Terms of Use

Thanks for taking interest in using my plugins!
Here are the terms one should follow while using them:

Terms of Use for completed Plugins (or early-access Plugins for Patrons):

– These plugins may be used in both free and commercial games.
– “SumRndmDde” or “SRDude” must be given credit and this website must also be linked.
You are allowed to edit and reuse the code directly as long as it’s for your own project, extension plugins, or built-in compatibility patches.
You are free to package, encrypt, compile, etc. as long as it’s being done to the project or code-base as a whole. However, while in their normal JavaScript form, please refrain from changing the filename and comment headers of the plugins.
Please do not redistribute the plugins outside of game releases.
Please refrain from taking code unless it’s for project that requires the plugin in question.
If you wish to redistribute edits, please create an extension plugin. If a certain aspect of a Plugin cannot be modified without changing the original, contact me and I will fix the issue and/or give permission to redistribute the original.
If I see your game uses one of my Plugins and I shamelessly ask for a free copy, please do not judge me too much 😀 (Though, honestly, if it’s actually a really good game, I’d probably just purchase it myself to support the good cause. 💪)
While I would prefer for my plugins not to be ported and released publicly, you are more than free to port plugins from previous versions of RPG Maker to the one you are using as long as it’s exclusively for your own projects, projects of the commissioner, etc…

Important Notes:

The Terms of Use are subject to change at any time. Games and projects are expected to follow the Terms of Use that were listed at the time of the game/project’s current version’s release.

There may be a point in which I would ask for different terms of use for a specific Plugin; however, currently no such Plugin exists and may possibly never will. In a case in which I would like that Plugin to have different Terms of Use, it would be listed here and it would be mentioned first thing in the Plugin’s Help File. If I forget to update this page, and the Plugin’s Terms of Use are not here, then you are allowed to use the default terms of use.

Yup, that’s pretty much it.
Until next time! ~

4 thoughts on “Terms of Use

  1. PaulowPV

    Hello! First of all, thank you for making this work of art available to us creators.
    It is extremely important that this plugin is included in the list of my game, as it needs a lot of your work. When the game is released, don’t be shy about charging a free copy (I don’t know if the game will be free or if I will charge a fee to play it).
    The game is in Portuguese and I don’t know if it will be released in another language, but I will try to create an English version or add language options.
    Thanks for everything!

  2. Superdrelo

    Just to be 100% sure, by parameters do you mean those things you can edit about the plugin in the plugin manager, or are there parameters that can only be changed in code that we’re supposed to change?

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