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This plugin allows for developers to customize all the visible stats that can be seen on the Equip Screen. Furthermore, it sets the comparison window to only show the stats that are being changed.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Equip Compare Upgrade

This plugin allows for developers to customize all the visible stats that
can be seen on the Equip Screen. Furthermore, it sets the comparison window
to only show the stats that are being changed.

How to Set Up Stats

In order to set up a stat to be available to the Comparison Window, you need
three things:

– Name
– Formula for determining the stat
– String format it will appear as

In order to set up the name, simply use the “Stat X Name” parameters.

In order to set up the formula for find the stat based off of an Actor
object, simply input it into the “Stat X Eval” parameters.

In order to set up the format of the string, and determine what other
characters will be shown, simply use the “Stat X Format” parameters.

For the most part, you should be able to figure out the system through
the parameters that are set up by default in the plugin.

Formatting the Colors

You can use notetags in the “Stat X Format” parameter to customize the colors
used for the comparison.

<Pos Color: [color]>
<Neg Color: [color]>

Input the “Pos Color” or positive color for when a stat is increased.
Input the “Neg Color” or negative color for when a stat is decreased.


9 thoughts on “Equip Comparison Upgrade – MV Plugin

  1. Dubya

    Brilliant plug-in, there definitely needed to be a way to do this. Someone was developing something like this but this is much simpler and effective. It is also compatible with Yanfly Equip Core in case anyone was wondering. Excellent work Dude. Many of your plugins are very useful. Thank you for this.

  2. death

    Hey, awesome plugin. Just wanted to leave a comment detailing one issue with the plugin. In the video you show that you can use Element Attacks being turned ON or OFF, while it is true that you can do this with this plugin, the video is a bit misleading in representing how well this actually works in such scenarios. The plugin itself mentions how val must be a number. If you try to add all the Attack Elements into the plugin the same way the video shows, they will ALWAYS show up in the equip screen even when the piece of equipment you are changing isn’t changing your Attack Element. This pretty much covers the whole window and will block out other more important parameter changes. This can be solved by NOT turning the result into a string and simply leaving it as a boolean. (though this will display true or false, unless you force it into a number)

    1. Servidion

      @death I’d love to know what you mean by strings and booleans. I have the same issue, but I don’t know how to fix it and I have no idea what you mean with your solution. lol

  3. Wil

    I made a little change to the code to allow escape codes in the Custom Stat Names. Just added Ex to the this.drawText function line 1965. Didn’t know if you wanted to update your plugin or not just suggesting.

  4. hags

    This plug is rly good. Awesome. I just wish one more thing. If there’s lots of information to show, it display only few items. So could you add control function by pressing ‘shift’ or ‘tap’ key? (shift page or scrolling)

  5. AtremNevsky


    Hey. Sorry for my English.

    The plugin is very good, I use it with many of your plugins and Yanfly plugins. I usually look for errors in the code myself, but I can not fix it.
    BAG lies in the fact that it compresses strongly the numbers and the name of the parameter. By links to Google photo. I showed an example how it would look good if you fixed your plugin. Thank you in advance.


  6. Llareian

    Hi, SRD! Great plugin!!!

    I made one minor adjustment that I’d like to suggest you incorporate. It was showing anything that evaluates to a string – regardless of whether or not the evaluated string changed. That was because in Window_EquipStatus.prototype.refresh you had the very last if statement as this:

    const diffvalue = newValue – eval(_.evals[i]);
    if(diffvalue !== 0) {
    this.drawItem(0, y + (_.fontSize + _.fontPad) * (place), i);

    But diffvalue doesn’t work for evals that are not numbers, as it will return NaN which is not strictly 0. If I understand your intention with subtracting them and finding if the result is strictly equal to 0, all you’re doing here is seeing if the two values are strictly equal. So I just took out diffValue and rewrote the if statement as this:

    if(newValue !== eval(_.evals[i])) {
    this.drawItem(0, y + (_.fontSize + _.fontPad) * (place), i);

    Now values like “ON” / “OFF” or “YES” / “NO” will only show up in the equip window if they are changed.

    Hope that is helpful (and that I didn’t make any errors)!


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