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Pretty much the main thing is that you can use your normal keyboard to enter a name though there are many other wonderful features, check them out!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Who needs a good explanation when you have a good help file?

That darn boring, old Name Input screen.
It’s one of the first things your players see, but it looks so boring.

Fortunately, this Plugin will change that.


This Plugin is solely run with Parameters.
Most of them are self explanatory, but here are some extended explanations
for some of the more important or complex ones.

= Keyboard Mode? =
This Parameter should either be set to ‘true’ or ‘false’.
Setting this to ‘false’ gives you the default keyboard mode.
Setting this to ‘true’ makes the user use his or her keyboard to input
the name of the Actor.

= Display Message =
= Display Message 2 =
These are the messages shown in the help window in Keyboard Mode.

= Show Face =
This Parameter should either be set to ‘true’ or ‘false’.
Setting this to ‘true’ results in the default.
Setting this to ‘false’ removes the Actor’s face from the Name Input.

= Background Image =
If you wish to use an image from your /img/pictures folder as a background
image for your Name Input screen, input its file name here.
Do not input the file extension.

= Scale Background? =
This Parameter should either be set to ‘true’ or ‘false’.
Setting this to ‘false’ keeps the background at its default image size.
Setting this to ‘true’ stretches the background to fit the screen.

= Custom Characters =
Set this to a list of characters seperated by commas for each row.
These will be the characters avaliable for the player to select when
not using Keyboard Mode and relying on the on-screen keyboard.

5 thoughts on “Name Input Upgrade – MV Plugin

  1. Domika

    I’m using YEP Keyboard Config so player can use WASD instead of arrows. After name input (with your plugin) the WASD movement is not possible anymore, unless player goes to the menu and change the Keyboard Config (in options) back to the WASD movement. Is there any option to “turn off” your plugin middle game or reverse changes in input (after the name input) so player can again move with WASD?

    With the YEP Keyboard Config (in options) after your name input plugin all letters in keyboard display are yellow and arrows bellow WASD are cancelled.

  2. Joel

    I want to use this with a Key Re-Mapper But As soon as the keyboard input is initialized and the name entry window closes the key re-mapper does no longer work. Any ways to alter the plugin to allow toggle through command?


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