Unsupported MV Plugin List

Unsupported Plugin Count: [ 24 / 118 ]

This is a list of all “unsupported” plugins. These plugins still work perfectly fine; however, I will not be updating them to resolve conflict errors due to various reasons. The reason for each plugin’s lack of support is listed next to them.

Active Defense Core  –  Active Defense: Charge  –  The “Active Defense” series lacked enough support to be continued.

TP Upgrade  –  TP Upgrade is a very old plugin with many flaws; I have plans to maybe remake it again, but it’ll be up to the people.

Sequence Input  –  “Skill Sequence Maker” will replace this mechanic if it is released.

Custom Battle Intro  –  Replaced with a more effective system for making battle intros: Common Event Battle Intro

Movie Credits  –  This was a truly inferior plugin, written very cheaply. Has been replaced with a more effective credits plugin: Credits Plugin

Shaking Windows  –  This was just a dumb idea. XD

Blinking Faces – To be potentially replaced with “Animated Message Faces,” a popular plugin within the monthly plugin polls.

Debug Display  –  This was a pretty dumb idea; Super Tools Engine now handles things better.

Debug Speed Up  –  This feature was adopted into the Super Tools Engine!

Variable Rates –  Just a really useless plugin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Timed Attack Core  – Timed Attack: Circle  – Timed Attack: Clock  – Timed Attack: Mash  – Timed Attack: Arrows  – Timed Attack: Wheel  – Timed Attack: Results  – Timed Attack: Action Sequences  – The original “Timed Attack”  series is being replaced with “Timed Attack Maker”.

Pokemon 4 Moves Only  –  Pokemon Move Deleter  – Pokemon Trainer Sprite  –  No longer support the “Pokemon” plugins due to their basis on a specific mechanic.

Pokemon Type System  –  Pokemon Type Display  –  Will potentially create a new “Elemental Core” plugin to replicate the success of this plugin.

Pokemon Trainer Name Input  –  Name Input Upgrade handles this mechanic better.

5 thoughts on “Unsupported MV Plugin List

  1. SRD's Bird

    I’m disappointed. We all are SRD. Many of those plugins were loved by the community and you threw them away, you lazy random dude.

    (jk idk about them plugins xD)


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