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This is a plugin that allows players to create their own custom characters in game (+more!).

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Character Creator EX

This is a plugin that allows players to create their own custom characters
in game.

A menu system in which the player can create a character can be called
upon at any time and assigned to an Actor. Once an Actor has been assigned
a custom character, that character will be used on the map and in side-
view battles.

In order to modify the properties of the sections and pieces, one must
use the Super Tools Engine. Simply go to:

Database EX BAK Custom Editors BAK Character Creator Editor

With this, you’ll be able to easily customize the various properties
that exist within the sections!

Setting up Files

In order to set up the “generator” pieces, you need to create a new
folder in the “img” folder called “character-creator”.

So the file location should be:


Within this folder, you need a folder for each section, for example:


Within each of these folders, you’ll also need 4 more folders:


As you can probably guess, each of those folders will contain the
corresponding walking, dead, face, and side-view parts of the
parent folder.

For example, in order to store the “Face” parts of the “Body” section
you would place them in:


Other Images

Finally, you’re also going to need a couple required images placed in:


These images are:


The “Background” image will be used as a background for the character
creator if you choose to use it.

The “CustomCharacter” and “CustomFace” will be used in scenarios where
a custom character’s Character or Face image cannot be loaded.

The “____-Background” images are used as piece backgrounds in the
editor itself.

Opening the Character Creator

In order to set up the Character Creator, use the Plugin Command:

OpenCharacterCreator [actorId]

Set “actorId” to the Actor ID of the Actor you wish to create images for.

For example:

OpenCharacterCreator 3
OpenCharacterCreator 7
OpenCharacterCreator 26

Showing Dead Custom Character

Use the following Plugin Command to make an Actor use their “dead”
custom character image:

SetDeadCustomCharacter [actorId] [true/false]

This will set it so the Actor defind by “actorId” will have their
dead image turned on or off.

For example:

SetDeadCustomCharacter 3 true
SetDeadCustomCharacter 8 false
SetDeadCustomCharacter 12 true

Setting Event to use Custom Character

If you wish for an event to use a custom character image, simply use
the event notetag:

<CustomCharacter: [actorId]>

This will set the event to use the custom image of the actor specified
through the “actorId” input.

You can also set an event to use a dead custom character using:

<CustomDeadCharacter: [actorId]>


<CustomCharacter: 3>
<CustomDeadCharacter: 23>

Showing Custom Face in Show Text

If you wish to have a character’s custom face used in a “Show Text”,
here’s what you need to do:

1) Make sure there is a face image selected for the “Show Text” event.
It can be any face image, it just needs to be there.

2) Use the following notetag in the “Show Text” box:

<CC Face: [id]>

Set “id” to the ID of the Actor who has the Custom Face you wish to use.

Disabling the Custom Images

In order temporarily distable the custom images set up for an Actor, use
the Plugin Command:

DisableCharacterCreatorImages [actorId]

Of course, simply set “actorId” to the Actor ID you wish to disable
custom character images for.

EnableCharacterCreatorImages [actorId]

This would enable the character creator images again.

For example:

DisableCharacterCreatorImages 12
EnableCharacterCreatorImages 8

Custom Colors

While most of the properties that can be manipulated in the
“Character Creator Editor” in the Super Tools Engine are pretty
self explanatory, the color-customization section… is a bit more

The colors are set up using JSON arrays, meaning:

[info for color 1],
[info for color 2],

[info for last color]

As you can see, each “color” is separated into its own brackets.
Every color is followed by a comma except for the last one.

Now within these colors, you may customize the:

– Name
– Hue
– Saturation
– Brightness
– Grayscale

For example:

[“Blue”, 100, 0, 1, 0.5]

This would set:

– Name: Blue
– Hue: 100
– Saturation: 0
– Brightness: 1
– Grayscale: 0.5

You are not forced to fill out all of the properties however. In fact,
the less you fill out, the better. For a simple Hue shift, all one
needs to do is:

[“Green”, 200]

This will create a simple color called Green that shifts the hue by 200.

The limits that may be defined through the properties are as follows:

– Hue [0 ~ 360]– Saturation [-1 ~ 1]– Brightness [0 ~ 1]– Grayscale [0 ~ 1]


56 thoughts on “Character Creator EX – MV Plugin

  1. Arnoch

    Is there a way to have a Gender Selected switch turn on or off when the Male or Female face is selected? That is the only thing preventing me from using this in any of my projects. Thanks in advance!

  2. buzboy

    The color changing part of the plugin doesn’t seem to work correctly. The hue doesn’t change the colors when I edit it for skin tone.

    1. RandomInternetStranger

      I tried to add and edit colors for skin tone, mouth tone, front and rear hair color, and none of it worked. I’ll try to figure it out but no promises.

    1. Phacey

      dubble check that all the images are in /img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/
      it mislabeled as /img/character-creator-ex/ a couple times so you might of messed it up

      1. Wolf

        when you write: /img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/ you mean the img folder in the project folder, right? Because from the video, I see that he leaves it on the Desktop

  3. Alexis

    Hey dont know if you will see this, but will the additions for the normal character creator (like dynamic characters) be ported to the e ersion at any time?

  4. Lost

    Hey dont know if you will see this, but will the additions for the normal character creator (like dynamic characters) be ported to the e ersion at any time?

  5. Mike

    Hey thank you for all your hard work on this awesome plugin! However it seems the sample files linked are incomplete- many of the hair options, for example, are just black boxes and thus don’t load for selection in game. Am I missing something?

  6. DaEnderAssassin

    For those following along using this site and not reading from the plugin itself (Like me) do NOT place body parts in /img/character-creator-ex/ but instead /img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/

  7. pleasecontactme

    Hi, so i’ve got the character creator ex version 1.03
    and i have an issue with the controls where it’s escape and spacebar, is there any way to change that to mouseclick left and right?
    but only have that be a thing in the editor, and not change it for everything else in my game? thanks.
    i hope you can reach out to me as soon as possible 🙂

  8. lenny

    hi i tried to use it but for some reason it will not work and if you say it has been updated the i downloaded it today so i put in the plugin command and it won’t work i copied and paste it i put it in myself but still won’t work can you plz fix this

    1. Encore

      I also encountered a similar situation, I put the directory”character-creator-ex” in this directory”SumRndmDde” ( /img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/ ) , it was resolved, please try

  9. Adrián

    Thanks for the plugin, but I speak Spanish, and I wanted to change the name of the folders, but now I get an error that cannot read colors, and I never edited something called colors. How can I fix it?

  10. Anda

    I have a Syntax Error on both my own project and a new clean one :

    rpg_managers.js:1949 SyntaxError: Unexpected number
    at Game_Interpreter.command355 (rpg_objects.js:10500)
    at Game_Interpreter.executeCommand (rpg_objects.js:8930)
    at Game_Interpreter.update (rpg_objects.js:8838)
    at Game_Map.updateInterpreter (rpg_objects.js:6115)
    at Game_Map.update (rpg_objects.js:6022)
    at Scene_Map.updateMain (rpg_scenes.js:608)
    at Scene_Map.updateMainMultiply (rpg_scenes.js:600)
    at Scene_Map.update (rpg_scenes.js:589)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateScene (rpg_managers.js:2024)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (rpg_managers.js:1983)

  11. Kyle

    Hi! would it be possible to exclude SV from this plugin? I don’t use SV in my game and don’t want to have to create graphics for it.

    1. Pan

      Hello! My deep thanks for the awesome plugin! I actually bought RMMV only because of I found this and was desperate to try it out X’3

      Just wondering, would it ever be possible to use customized frame number for walking animation sprites?
      Like I was using other plugins for creating walking cycle with more than three frames, and would there be a way for me to make the customized characters doing the same?

      Thank you to your time and effort!

  12. Bez

    Is this out dated? ive been trying all night to get it to work, i have everything set up correctly but when i try to start the event nothing happends.

  13. Jdleeabc

    To add colors, you need to edit the charactercreator.json file in the data folder of your project

  14. KillerPixeel

    Hello, so I am making a fully customized original art character generator game revolving around this script And I have three questions.

    First, is there a way you can tie the assets In with a item? For example if I picked up a shirt it would unlock the shirt option in the generator.

    Secondly, is there a way to tie certain assets to a body type? For example if I were to choose a female body tape the dress would be available if I had it but if I selected the male, The dress wouldn’t be visible.

    Lastly would there be any way to export their character to a folder located in to game folder? This one I’m not sure If it’s really possible but I was hoping there be a way that players could make a character and select a save option by doing so a snapshot of walking, sv, etc would be sent to that folder ready to be used n their own games.

    I am planning on hiring a scripter to help with editing but I figured I’d ask you first. It’s a great plug-in, thanks.

  15. Billy

    Hello! I am brand new to MZ and am excited to learn it. Understanding your directions pretty well, except for this part here:

    “Opening the Character Creator

    In order to set up the Character Creator, use the Plugin Command:

    OpenCharacterCreator [actorId]”

    No matter what I do, I can’t figure out a way to even get the Plugin Command window open and hours of searching online hasn’t helped. I understand what the actor id would be for, but I can’t even get to this step. How would I open the creator and “use the Plugin Command?” Any help would be appreciated. I’d love to use this in my game.

    1. Vermil

      Plugin Command is in the list of commands you can fit into your event lists, pretty much all the way at the end of it. It basically lets you scour through the Plugins you may or may not have installed and lets you trigger any events it may let you do, basically giving you access to even more events. Thing is, I downloaded this plugin, and it doesn’t seem to be compatible, not letting me use said Plugin Command.

  16. Grubby

    Hey so I have a question how would I go about inserting my own customized battler designs for this plug in? I created my own sprites for battles but I am not sure how to implement it within this plugin

  17. Skeppy J

    I’ve literally tried to make this plugin work for years (on and off), each time I try nothing works and I end up giving up. I’ve followed all the instructions included in the plugin, I’ve tried all the tutorials I could find online, even Rhino’s detailed forum thread about it, all to no avail. Is the plugin just no longer compatible with RPG maker MV? Why after all this time can’t someone just make a working demo? I’m at my wits end and this plugin is exactly what I need for my game idea 🙁

  18. Phacey

    Anyone have a fix,
    it always gives me the error
    Type Error
    Cannot read property “name” of undefined
    when I use the character customizer

    1. lucien haft

      couple monthe late and i dont know if you have already solved it but her goes
      1. Firstly open the plugin parameters and change “Print to Console” to be true
      2. Use playtest charactercreator
      3. Press F8
      4. Copepaster to script call
      5. var id = characterId

      var id = 2;
      $gameCharacterCreations.addInfos(id, {“Body”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Body/walk/”,”file”:”Body (4)”,”color”:[“red”,340]},

    1. lucien haft

      supose you can make a extra map with the face expressions from the from the generator.
      Even if you dont make it show by setting it visability to false you should be able to call it with a Scrip call event i mentiond in my last comment.

  19. OniGiriGuy

    When I download it, it says “not secure” and that the file could have been tampered with. Any idea why?

  20. Sad Sad

    When I want to open the character menu: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined
    at Window_CharacterCreator_FolderList.currentFolder (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:2108)
    at Window_CharacterCreator_FileList.initialize (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:2192)
    at new Window_CharacterCreator_FileList (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:399)
    at Scene_CharacterCreator.createFileList (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:1335)
    at Scene_CharacterCreator.create (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:1271)
    at Function.SceneManager.changeScene (rpg_managers.js:2005)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (rpg_managers.js:1982)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (SRD_SuperToolsEngine.js:413)
    at Function.SceneManager.update (rpg_managers.js:1907)”


  21. sad sad

    you should really pay attention to the folder structure. everything from “length” to “name” undefined is due to the wrong folder structure. that was my mistake


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