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Adds a Fullscreen Toggle to the Options Window.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

This Plugin is simply plug-in and use.
There are a few Parameters you may wish to manipulate:

Option Name
The name used by the Fullscreen Toggle option.
Default is Fullscreen

The position of the option in the Options Window.
Choices are: Top, Middle, Bottom
Default is Middle

Default Value
The default value of the option first time playing.
true = on    false = off
Default is false

Persist Default?
If set to true, then the game will always start with the 
Default Value. (Choices are: true, false)
Default is false

11 thoughts on “Fullscreen Toggle Option – MV Plugin

  1. REI

    Hi, I think this plugin is great ! But it have a problem in my project.
    The displayed result is reversed when I switch ON/OFF in option menu, Can you fix it plz?

  2. Ivan Osintsev

    Paste this code to the end of the file. It will work.
    Window_Options.prototype.lastInput = false
    Window_Options_processHandling = Window_Options.prototype.processHandling
    Window_Options.prototype.processHandling = function() {
    if (this.isOpenAndActive()) {
    if (this.lastInput){
    this.lastInput = false

  3. Fabien

    Hello guys !

    If you have a problem with the option not refreshing properly, here’s a solution that I made tonight, check the pluggin around line 73 and add the two new lines “SceneManager.push and .pop”. Hope it helps, thanks again SRD for your awesome pluggins !
    […] } else {
    configurable: true

  4. Beard

    Neither of the solutions work for me, unfortunately. The most recent one just makes the game start with a black screen and the other one just doesn’t work at all.

    The Fullscreen toggle in the DreamX Options plugin works flawlessly, but a lot of the options there conflict with the ones here, unfortunately.


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