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Adds a Fullscreen Toggle to the Options Window.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

This Plugin is simply plug-in and use.
There are a few Parameters you may wish to manipulate:

Option Name
The name used by the Fullscreen Toggle option.
Default is Fullscreen

The position of the option in the Options Window.
Choices are: Top, Middle, Bottom
Default is Middle

Default Value
The default value of the option first time playing.
true = on    false = off
Default is false

Persist Default?
If set to true, then the game will always start with the 
Default Value. (Choices are: true, false)
Default is false

4 thoughts on “Fullscreen Toggle Option – MV Plugin

  1. Michel Duguay

    Hi SumRndmDde,

    I found an issue.

    On Mac, it crashes when the user exits the game while fullscreen is ON. It does NOT occur when the user is in Windowed mode. The crash only occurs on Mac. It’s working perfectly fine on Windows and Linux. I sadly cannot send you the devtools logs since the crash occurs on exit, but I do have a crash dump from Mac.

    Do you think you can easily fix it?
    Or maybe have a quick workaround? (such as forcing windowed mode right before exiting)


    1. Michel Duguay

      I think the problem is in fact with all the ‘Exit Game’ plugins available.


      Scene_Title.prototype.commandExitGame = function() {
      this._commandWindow.close(); //closes the window
      this.fadeOutAll(); //fades out the screen
      SceneManager.exit(); //closes the actual game

      It fades out the screen after the window is close. Since the window doesn’t exist anymore, the fades out causes a problem on Mac when combined with fullscreen plugins.

      1. Michel Duguay

        Nope, that didn’t fix the issue…
        So I really don’t know the source of the bug. It’s either the fullscreen plugins or the exit ones.
        It’s reproducible on a fresh project as well.


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