Alt Menu Screen: Kingdom Hearts – MV Plugin

An alternative menu based off of the menu from Kingdom Hearts.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Alternative Menu Screen: Kingdom Hearts
Version 1.00

Gives your game an alternative menu screen.

This menu is based off of the menu from Kingdom Hearts.

The following is added:
– A reorganized Status Window
– A “Play Time” display
– Customizable descriptions for each command
– A map display
– A location display which can be customized per each map

How to Set Descriptions for Commands

Commands can be given descriptions that are shown in the menu.

The default commands can be set up in the Parameters.
Keep in mind that since the Parameters are only one line, you’ll need to
use the escape code:
to create a line break.

Now, if you have additional commands besides the default ones, you can
insert descriptions for them through the “Custom Desc.” Parameters.

First, find the symbol for the command.
This may be located in the help file for the Plugin it was added in or
displayed through some Parameters. Anyway, insert that symbol into a
“Command Symbol” Parameter.

After that, simply input the description of the custom command in the
Parameter underneath the “Symbol” Parameter.

How to Set Up Location

To set up a location for your maps, use the following notetag within
a map’s notebox:

<General Location: location>

If the Player is in a map with this notetag, the “location” will appear
in the top-right of the menu. This allows developers to organize maps
into general areas and have the Player be aware of these groupings.


AMS Kingdom Hearts

15 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Kingdom Hearts – MV Plugin

  1. kovak

    Nice job, but i have some minor things that annoys me a bit.

    I think the gold/time window height could be a bit smaller (like, 2/3 of the actuall size), i don’t think it will screw up the descriptions at all. Same goes for the location window, the height could be smaller as well.
    Is there a way to remove the “MENU” in the location window or to change its off set?

    Could you make it compatible with Galv Bust Menu? The bust X offset is missplaced and if i move it around it gets “cropped”.
    Link –

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      I have now added Parameters to manipulate the “rows” of both Windows.
      Also, this won’t be made compatible with any other menus, sorry. 🙁

      1. kovak

        Ah, there’s a bug where if you use sprites who are bigger than the default ones it will get kinda cropped as well.


    Saw the video, and it looks perfect. I like the KH menu plugin, but when I turn the script on, and start my game to test it, the only menu I get is the default RPG Maker MV and not the KH Menu. Is there something that I missed? Like an additional plug?

  3. Kaito

    There’s any way to show the Class of the character on the screen?
    I know that is a old plugin and all,but if you can answer my question,i would be much obliged ^^’

  4. Hyuzaryu

    Hello1 Can you add more things like: tp, exp bar, class, status icons, and icon for class, if wnat put icon and no class name in menu? xD

  5. MephistoVII

    Hello, I’m having a small problem, the plugin is working alright, but the descriptions for custom commands aren’t appearing, I put them on the plugin parameters, but they don’t appear in-game.

  6. Jake Sauvage

    Hey there!,

    I love this plugin! A few questions though: Is there a way to get the “Map” header to be aligned on the right of it’s box – and to have the “Menu” text either deleted, or maybe changed to something else? Also, with the command window – is there a way for me to increase the padding or something so that it fills the space? I’m using a 1280×720 resolution if that helps.

    Thanks in advance! :3


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