Alt Menu Screen: Final Fantasy 7 – MV Plugin

A Plugin that gives your game a menu based off of the menu from Final Fantasy 7. “Play Time” and “Location” displays have been added along with a “To Next Level” bar.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:


FF7 Menu

8 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Final Fantasy 7 – MV Plugin

  1. Cody

    Hey there!

    Im having some issues changing the location window length. It doesnt seem to want to shorten when i edit it in the plugin or if i edit the number in the script. Trying to make some room for my 4 rows so it doesnt block my last characters mp and health. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. KSorbo

    The EXP gauge don’t display correctly, there are full most of time.

    In the lines 172-173, you should write this :

    var ce = actor.currentExp() – actor.expForLevel(actor._level);
    var nre = actor.expForLevel(actor._level + 1) – actor.expForLevel(actor._level);

    1. GarbageFire13

      When I put this into the script, it just completely broke it and reverted back to the stock RMMV menu. Even with no plug-ins enabled. Doesn’t seem like the author is going to fix this either, as I had reported this bug already last year with no response.

    1. mcniner

      You have to download a custom window sprite for the system folder for that. It’s not included in the plugin. This is actually nice as it allows you to use more than the default and transparent back w/ blue border.

  3. Ruth Studio

    Go into the script to Line 231 to correct the location window length.

    Change to Window_Location.prototype.windowWidth = function() {
    return lWidth;


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