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This plugin allows developers to create skills that summon Actors into the player’s party using various parameters.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Summon Core

This plugin allows developers to create skills that summon Actors into the
player’s party using various parameters.

Setting up Summoning Skill

In order to make a Skill become a Summon Skill, use the following notetag:

Actor ID: x
<End Summon>

Simply set “x” to the Actor ID you wish to be summoned.

Summoning Properties

Various properties can be added to the Summoning Skills. They can be
customized within the Summon notetags:

Actor ID: 2
Level: 10
Turns: 2
<End Summon>

Here is a list of all the properties available:


Determines the level of the summoned Actor. This can be a number or
JavaScript code that uses the “actor” variable to reference the user.


Determines the number of turns the summon will last. Set to -1 to make
the summon last until the end of the battle or death.


Determines the animation used for when the summon is summoned.

Exit Animation

Determines the exit animation used for when the summon leaves.


Determines the X position of the summon. Can use JavaScript code.
If using JavaScript code, “index” refers to the summon’s index within the
party and “master” refers to the sprite of the summoner.*


Determines the Y position of the summon. Can use JavaScript code.
If using JavaScript code, “index” refers to the summon’s index within the
party and “master” refers to the sprite of the summoner.

Position Examples

If one wants to position the summoned Actor relative to the summoner,
the following code could be used:

Actor ID: 2
X: master._mainX – 120
Y: master._mainY
<End Summon>

This would position the summon 120 pixels to the left of the summoner.


49 thoughts on “Summon Core – MV Plugin

  1. Deadman

    This is just what I needed. I’ve been trying to make a summon m yself with events but I couldn’t find out how to remove the summon. Thank you so much

  2. Patrick

    when I summon using actor.level to set the level, the actor summoned still starts off with the current HP and MP of whatever initial level it is in the database. it will even have more HP and MP if the summoner user is lower level than the summoned actor’s initial level. For example:
    Summoner summons Actor at level 50. Actor’s initial level is 1 with 450 HP. it is summoned with 450 out of 1050 HP.
    Summoner summons Actor at level 15. Actor’s initial level is 99 with 9999 HP. it is summoned with 9999 HP.

    ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, and LUK don’t seem to be affected by this and works fine.

  3. Master X

    Receiving a Cannot read “partyAbility” of undefined when I start up with a party. What is this?

  4. Steven

    I’m having an issue when using this with the timed attacks core. I summon three versions of the actor. Two aren’t visible on the field, but are in the party list. All three attack.

    Any idea how I can fix this?

      1. Chris

        Thank you for this, so simple kicking my self for not thinking of this lol.

        I am just have one error now if the summon is killed the game crashes, I don’t have the error message at the moment as I’m not at home but is there any info you need so i can give it to you in one go.

        Thanks again for all your help.

      2. scottsummers

        i have created a skill that kill the summon (one with hp damage 9999 and another with ad death state to the summon)
        doesn’t work, in each case the summon stay in battle
        the only way i found to remove the summon is to kill the summoner 🙁

        another problem : sometime summon doesn’t do anything in battle, even if i do normal attack he doesn’t attack

        i hope you can understand me, my english is very bad lol

  5. Angerey

    I did everything right, I’m 99.999% sure, but when I use the Skill, all it does is attack an enemy with no effect. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong :<

  6. Kf

    Nice Plugin, just what I needed.
    but I’m thinking about is there a way can make the summoned charactor do not show in party list.
    in other words,I want make them summoned as pets or spirits ,not battle members.
    Sorry for my poor Englis : )

  7. John

    This would be a great plugin to use if it wasn’t buggy with yanfly’s plugins. Any time I find a workaround, another bug just comes up. This doesn’t work with battle core, because it screws with the formation of the party. So you have to use the yanfly formation addon to fix that. Low and behold another bug “Cannot read property ‘getFloatHeight’ of null” arises. 🙁

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Instead of complaining, please help me resolve the issue by recreating the problems in a new project through the usage of the minimal amount of plugins regarding the issue. Then send me the project through Dropbox or Google Drive. This will allow me to track down and fix the problems. Also be sure all of the plugin you’re using are up to date!

  8. Eric

    Sir I get this error;

    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘opacity’ of null
    at Sprite_StateAnimation.updateLoop (file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/Games/Projeto2/js/plugins/YEP_X_VisualStateFX.js:508:41)

    I know it happens when the character is under a state animation effect, a plugin made by Yanfly.
    I don`t know if I can request a small patch or something like that but here I am.
    Could you help me please?

  9. kaiden

    Heum, i have 2 probleme sir.

    first, the invocation is ALREADY present when i start the fight O.o
    second, when I invoke him (yeah he is already here) it appear a second time… but i can’t use both of them for battle…

    can you see the problem :O ??

    thank you

  10. Scrylite

    I have previously attempted to utilize this amazing plugin but the problem with stats and specified level summoning make this quite problematic. Today I redownloaded this plugin and the hitch appear to remain. Is there a chance for this to be updated, or does this have incompatibility with Yanfly engine overall? Or is it advised only to ever summon an actor with reserve exp on?

    Upon summoning an actor at a specified level, visually all stats are changed if viewed by the in-battle status menu. However, upon using any abilities, it is clear they are using base stats. (Double checked via summoning a duplicated actor and performing 0% variation skills)

    1. Scrylite

      (I forgot to mention, I originally tried to use this plugin on initial release so if you’ve made a post mentioning an answer to this, I apologise if I missed it.)

  11. johnseed

    Thank you for this plugin for sympathetic.
    I would like to know if it was possible to invoke an actor in place of his copy?
    And so keep the hp / mp / tp / exp?
    Thank you for this great job

  12. Yorae Rasante

    Hey, I know you already got in the pool to make an upgrade of the BattleGUICore and BattleStatusCustomizer, but…
    Well, just letting you know that the original ones seem to be pretty incompatible with the Summon Core.
    When there is a summon out, the gauges just stop working in the BattleStatusCustomizer.
    When you set the BattleGUICore so the window appears beside the actor (you know, your default setting) it gives an error when it gets to the summon’s choice.

    Also, two problems with the summon plugin itself…
    The summon can’t autobattle. As in, I just checked, actors can but summons just skip their turn.
    And the summon arrives with only level1 hp, even i they are supposed to be high level. I can see the hp because I’m also using Yanfly’s Visual HP Bars.

  13. ShellFlare


    So first of all I LOVE this plugin. there isn’t a better summoning plugin out there and I love it to death as it’s basically exactly what I want.

    Here is a tiny issue I am having. it has to be placed BELOW all of yanfly’s plugins to work on pc, and as long as it is below the yanfly battle engine core it usually works.

    The issue I am having is that if I deploy to android, it will act as if it is above the yanfly plugins, and it wont work.

    It seems to be in some conflict with the yanfly battle engine core as on pc to get the plugin to work I need to have it under this plugin specifically.

    Just wondering if you could look into this and maybe offer a solution, until then i’m going to see if I can find a workaround and if I do i’ll let you know.

    1. ShellFlare

      Okay so here’s my thought. I think android loads plugins in alphabetical order, but I cant change the name of the SRD_SummonsCore or else it doesn’t work.

      Is it possible for you to tell me how I can get the name to change to zSRD_SummonsCore instead so that I am able to have it forcibly load last?

      1. ShellFlare

        okay sorry, I made a huge mistake.

        After removing all plugins and just using summoncore, I found out it doesn’t work for mobile games sadly.

        It wont give any error logs, but it just wont summon an actor on mobile games.

        Not sure if you could look into this deployment issue. would love if this could work on androids.

  14. Danny2handz

    I found a bug when used with Yanfly’s Actor Party Switch plugin… I can switch out a party member for a second copy of the summon! Any ideas how to prevent this?

  15. HaddyBaddy

    This plug in is amazing. Works fine for me. Now when I make an Assassin class I can have a dopple ganger skill that works flawlessly. Thank you!!

  16. Preston

    Getting an error when using yanfly’s stuff i think the 4 or 5 plugins are listed here. Amazing Plug-in just won’t be able to use it untill its more compatable with yanfly’s things.
    TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at Game_Actor.Game_Battler.startDamagePopup (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:3527:25)
    at Game_Action.apply (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:3255:14)
    at Game_Action.apply (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_BattleAICore.js:726:37)
    at Game_Action.apply (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js:1676:34)
    at Game_Action.apply (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_SkillCore.js:1041:36)
    at Game_Action.apply (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_RowFormation.js:1377:34)
    at Function.BattleManager.invokeNormalAction (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/rpg_managers.js:2337:18)
    at Function.BattleManager.invokeAction (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:1862:10)
    at Function. (file:///D:/Games/SRB%20Master%20new/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2474:14)
    at Array.forEach (native)

    I’m assuming it has to do with yanflys states and buffs stuff, cuz it happened right around then.

  17. Preston

    Oh, Also sorry, it tried to counter attack after it had been killed, i’m assuming because of yanflys counter controll plug-in.

  18. DrakeLovesNekos

    The project ends up freezing with a “TypeError – undefined is not a function” when I’m trying to heal or apply a state to the summon actor. Any reason why this is happening?

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  20. Ron

    It’s a wonderful plugin, but I’m experiencing a wonky effect; if I summon an actor, the moment they attempt an action I get an Undefined Function error. If I disable your Custom Damage Popups plugin, the actor can complete the action, however the damage numbers all go shooting up like a bullet out of… well, y’know. Here’s the complete error list I get:

    TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at Game_Actor.Game_Battler.startDamagePopup (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/SRD_BattlePopupCustomizer.js:2468)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:3515)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/YEP_BuffsStatesCore.js:1758)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/YEP_SkillCore.js:1088)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/SRD_TPUpgrade.js:616)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/MOG_BattleCry.js:472)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/MOG_BattleHud.js:1212)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/MOG_BossHP.js:317)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/MOG_ComboCounter.js:104)
    at Game_Action.apply (/C:/Users/Sefirosu/Documents/RPG%20Maker%20MV%20Projects/PROJECT_M/js/plugins/MOG_HPGauge.js:291)

    Any input would be appreciated, maybe it’s just the way the plugins are arranged? THough I’ve tried moving them, nothing’s seemed to have helped.

  21. David

    Hi SumRndmDen I love your plugins, but to the Summon Core Plugin I would have a question.
    Is it possible that an actor together with the Summoned [actor /creature] performs a skill?
    I have created with YEP Action Sequence a skill with the 2 actors simultaneously attack a opponent.
    [User] + [Actor ID 2] are in the party and the skill works,
    but now I create the skill so that the [User] + [Actor ID 8 <- ID of the Summoned Actor in the database] should execute the skill, but the Summoned actor does not follow the instructions of the Yep action sequence.

    I do something wrong or is what I do not possible with the plugin?
    excuse my bad English: P

  22. Goliam

    Hey Dude, Thank you very much for making this super-awesome-breath-taking-glorious plugin…

    I have a question though, Is it possible to make the summoned actor auto positioning according to his/her assigned row using Yanfly’s Row Formation plugin? for example, Bob is marked with which means he is assigned to first row when summoned, the row mechanics is fine (he was targeted by all melee damage due in the first row), but his position is not exactly assigned to first row default position. It’s kinda weird when your back row party member summoned first row summon whose position is between mid and back row but has the same trait as the first row (becuse he is actually supposed to be in the first row). I have tried to Copy the X and Y position from Yanfly’s Row Formation and Paste it in the X: and Y: within the skill note. but yeah, it didn’t work

    it’ll be ultra-megaton-awesome if you could help me with that :3

    Anyway, thank you for making this awesome plugin tho.

  23. KawaiiKid

    Hey man, I’ve been getting great use out of this plugin. However, recently I installed a “enhanced restrictions” plugin:
    And ever since then I’ve been getting an error. Whenever I have a character summon something it works fine, but the next turn if I go into the magic menu again the game gives me “Error Object Too Deep.”
    Any idea why this could be happening?

  24. Eduardo

    Hi!! quick question. Is there a way to make this work with Dragonbone Integration? When I summon the actor, the sprite graphic is empty (s expected)…Im just curios if we can make use of those animations with this amazing plug i

  25. Aurawhisperer

    Is there a way to check whether the summon has been defeated or not, so the user can’t summon a defeated summon again until end of battle?

  26. Thagrahn

    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘item’ of null
    at Scene_Battle.setActionIcon (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/plugins/VE_BattleStatusWindow.js:1405:45)
    at Scene_Battle.onSelectAction (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/plugins/VE_BattleStatusWindow.js:1377:8)
    at Scene_Battle.onSkillOk (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/rpg_scenes.js:2587:10)
    at Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.callHandler (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/rpg_windows.js:902:31)
    at Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.callOkHandler (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/rpg_windows.js:1171:10)
    at Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.processOk (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/rpg_windows.js:1156:14)
    at Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.processHandling (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/rpg_windows.js:1027:18)
    at Window_BattleSkill.Window_Selectable.update (file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/rpg_windows.js:984:10)
    at file:///C:/Users/William/Documents/Games/Monster%20Tamer/js/rpg_core.js:7029:19
    at Array.forEach (native)

    I just did a basic summons set up,

    Actor ID: #

    I’m currently running Victor Saint’s – Basic Modual, Battler Graphic Setup, and Battle Status Window.
    Error happens as soon as the skill is attempted.

  27. FlavioRP

    my summon cant attack with yep battle engine core, it shows the message “typeerror: undefined is not a function”. HELP!!!

  28. ZOiskiee

    Im using a single a summoner that can summon up to 3 monsters.

    However, these monsters stack up!

    How can I summon them into different positions if a position is taken.

    I have about 30 monsters the player can choose from, so no common eventing please, rather use a script that checks 3 positions…

  29. Jared Oehrlein

    For all of you getting the errors, are you trying to use the plugin with a New Game? Adding a plugin and doing “Continue” instead of “New Game” will result in the error.

    I am having an interesting bug,, however. The plugin is working great for the most part, but I have noticed that when I 5 party members (not including the summon) and a summon (for a total of 6), my player 1 character is randomly taking damage when my other party members attack! For example, the player will have 6k HP, and then all of a sudden when another of my party member attacks, his HP will randomly drop to 3kish.

    I am using the most up to date plugin available (1.05). Any clue what may be the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  30. Aaron

    Anyone got a work around for the Character and Summon disappearing when using Yanfly’s Battle Core? I’d really like to use this plugin but the Master and Summon disapear.
    I think it has to do with either Yanfly’s battle core and/or Yanlfy’s Row formation plugins. I could be wrong though.


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