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Allows you to add/customize backgrounds and change window opacity for all menu scenes.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Menu Backgrounds
Version 2.00

This allows you to give all the menu pages of your menu custom

You can control the scale of the background images, the opacity of the
windows in the menus, and the motion of the background images.

How to set up the images

Place all the background images you wish to use in:


(this is so that when you export your game, all you have to do is copy
the SumRndmDde folder inside of the img folder to the exported game files)

Anyway, simply input the picture’s name without the file extension
into the Parameter of choice and it should work perfectly.

How to set up Custom Scenes

In order to set up a background for a custom menu scene, input the scene’s
name in a “Custom X Scene”. Then input all of the other informtion you wish
for that scene to have within the other Custom X parameters.

Background Image Motions

Here is a list of all the motions that can be used in the “Motion” parameters:


scroll [xSpeed] [ySpeed]

This makes it so the background scrolls at the X and Y speeds provided.

Here is an example:
scroll 3 3


zoom [zoomSpeed] [maxZoom]

This makes the background image zooms in and out at a certain speed.

Here is an example:
zoom 0.01 5


rotate [rotateSpeed] [maxRotate]

This makes the background image rotate at a certain speed.

Here is an example:
rotate 0.01 0.5


blur [blurSpeed] [maxBlur]

This makes the background image blur at a certain speed.

Here is an example:
blur 0.01 1


10 thoughts on “Menu Backgrounds – MV Plugin

  1. Brandyne

    This is a good plugin, but I cant get it to work because when I try to open the Menu in game (after inputing my Menu Background) it says an error of ‘BlurFilter’ Undefined.
    Itd be nice if you could get back to me on this. Thanks!

  2. Shanks

    hi bro,
    saw this link in your alternative menu, cyclic icon link

    could you please show me how to make the window disappear in the menu

    love your work

    1. Dopodo

      Go to the parameters of the menu backgrounds plugin. Go to the main menu option and change the opacity of the menu (it’s called menu opacity in the parameters) to 0. That should do it for ya!

  3. Chris

    I love this plugin 🙂 but i seem to be having an issue with it in one of my projects, For some reason the background has gained this weird effect where it looks like it has been cut up in to 4 and each piece moved out of place like a slide puzzle. Its really random and i cant for the life of me figure out how it is doing that or how to stop it . any ideas ?

      1. Cl87

        In the JS file there should be, somewhere, this:
        this._backgroundSprite.origin.x = -(Graphics.boxWidth / 2);
        this._backgroundSprite.origin.y = -(Graphics.boxHeight / 2);
        If you remove the “/ 2”, in order to have:
        this._backgroundSprite.origin.x = -(Graphics.boxWidth);
        this._backgroundSprite.origin.y = -(Graphics.boxHeight);
        it should be enough to solve the problem. At least, for me, it worked.

  4. Kai

    I also have the problem with the image being cut in 4 pieces. Also I can’t get any motions to work on the main menu. All the other
    menus it works fine? Great work though thank you 🙂

  5. Clock Out

    Could save some lines by using the forEach() array method.

    const names = [“Menu”, “Item”, “Equip”, “Status”, “Save”, “Options”];

    names.forEach(function (name) {
    var sceneName = “Scene_” + name;

    _.backgrounds[sceneName] = params[name + ” Background”];
    _.opacity[sceneName] = parseInt(params[name + ” Opacity”]);
    _.scales[sceneName] = parseFloat(params[name + ” Scale”]);
    _.motions[sceneName] = params[name + ” Motion”];

    Saves some brain power I think. There’s no getting around Scene_GameEnd though so those 4 lines have to stay.

    _.loadAllImages() could be improved by using Object.keys() and forEach().

    _.loadAllImages = function () {
    Object.keys(_.backgrounds).forEach(function (scene) {
    var fileName = _.backgrounds[scene];

    if (fileName.trim().length > 0) {

    Object.keys() only grabs own properties no need to call _.backgrounds.hasOwnProperty(). I think using array methods over loops looks a lot nicer but that’s just me.

    Keep up the good work!


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