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An alternative menu screen that uses Icons in order to list the Command Window choices. All of the Icons can be customized and Icons for custom commands can be added also.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

IconMenu IconMenu3


10 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Icons – MV Plugin

  1. Judah Foster

    Hiya I can’t find the symbol for the souls book of people command could you please help me locate it?

        1. Rhino

          I’m pretty sure that it’s SOUL_MV_Scene_PeopleBook, the only problem is that it’s not working with the icons. It shows up in the menu (I’m using the Icon Cycle) as a blank space, but it’s still functioning. Any way to fix this?

          1. Rhino

            I WAS WRONG! Sorry, it should be ‘bookofpeopleX’ and then it works fine. This is what I get for trying to be smart and looking through the javascript despite not understanding it…

  2. Cronus

    how to place an icon for a new script like “Quest Log”? i can’t figure it out how to put an icon on it on the menu.


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