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This is a plugin that adds more options for waiting during events.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Wait Options

This is a plugin that adds more options for waiting during events.

Plugin Commands

How to wait for a specific amount of time:

Wait [number] Frames

Allows you to wait for a certain amount of frames.

Wait [number] Seconds

Allows you to wait for a certain amount of seconds.

Wait [number] Minutes

Allows you to wait for a certain amount of minutes.


Wait for Route

Waits for all movement routes to complete.

Wait for Animation

Waits for all animations to complete.

Wait for Balloon

Waits for all balloon animations to complete.

Wait for Message

Waits for all messages to complete (best for parallel processes).

Wait for Transfer

Waits for map transfer to complete

Wait for Scroll

Waits for scrolling to complete.

Wait for Gather

Waits for all followers to gather.

Wait for Action

Waits for battle action to complete.

Wait for Video

Waits for all videos to complete playing.

Wait for Image

Waits for images to load.

Wait for SE

Waits for all sound effects to stop playing.

Wait for ME

Waits for all music effects to stop playing.


Cancel Wait

Cancels all waiting.

How to Make Custom Waiting Conditions

Wait for Condition [condition]

Waits for a custom coindition.


Wait for Condition $gameVariable.value(3) > 5

This will wait until Variable 3 is greater than 5.



6 thoughts on “Wait Options – MV Plugin

  1. JLowther

    Any chance it could wait for BGS to finish as well?

    I ask because RMMV can pause and resume BGM and BGS, but apparently not SE or ME (at least no one on the forums has been able to do so). I need to be able to pause and resume narration (which I’m putting as a BGS for now), and I also need the game to know when each narration clip is done playing so it can move onto the next screen.

    Slower machines lose frames and so I’m leery on using frames or seconds. I’d rather just let it know to go to the next screen when the audio file is finished.

    If this isn’t doable, no worries. Thanks for the great plugins either way. 🙂

  2. bloody_billy99

    Hi sir Sumrndmdde!

    Thank you very much for this awesome plugin, it saved me a lot of “wait”.
    Is there a way for the “wait” command to still continue processing even if the character has left the map?

  3. Madison

    Is there a way for the plugin to wait until a song has finished playing once?
    This would be useful for implementing something like Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne’s battle theme, which has 7 variations of the main chorus, each one being randomly chosen once the previous one finishes playing.

    The randomness part is easy enough, but waiting for the exact moment when a song finishes isn’t possible in vanilla, leading to half second pauses before sections…

  4. Fred

    First, and foremost, I love all your plugins. Now, is there a way to say something like “Wait for a Random Time Between 3 minutes and 10 minutes”? Thanks in advance!… Oh and does anyone else find themselves making the fart noise along with the video at the beginning?


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