Window Frame Anti-Stretch – MV Plugin

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Makes it so instead of “stretching” the window frame, this Plugin makes it so they are repeated. Window skins that have patterns can now be used correctly.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:



3 thoughts on “Window Frame Anti-Stretch – MV Plugin

  1. e_br

    I dont know if its my version (1.5.1) but this doesn’t seem to be working. Tried on a fresh project and the windowskin is still stretched like it always is.

  2. e_br

    Well scratch that, someone else’s windowskin worked, so I think the problem is with the PNG I was using. Sorry to bother you.

  3. Zephadus

    Would be great if we could do this with the cursor background as well.
    Or whatever you call the bit that stretches behind selections in the menu.


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