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This plugin gives developers control over the information provided within the Battle Status windows for each Actor.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Battle Status Customizer

This plugin gives developers control over the information provided within
the Battle Status windows for each Actor.

This plugin requires that you have both PARTS 1 and 2!
Be sure you have them installed!

Part System

Within this plugin, each Actor is given it’s own window. These windows
act as the Actor’s small section for information.

In order to customize which pieces appear within the Actor’s section,
one can use the “Default Parts Used”. However, if one wants to specify
the parts used, they can use the following notetag:

<Battle Status Parts: parts>

For example:

<Battle Status Parts: Face, Icons, Text 1, Text 2, Gauge 1, Gauge 2>


All the parts that are available are:


Shows the Actor’s face.


Shows the State Icons for an Actor.

Text [num]

Shows a text defined in the Parameters.

Gauge [num]

Shows a text defined in the Parameters.

Actors Notetags

In order to specifically customize the window tone for an Actor’s window,
use the following notetag:

<Battle Status Window Tone: red, green, blue>

For example:

<Battle Status Window Tone: 100, -50, 0>


In order to customize the window skin used for an Actor’s window, use
the following notetag:

<Battle Status Window Skin: filename>

Determines a special window skin to use for the Actor’s window.

<Battle Status Window Skin: Window2>


In order to customize the opacity of the Actor’s window, use the following

<Battle Status Window Opacity: opacity>

For example:

<Battle Status Window Opacity: 192>

Plugin Command

If you wish to change an Actor’s part list, use this plugin command:

SetBattleStatusParts [actorId] [partList]

For example:

SetBattleStatusParts 2 Face, Icons, Text 1, Text 2, Gauge 1, Gauge 2

Absorption Barrier

If you’re using Yanfly’s Absorption Barrier, and you wish to create an
HP bar with it, simply input:

<Draw Absorption Barrier>

within the “Text” input for a gauge.


17 thoughts on “Battle Status Customizer – MV Plugin

  1. Tevak

    Hi, there seems to be a problem when changing the max number of battle members in-battle? It keeps the number of actor windows after the change

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Yup, you have to change the width of the Actor windows if you plan on having more Actors.

      Set Actor Window Width to:
      this._statusWindow.width / [number of Actors]

      For example:
      this._statusWindow.width / 6
      if you plan on having about 6 Actors max in a party.

      Otherwise, you can do something like this:
      this._statusWindow.width / $gameParty.battleMembers().length
      to have the width be split based on the current amount of members in the party!

  2. Krym

    There’s a problem with the plugin. Every time I try to start a battle it says “Failed to execute ‘createLinearGradiant’ on ‘Canvas RenderingContext2D’: float parameter 3 is non- finite”

    I’m not exactly the best at this kind of stuff so I have no idea what this means! Please help!

  3. VileBaron

    Would there be a way to have it so that the bars change for the same actor depending on what class that actor is?


    if I wanted to display a picture above a box and have it attached so it would follow the movements of the box, how would I do that? Love your plugins, by the way. This is what I have been looking for!

  5. Michael Ponder Jr.

    I would like to suggest some way to tell each box specifically where to sit.
    Like, what if i want something wacky like each box in each corner of the screen?
    Or, i could put the first play in the middle, the second to his right, third to his left.. and.. i think you get it.
    Also, what if i don’t want gauges?
    What if i only want the text?
    Another idea is maybe using a picture for a status window per each play, that way you can maybe make something more detailed looking.

  6. Luigi Aguilar

    I keep having an issue when using this plugin along with your auto-update plugin, where it works fine, up until the point where it tries to update. Once it does, and then I try to start a battle, it says “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined” This only happens when I use your auto-update plugin. So I’m having to choose between one or the other in my game, but I love them both. I even tried with a blank Master.txt file, but still same results. Before updates everything works. After update, I can no longer start any battle. without getting that same error screen. I installed your plugins without changing a single parameter, aside from the github link in the auto-update plugin. And updates aren’t the issue, since without this plugin, I can update everything else perfectly. But once both parts of this plugin are active, I can’t battle, and it is the only battle plugin I have. Also, once an auto-update occurs, I have to replace Part 1 of this plugin with a freshly downloaded one in order to use it again. Please help!
    Sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to provide as much information as possible.

  7. jimboyjenkins

    Hi, is there a way to put the notetags on classes instead of actors? so each class have different battle status.

  8. Mike Hunt (@Real_The_Goof)

    I hope one day that super tools works better with this plugin.
    I sat and I used super tools to re-arrange where each status box is for each player, but when I go back in to continue the battle.. it puts the arrangement of each box back in order from left to right and even scoots them to the right some… this is driving me bananas!
    I really love the super tools, more things just needs to work with them… that would be awesome.

  9. TaliOS

    Hi there, it would be nice if we were able to also change the parameters of the “current/max” display, like for example set the font size of the max value smaller than the current value.

  10. Artomes

    Hey buddy,
    Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of your videos and plugins man great work! On another note, I was curious if I could draw Icons into the windows using a function? and also how could I go about having a gauge display an item count ( like yanflys skills cost items) I’ve messed with a few functions but no luck getting a value to display.

  11. Jeremy Jones

    Greetings! Thanks for the awesome plugin!

    I’m working on a project that includes up to 8 possible battle participants. I’ve set the rows and columns how I like, but I can’t figure out the code to get those party members after 4 to appear on the second column? Is that possible? And if so, would you be willing to share how I would do that?

    Thanks again!


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