Unsupported MV Plugin List

Unsupported Plugin Count: [ 24 / 118 ]

This is a list of all “unsupported” plugins. These plugins still work perfectly fine; however, I will not be updating them to resolve conflict errors due to various reasons. The reason for each plugin’s lack of support is listed next to them.

Active Defense Core  –  Active Defense: Charge  –  The “Active Defense” series lacked enough support to be continued.

TP Upgrade  –  TP Upgrade is a very old plugin with many flaws; I have plans to maybe remake it again, but it’ll be up to the people.

Sequence Input  –  “Skill Sequence Maker” will replace this mechanic if it is released.

Custom Battle Intro  –  Replaced with a more effective system for making battle intros: Common Event Battle Intro

Movie Credits  –  This was a truly inferior plugin, written very cheaply. Has been replaced with a more effective credits plugin: Credits Plugin

Shaking Windows  –  This was just a dumb idea. XD

Blinking Faces – To be potentially replaced with “Animated Message Faces,” a popular plugin within the monthly plugin polls.

Debug Display  –  This was a pretty dumb idea; Super Tools Engine now handles things better.

Debug Speed Up  –  This feature was adopted into the Super Tools Engine!

Variable Rates –  Just a really useless plugin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Timed Attack Core  – Timed Attack: Circle  – Timed Attack: Clock  – Timed Attack: Mash  – Timed Attack: Arrows  – Timed Attack: Wheel  – Timed Attack: Results  – Timed Attack: Action Sequences  – The original “Timed Attack”  series is being replaced with “Timed Attack Maker”.

Pokemon 4 Moves Only  –  Pokemon Move Deleter  – Pokemon Trainer Sprite  –  No longer support the “Pokemon” plugins due to their basis on a specific mechanic.

Pokemon Type System  –  Pokemon Type Display  –  Will potentially create a new “Elemental Core” plugin to replicate the success of this plugin.

Pokemon Trainer Name Input  –  Name Input Upgrade handles this mechanic better.

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