Character Creator EX – MV Plugin

This is a plugin that allows players to create their own custom characters in game (+more!).

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Character Creator EX

This is a plugin that allows players to create their own custom characters
in game.

A menu system in which the player can create a character can be called
upon at any time and assigned to an Actor. Once an Actor has been assigned
a custom character, that character will be used on the map and in side-
view battles.

In order to modify the properties of the sections and pieces, one must
use the Super Tools Engine. Simply go to:

Database EX BAK Custom Editors BAK Character Creator Editor

With this, you’ll be able to easily customize the various properties
that exist within the sections!

Setting up Files

In order to set up the “generator” pieces, you need to create a new
folder in the “img” folder called “character-creator”.

So the file location should be:


Within this folder, you need a folder for each section, for example:


Within each of these folders, you’ll also need 4 more folders:


As you can probably guess, each of those folders will contain the
corresponding walking, dead, face, and side-view parts of the
parent folder.

For example, in order to store the “Face” parts of the “Body” section
you would place them in:


Other Images

Finally, you’re also going to need a couple required images placed in:


These images are:


The “Background” image will be used as a background for the character
creator if you choose to use it.

The “CustomCharacter” and “CustomFace” will be used in scenarios where
a custom character’s Character or Face image cannot be loaded.

The “____-Background” images are used as piece backgrounds in the
editor itself.

Opening the Character Creator

In order to set up the Character Creator, use the Plugin Command:

OpenCharacterCreator [actorId]

Set “actorId” to the Actor ID of the Actor you wish to create images for.

For example:

OpenCharacterCreator 3
OpenCharacterCreator 7
OpenCharacterCreator 26

Showing Dead Custom Character

Use the following Plugin Command to make an Actor use their “dead”
custom character image:

SetDeadCustomCharacter [actorId] [true/false]

This will set it so the Actor defind by “actorId” will have their
dead image turned on or off.

For example:

SetDeadCustomCharacter 3 true
SetDeadCustomCharacter 8 false
SetDeadCustomCharacter 12 true

Setting Event to use Custom Character

If you wish for an event to use a custom character image, simply use
the event notetag:

<CustomCharacter: [actorId]>

This will set the event to use the custom image of the actor specified
through the “actorId” input.

You can also set an event to use a dead custom character using:

<CustomDeadCharacter: [actorId]>


<CustomCharacter: 3>
<CustomDeadCharacter: 23>

Showing Custom Face in Show Text

If you wish to have a character’s custom face used in a “Show Text”,
here’s what you need to do:

1) Make sure there is a face image selected for the “Show Text” event.
It can be any face image, it just needs to be there.

2) Use the following notetag in the “Show Text” box:

<CC Face: [id]>

Set “id” to the ID of the Actor who has the Custom Face you wish to use.

Disabling the Custom Images

In order temporarily distable the custom images set up for an Actor, use
the Plugin Command:

DisableCharacterCreatorImages [actorId]

Of course, simply set “actorId” to the Actor ID you wish to disable
custom character images for.

EnableCharacterCreatorImages [actorId]

This would enable the character creator images again.

For example:

DisableCharacterCreatorImages 12
EnableCharacterCreatorImages 8

Custom Colors

While most of the properties that can be manipulated in the
“Character Creator Editor” in the Super Tools Engine are pretty
self explanatory, the color-customization section… is a bit more

The colors are set up using JSON arrays, meaning:

[info for color 1],
[info for color 2],

[info for last color]

As you can see, each “color” is separated into its own brackets.
Every color is followed by a comma except for the last one.

Now within these colors, you may customize the:

– Name
– Hue
– Saturation
– Brightness
– Grayscale

For example:

[“Blue”, 100, 0, 1, 0.5]

This would set:

– Name: Blue
– Hue: 100
– Saturation: 0
– Brightness: 1
– Grayscale: 0.5

You are not forced to fill out all of the properties however. In fact,
the less you fill out, the better. For a simple Hue shift, all one
needs to do is:

[“Green”, 200]

This will create a simple color called Green that shifts the hue by 200.

The limits that may be defined through the properties are as follows:

– Hue [0 ~ 360] – Saturation [-1 ~ 1] – Brightness [0 ~ 1] – Grayscale [0 ~ 1]


79 thoughts on “Character Creator EX – MV Plugin

  1. Gundorf The Blu

    Hey SRDude! Once again, awesome plugin.
    I’ve encountered an odd error, I’ve added a folder with each of the sub-folders and titled the pieces appropriately as “Custom”.
    When I go into the Super Tools Editor in-game I am able to fiddle around with the details but however it will not save anything.
    I did also go into the plugin manager and filled out the sections as necessary, I have no idea how to resolve this issue, as the STE still updates the changes to the other character creator folders but not my added folders.

    1. YoraeRasante

      I did the thing that worked on the older version to separate in male and female clothing too, and got the same problem…

      I figured out the problem was in the json file the creator creates. To be able to save the editions in the folders it has to already be in the json file, at least until SRD updates it. So my solution was to add a small copy of the folders I made in the json by hand and then editting them how I liked.

      Not the best solution, but it should work for now.

    2. Exoduse

      I have encountered a compatibility bug and was wondering if it’s something I’ve missed or if you could issue a fix.

      When using the SRD Hud creator with an ACTOR FACE picture for the leader of the party and completing the character
      creation process using CCEX it comes up with “TypeError: Cannot read proprty ‘call’ of undefined” and the game crashes.

      from what I can gather during the overwrite of the character sprites due to CCEX the HUD cannot read a face and crashes.

      Can anyone help?

  2. Jackson

    When i open the character creator i get an error that reads
    “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined”

    1. Jackson

      My console reads

      TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined
      at Window_CharacterCreator_FolderList.currentFolder (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:2088)
      at Window_CharacterCreator_FileList.initialize (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:2172)
      at new Window_CharacterCreator_FileList (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:384)
      at Scene_CharacterCreator.createFileList (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:1315)
      at Scene_CharacterCreator.create (SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:1251)
      at Function.SceneManager.changeScene (rpg_managers.js:1810)
      at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (rpg_managers.js:1789)
      at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (SRD_SuperToolsEngine.js:381)
      at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (YEP_FpsSynchOption.js:119)
      at Function.SceneManager.update (rpg_managers.js:1714)rpg_managers.js:1756 SceneManager.catchExceptionrpg_managers.js:1717 SceneManager.update

      1. YoraeRasante

        “at Window_CharacterCreator_FolderList.currentFolder”… maybe the error is in the folders.

        I didn’t check for errors, but when I put my folder inside /img/character-creator-ex/ that SRD said in the beginning the creator refused to open for the plugin command, It did work when saved on /img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/ as mentioned later though.

        1. Fi

          Thanks so much!!! I had this error too! So strange, in the plugin help it tells you to put the images in a separate folder, but doing so causes it not to work… I think that really needs to be updated. Normally you would just expect it to say ‘could not find image’ but it caused a game ending error so I thought there was something really wrong, like Jackson I hadn’t considered this XD

  3. tigrean

    Cool I have been wanting something like this forever. Quick question though SRD is there a way you can default the parts based on a race select? For example if the player picks to be an elf can you set it where they can only have pointed ears but able to edit the rest of the items?

    1. Johnnie

      You can by creating two layers, ears and elf ears. Set one to a condition of $gameVariables(5).value===1, and other to 2, and more if say you need Furry Ears…

      Then just set up a menu that changes variable 5 (or whatever you choose) and there you go.

  4. Riley

    Hi there, this is an awesome plugin that I NEED in my game! Thanks so much for making this.
    I think I’ve done everything right, but when I load the game it comes up with a black screen that says:
    Cannot read property ‘hasInfo’ of undefined.”

    I’m not sure what to do here. Thanks for any help

    1. Levon

      I get a TypeError “_needCustomUpdate is Undefined” and I don’t know how to fix it, it happens after I create a character

  5. Mphi

    Hey SumRndmDde! Looks like an amazing plugin!
    For some reason nothing happens though, I seem to have everything in the folders set up right but when I run it with a plugin command nothing happens and it just goes to the next thing in the event… Help please?

    1. Maire

      I’m having the exact same problem! Even though I have the supertools plugin like it asks it still won’t do anything ;-;!

      1. Maire

        So I think I figured out my problem, I had to put the super tools plugin above the character creator plugin and it worked!

        1. Mphi

          I tried that too but I’m afraid mine still didn’t work :/
          My super tools wad always on the top of the list top 🙁
          Glad yours is working tho 😀
          Good luck on your game!

          1. Fi

            What version of SuperTools are using?

            I had it working before but udpating to SuperTools 1.24 gave the same problem where nothing happened and then this kind of error;
            index.html:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token u
            /C:/Users/Fi/Documents/Games/Project3/js/plugins/SRD_CharacterCreatorEX.js:630 Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

            When you load your game, press F8 and see if this happens to you.

            The solution that worked for me was to delete all the Supertools data, make a new project, and copy the index.html, and all the data in the .js folder. (Like how when you’re trying to update an old project to a new version of MV.) Normally they tell you not to replace plugins.js, but that’s what solved the error for me. I have to go re set all my plugins now which is a huge pain but it’s working for now at least ^^””

  6. rekuze

    I would like to create a game where men and women are selected and the scenario changes, we are using Character Creator EX of SumRndmDde.
    Can I change variables when changing people or other women, such as changing the folder of Character Creator EX?

    Though it may be impossible, thank you.

    It may be wrong because it is a literal translation.

  7. xLioneth

    Hey Dude, I have error when try use it, when installed the plugins (the two plugins SuperTool and CharacterCreatorEx). When execute the program said “I need the SuperTool” when i have it already. Now i have the CharacterCreator the older but the menu to choose the character the images is very slowly for charger and the new doesn’t work. plis help me (i am sorry for my bad english)


  8. AnnoyingDog

    I have installed everything as you said, but when I try to enter the Creator, I have this error in the console:
    ReferenceError: CacheMap is not defined, and nothing happens in-game. I have installed SuperTools above Character Creator, but I still have the error. Any help will be appreciated!

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      It seems like you’re using an MV project that is below version 1.3.0.
      Please update it!

  9. Skunk

    So I followed the steps and for some reason when I try to trigger the plugin command, literally nothing happens :S

    1. Mphi

      Same here 🙁
      Try putting super tools above this plugin
      Works for some people
      Not for me tho but it might for you!
      Best of luck 🙂

      1. Skunk

        Ya that was the first thing I double checked…
        Everything is as it should be from what I can tell and ive been doin this for years lol
        Im stumped.

        1. Rhino

          Try setting it up in a blank project, it’s possible there are some plugin conflicts. Make sure you’ve got the latest versions of SuperTools (1.25) and CCEX (1.02), and MV of 1.3.0 +

          Also, you need to ignore the part of the plugin help where it says to add the generator pieces into “/img/character-creator-ex/”, as it’ll give you an error. Put everything in “/img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/”

          1. Mphi

            I tried the blank project
            Didn’t work

            Never tried the putting it in the SumRndmDde folder tho! Gonna try that now thanks!

  10. Levon

    I guess my other comment was a response to someone else, whoops! I just really need help if possible, I get a TypeError “Cannot set property ‘_neededCustomUpdate’ of undefined” Any help would be amazing please and thank you!!!

  11. Nicholas DeLeon

    So far I’m enjoying this plugin, however I noticed that you forgot (or intentionally left out) “Ears”.
    I tried adding them in myself, but I’m unable to actually edit them through the Super Tools. They appear in game, but I can’t change the hue or how they are to be displayed during selection. If possible, could you make it to where this plugin has about 2 or 3, maybe more, “Custom” labels that are just automatically conditioned to “false” so devs won’t see them in the playtest but can easily adjust them if they want to?

    1. Nicholas DeLeon

      Also is there a way to make a custom character for one Actor ID, and then have those same parts be selected for a different actor ID?
      For example what I’m trying to do is make multiple different emotions for the character, telling the player to create the character and then make the various emotions for it. I want to have everything available to them from the first selection, ID[4], but then only allow Eyebrow, eye, and mouth changes for ID[5, 6, 7], etc. while keeping the selected face, hair, clothing, etc, from ID[4].

  12. EckaSoftware

    I feel like this plugin would be awesome to use but I’m getting a CacheMap Is not defined error. I read the previous comment pertaining to updating the project but the project I’m working on was created in the most up to date version of the Engine. (I’m assuming. I downloaded MV about 6 days ago from the official site and am using the trial version. Project was created using that release of the software.)

    Any ideas? All the folders are set up using the guide provided.

  13. RuneFactoryGuy

    I seem to be having a problem when it comes to the battles with this plugin. the character won’t show up is the side view battles and I don’t know why. If you could help me with this issue that would be great.

  14. Jacob

    Is there a way to get a .zip file download? Or some other type of file that i can open it up and view all the data folders and such so i can add my custom sprites and change things.

  15. Tester

    I really like your plugin. Everything works great when testing through rpg maker.
    I had some problems using it with the chrome browser though.
    It breaks when trying to load _.loadSaveInfoFile.

  16. Splendora Gaming

    Deprecation Warning: PIXI.GC_MODES.DEFAULT has been deprecated, please use PIXI.settings.GC_MODE
    fs.js:803 Uncaught Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir ‘C:\Users\jon\Documents\Games\RWBY Game\img\SumRndmDde\hud\pictures’
    fs.js:803 Uncaught Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir ‘C:\Users\jon\Documents\Games\RWBY Game\img\SumRndmDde\character-creator-ex’
    Pixi.js 4.4.1 – ✰ WebGL ✰ ♥♥♥

    Getting a couple odd errors related to two of your java scripts, character creator ex and hud maker.. They do not stop me from running my game, but it is nevertheless an issue I don’t feel I should ignore. For all I know they may turn into a greater issue later if they are ignored, so hoping to fond a way to clear them up. do you have any suggestions?

    1. Johnnie

      Sort of?

      If you’re okay with creating customized bust layers instead of the basic character faces, you can set the width and height of the “face” graphic to be a Bust. Now, this would of course, require editing the message windows to be much bigger but can effectively allow for the change of message faces to show busts. You would also need to start editing some menu windows so that they show the bust instead of the base, but… Luckily, SRDude has you covered with the Super Tools Engine, that allows to move windows around to do just that!

      For advanced needs it might be needed to edit the window class, but I feel that Menu Editor takes care of most windows this way.

    2. Johnnie

      I was thinking about your question, and thought of another solution.

      Also, if your game is one that doesn’t use Caterpillar Mode, you CAN determine your character’s “dead” character to be the sprite, and then just adjust your windows in the plugin to reference the dead sprite instead of the face sprite. That seems like more work though.

  17. Johnnie

    Ok, here’s my TINY critique and brainstorm.

    What I’d like is the ability to say if a menu option is chosen, you’d have the ability to designate that choice to a game variable.

    If it’s doable, like choose a folder in the SuperTools. Each folder by default is “null” or allows to choose a variable to pass your choice to.

    This way, if you choose black hair, a variable can be passed to help with dialog for immersion.

    1. Johnnie

      For part of this solution, I got information directly from the source…

      This should return the filename of the body piece for Actor ID 1

      So basically this means that you can create a variable to hold this information, like say Variable 80, and Change Variable to equal the script value of that to get what filename is used to fill the body file.

      With in-game variables, you could literally create a common event that creates busts based on that data, even large pictures/busts based just on variable data. This would make HUD Maker immensely popular, as you can set conditions for tons of images to only show up IF the condition is met … for instance Condition $gameVariables.value(80)==”body (1)” – This means that if that condition is met, then THIS body shows up in your menu system.

  18. Johnnie

    Another tiny idea to throw at you….

    Ilike the ability to add colors, but that window, the Window_HueSelector, isn’t very mouse or touch friendly, clicking the arrows on either side of the wording simply chooses the default color, you have to hit left or right on a keyboard to choose the color.

    What I propose is this. A greyish or whatever block, a swatch so to speak, one for each color, hued to the actual color the creator chooses for that part, so for instance, with Body, if it’s tan, black, or blue, you have three selectable swatches of …. tan, black, or blue. they click and boom, it’s done.

    I’d like an email response if you could. thanks and great job with CCEX

  19. Rex

    Is it possible to add like extra faces? I can see that your plugin is only loading in 2 faces. Body (1). png and Body (2).png.
    Is there any way to make it load in more?

    1. Johnnie

      I know SumRndmDde normally answers these questions, but this one’s pretty easy, so I’ll give it a shot.

      All you have to do in this case, is in the img\SumRndmDde\character-creator-ex\Body directory, you’ll see the four categories for SV, walk, dead, and face. From here, if you have other faces (faces with discoloration, elven features, multi-toned faces that can’t be resolved in changing the tone of the face, you would create “Body (3).png” here.

      You would then create the same name.png for the files in your SV, Dead, and walk characters. If you’re using the same sprites as with Body2, just copy them and past them, typically Windows automatically takes the second body (2).png and makes it body (3).png

      I’ve used this for 10 male body forms and 10 female body forms, works well.

  20. Sphinx[Fr]

    Hello, I am a French user of your script. Please excuse in advance my approximate English, but not being gifted in Shakespeare’s language, I use Google Translate.

    First of all I want to thank you for the job that it has to represent. Choosing its appearance is indeed an important detail of my RMMV project.

    However I have to point out an error I had when I tried to export my project to browsers or even to Android.

    In the _.loadSaveInfoFile function, at line 554, you call this:
    This.fileInfoStuff = JSON.parse (LZString.decompressFromBase64 (xhr.responseText));

    However, it is in the context of an ajax query that this is used. Also it does not return the SRD.CharacterCreatorEX object as expected, but the XHR object.
    A correction that I can propose (after having of course tested) is the following:
    _.fileInfoStuff = JSON.parse (LZString.decompressFromBase64 (xhr.responseText));

    So it’s good in _ and not in the ajax request that will be loaded the configuration of the script 🙂

  21. Ned N

    First of all, great Script! I was wondering if there is any way to start with a default “created” character when you first start a game. Right now using the script, you need to go into the creator and THEN it will start using the character. Any ideas?

    1. Johnnie

      Yes, it’s actually quite easy….
      In playtesting, make your default character by using the character generator. In the Plugin Settings, you want to make sure you have “Print to Console turned on. This will print out the save command, for when you want, say, an event to change you into that character. Now… instead of having an action event change you over, instead, You create an auto-event that runs that as its script command. Then, Erase Event… basically it would look like this.

      ((On first, starting map, Auto Event))
      Script: var id = 0;
      {“Body”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Body/walk/”,”file”:Body (5)”,”color”:[0]},
      “Eyes”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Eyes/walk/”,”file”:”Eyes (10)”,”color”:[“Dark Brown”,24,1,0.2]}},
      {“Body”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Body/dead/”,”file”:”Body (5)”,”color”:[0]},
      “Eyes”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Eyes/dead/”,”file”:”Eyes (10)”,”color”:[“Dark Brown”,24,1,0.2]}},
      {“Body”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Body/sv/”,”file”:”Body (5)”,”color”:[0]},
      “Eyes”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Eyes/sv/”,”file”:”Eyes (10)”,”color”:[“Dark Brown”,24,1,0.2]}},
      {“Body”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Body/face/”,”file”:”Body (5)”,”color”:[0]},
      “Eyes”:{“path”:”img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex/Eyes/face/”,”file”:”Eyes (10)”,”color”:[“Dark Brown”,24,1,0.2]}});

      Erase Event –

      Now, with this set up this way, you have the ability to set up a script for when your actual player starts up, so he doesn’t have an already broken character. Just make sure you change the var id=0, to the number of your starting actor. You can literally use this method to create dozens of actors, ready to be used as NPCs and non-playing characters.

      Now, if you wanted to use this to create your own map-driven character creator, you can use this formula to create dynamic actors based on a $gameVariable.value instead… like for instance :Body (5)”,”color”:[0]} could equal… Body ($gameVariables.value(30))”,”color”;[$gameVariables.value(31)]}

      So if in another picture choice window or menu, you chose to have Body 5 with color six, it could pass those to formulas for your character.

      1. Johnnie

        and to shoten that to have it put those items on several different actors, forget the var line at the start, and just start each character creation setup with… either a number where the id would have gone or the gameParty.Leader or gameParty Member

        $gameCharacterCreations.addInfos(5, {“Body”:{“path”:”img/Su….

  22. T.S. Star Blaze

    I have added this plugin and the required plugins into the plugins folder and activated them through the plugins manager but when i type OpenCharacterCreator 1, nothing happens when i play test the game

    1. Johnnie

      There are a few questions I must ask….

      1. Are your plugins set in the right order? Like so?
      2. Are you sure you placed the right pieces in the img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex folder?
      3. Is the plugin turned on? (trust me, it happens more times than you know)
      4.And is the event an action event, that has a command of “Plugin Command: OpenCharacterCreator 1” ?
      5. if so, does it just freeze? Test the event you gave this command by putting a “Show Text” command right after it to see if it’s registering the action with the event or not the actual OpenCharacterCreator 1…

      Hope that helps

  23. Radhapriya ji

    That is the best blog for anybody who wants to search out out about this topic. You realize so much its virtually onerous to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just nice!

  24. Noctodemus

    @SRD Props on some outstanding work. Your tools engine is a thing of beauty.

    I’ve been around games almost forever but I’m very new to MV (I’m using it to teach my son game design). I’m using one of Galv’s plugins to extend character animations to 8 frames / directions as well as idles and runs, but I really like your Character Generator and I’d love to use it for in-game character customization.

    In my first pass, it doesn’t look as if you’re supporting more than 3 frames for walk animations. Am I getting that right? I figured I should at least ask before I go ratting into your code to see if I can coax it into handling longer sequences.

    Thanks for the awesome plugins. Keep up the great work!

  25. Mitchell

    Hiya! This looks like a great plugin but I’m afraid I can’t get it working. When I start playtesting, it doesn’t open the character creator. It just moves to the next item in the event. I’d really appreciate feedback on how to get it working! Thanks! 🙂

  26. Exoduse

    I have encountered a compatibility bug and was wondering if it’s something I’ve missed or if you could issue a fix.

    When using the SRD Hud creator with an ACTOR FACE picture for the leader of the party and completing the character
    creation process using CCEX it comes up with “TypeError: Cannot read proprty ‘call’ of undefined” and the game crashes.

    from what I can gather during the overwrite of the character sprites due to CCEX the HUD cannot read a face and crashes.

    Can anyone help?

  27. Sven

    I installed the plugins and did everything on the video but when I go to test it and see if it works I get
    Type error
    cannot read property ‘name’ of undefined
    please help

    1. Johnnie

      were you testing the editor version, or a deployed encrypted version? because if deployed, you have to change a couple of lines to read .rpgmvp instead of .png

  28. Metrong

    Installed the plugin and the creator window itself works very well.
    But once it closes the Character i changed still has his normal sprites :/
    Any ideas?

    1. Metrong

      My problem above has been solved.
      Though there is a new one: When I export the finished game, the player cannot access the Creator at all.
      But it does work within the editor try-out.
      Any ideas?

  29. VxVash

    Hey I’m actually having an issue and I’ve looked everywhere for it before resorting to posting here. When I try to load the game in a browser I get the error

    folders is undefined

    I’ve replicated it in a fresh project too so I’m not sure what to do. :\

  30. Greg

    Thank you so much for this plugin.
    One minor question. Is it possible to have the color of something saved for the future selections?
    i.e. If I select a Black skin tone, then when I go to NOSE and MOUTH, black would be the only color choice or at least defaulted too?

    The same could go for hair. Green eyebrows lead to Green front hair and Green back hair by default.

    Thank you again for this amazing plugin.

  31. VisualBasic

    When I try to use the plugin…nothing happens.

    CC-EX is under SuperTools.

    I’m able to access CC-EX from the SuperTools game manager.

    Pressing F8 I see 3 file not found errors: unable to access, and

    I haven’t touched those files but I created a fresh project and replaced the files in my old one. Still same problem.

    Created 3 copies of the originals and added to the end….no luck.

    Any ideas? Please help.

    P.S. Yes I use the plugin command “OpenCharactorCreator X”

  32. DivaProtocol

    Hi SRD, thanks for this awesome plugin, I’m wondering if you are planing to do something to use this plugin combine with the HUD maker. You know… to use the custom face in the HUD.

  33. JDS866

    Has anyone had luck running their game on Android as an APK? Mine runs fine in test mode and when deployed to Windows. However when I create an APK and run it on my phone or tablet I always get “TypeError cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined”.

    When I disable the Character Creator EX plugin and create a new APK the game runs fine on all my devices.

    Also I am only using the SRD Engine and Character Creator EX plugins so it can’t be a conflict with another plugin.

    Any Help is greatly appreciated!!! 🙂

  34. Alme

    So Everything works just fine except for trying to change the colors of Accessories A, Beast Ears, Tail, Wings, (Glasses and Accessories B… However I don’t know if these 2 every had the option to change Colors) am I missing something with this? Or did this version just not implement those versions?

  35. Jericho

    I have come across a bug within the character creator (although, I may have just installed the expansion pack wrong). When I add clothes, the clothes go over the body on the face image. Has this happened to anyone else?

  36. Johnnie

    I FIXED an encryption bug with this plugin.

    I really didn’t know where to post this, as it’s not really anything but a personal victory. I was very dismayed when I encrypted my project, only to find that one of the plugins, SumRndmDde’s (SRDude’s) Character Creator EX throws a huge error. if it wasn’t for Silver’s Console Manager (which allows to have debug console on a deployed game, I’d have never found it… However, there are two lines within the Character Creator EX that state…

    Line 527 – 528 —-
    if(!stat.isDirectory() && _.isImageFile(files)) {
    const f = files.replace(‘.png’, ”);


    _.isImageFile = function(filename) {
    return !!(filename.match(/\.png/i));

    In encrypted games, you DO need to go back to the plugin and change those from .png to .rpgmvp

    I can’t believe it was so simple, I’ve been beating my head against a wall for close to 24 hours because I couldn’t get them to run, AND the single executable file encryption elsewhere, well I had an enigmatic moment trying to find out why i had a 1 FPS at startup… This works, allows me to keep going, and somewhat protect assets I have purchased and not violate a EULA somewhere.


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