Alt Menu Screen: Kingdom Hearts – MV Plugin

An alternative menu based off of the menu from Kingdom Hearts.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Alternative Menu Screen: Kingdom Hearts
Version 1.00

Gives your game an alternative menu screen.

This menu is based off of the menu from Kingdom Hearts.

The following is added:
– A reorganized Status Window
– A “Play Time” display
– Customizable descriptions for each command
– A map display
– A location display which can be customized per each map

How to Set Descriptions for Commands

Commands can be given descriptions that are shown in the menu.

The default commands can be set up in the Parameters.
Keep in mind that since the Parameters are only one line, you’ll need to
use the escape code:
to create a line break.

Now, if you have additional commands besides the default ones, you can
insert descriptions for them through the “Custom Desc.” Parameters.

First, find the symbol for the command.
This may be located in the help file for the Plugin it was added in or
displayed through some Parameters. Anyway, insert that symbol into a
“Command Symbol” Parameter.

After that, simply input the description of the custom command in the
Parameter underneath the “Symbol” Parameter.

How to Set Up Location

To set up a location for your maps, use the following notetag within
a map’s notebox:

<General Location: location>

If the Player is in a map with this notetag, the “location” will appear
in the top-right of the menu. This allows developers to organize maps
into general areas and have the Player be aware of these groupings.


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6 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Kingdom Hearts – MV Plugin

  1. xxripthatskyyzxx

    I want to use this plugin, however, I would like for the command menu to enter from the right instead of the left. how do I go about fixing this? I have no coding skills, so if it is really difficult I will try another option.

  2. suba suba

    Valuable information. Lucky me I found your web site by accident, and I am shocked why this accident didn at happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  3. gamer_girl09

    I love this plugin and would love to see a version of it for the new rmmz engine! Even If I have to pay for it personally…

  4. Eizen

    I wanna ask somerhing, why state from battle like poisoning or paralyze was dissapeared when after battle if I use this menu screen? Can you help me?

  5. Simone V.

    I’m very interested in using this plugin, but I have a question about the difficulty of entering the description in the additional Commands. The problem is that I have found the commandSymbol that I should enter but I cannot get it to work and I have tried to write it in all ways.
    If anyone could explain better how it should work I would be really grateful.


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