
result = temp;

(Sets the repeat to the value of Game Variable 2 plus the user’s level)


2 thoughts on “Repeat Upgrade – MV Plugin

  1. Julien

    Hi, nice plugin, helps me a lot.
    Still, I’ve got a tiny issue : upon combining this plugin with time attack (and clock), even if the enemy is already dead, the repeating action still continue. Quiet weird. I’ve tried to stop it through YEP Action Sequence, be it won’t do it (either on keeps going or it’s just give me the clock once, I’m not good at it).
    Here the note tag :

    var attaqueS = attaqueS || 1
    if (a.isStateAffected(18)) {
    attaqueS += 1
    result = attaqueS

    Target 1: 150, 180, #00ff00, 1
    Target 2: 220, 260, #0000ff, 2
    Speed: 4
    Color: #00FFFF
    Outline Color: black

    Front Row Only

    eval: RamzaDMGsetup(user);

    hide battle hud
    timed attack
    move user: target, front, 30
    wait for movement
    motion swing: user
    perform action
    motion wait: user
    action animation: target
    wait for animation
    action effect: target
    death break
    perform finish
    show battle hud

    clear battle log
    eval: RamzaDWCleanup()

    if (user.isStateAffected(56)) {
    var perte = Math.ceil(Math.random() * 100);

    var degats = Math.round(Math.random() * 8) + Math.round((a.atk – 10) / 2);
    degats *= $gameTemp.tas_power;
    degats = Math.max(1, degats);
    value = degats

    If I use the normal repeat it goes fine, so I assume their incompatibility with it…

    Thanks in advance,


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