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Replicates the Nature system from Pokemon games to affect Actors.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Version 1.00

This plugin requires the Copy Actors (SRD_CopyActors) plugin.
Make sure it is placed above this plugin.

This is a Plugin that replicates the Nature system from Pokemon.
Each individual Actor will be assigned a random Nature when they are
created. This Nature will give certain buffs and nerfs to the Actor
depending on what the Nature is.

You can customize the available Natures in the Parameters.
You can choose their name, buffs, nerfs, and chance of appearing.

If a Nature’s name is left blank, it will not be available to be chosen.
Otherwise, even Natures with no buffs or nerfs can appear.

Plugin Commands

You can use the following plugin command to change an Actor’s nature:

ChangeActorNature actorId natureId

actorId = Set this to a number or a Game Variable (v[x])
natureId = Set this to the number listed of the nature in the Parameters


ChangeActorNature 3 5
ChangeActorNature v[2] 3


You can use the following plugin command to store an Actor’s nature in a
Game Variable:

StoreActorNature actorId variableId

actorId = Set this to a number or a Game Variable (v[x])
natureId = Set this to the ID of the Variable that will store the Nature ID


StoreActorNature 5 10
StoreActorNature v[7] 11

Game_Actor Functions

Here are some Game_Actor functions you can now use with Actor variables:


Returns the name of the Actor’s nature.


Returns the ID of the Actor’s nature.



2 thoughts on “Natures – MV Plugin

  1. Anthony

    Man, what a great plugin! I have been trying to edit it to be able to change the Sp-params and the Ex-params as well but I’m not quite getting it to work the way I would like it to. Any chance you’d be willing to help me finish the edits?

  2. Mike

    Really oddly specific question here. About to buy RPGmaker saw this plugin would be perfect.

    Is there a way to have enemies generated with these, and further still. Am I able to make it so say
    Creature A
    Can only be nature’s 1, 2, and 3. but not 4.
    Creature B
    Can only be nature’s 2, or 4. but not 1 and 3.


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