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This Plugin adds a Font selector to the Options Window that allows the Player to choose a Font for the game.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Font Option

This Plugin adds a Font selector to the Options Window that allows
the Player to choose a Font for the game.

How to Set up the Images

First place all of the Font files you wish to use in:


The default font file (mplus-1m-regular.ttf) should remain within the folder!

How to Set up the Options

Next, in order to set up the order and the names for the Fonts in the
Options Menu, you must use the Parameters.

It is manadatory that one Font at least the default font should exist!
Using the “Default Font Name” Parameter, you can give that font a specific
name when selected in the Options Menu.

Next, you can set up the choices by filling out the “Font” sections.

Using “Font # File”, input the name of a Font file (including extension) from
the fonts folder!

Next, use “Font # Name”, set the name of that Font that will be displayed
in the Options Menu. This will also be the name of the font that can be
accessed using other plugins, so similarly, this can be used to preload

Once you have filled out both Parameters for one “Font” section,
it will be available in the Options Menu in game.


If you wish for a Font option to only be available once a Switch is turned
ON, input the Switch’s ID within the “Font # Switch” Parameter.

Once done, that Switch must be turned ON for that Font to appear!

Use this to create unlockable or purchasable fonts!


4 thoughts on “Font Option – MV Plugin

  1. ValRay

    Hello SRDude, I want to know if it could possible for you to add an option to set the Font Size of the font by font? Let say you have a 21 font size by default but you want to change the default size of the font depending of the font you are using in this plugins. Because right now I have seen a lot of issues in message box with differents font used in the same game. Addind this small option/parameters will really increase the possibility and the greatest of this plugin. What did you think ? thanks :)

    I want to know if you can add an option in your BattlePopUp plugin to been able to overwrite the font by the one use by the player with this plugin? It’s an option so player can have the font they have choosen and the number are different. I dont know if I’m clear? But thanks for your help like always you are a great inspiration for me and others :D

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      The ability to bind a font size to the fonts sounds like a good idea!
      I’ll throw it on the list of updates I need to do!

      As for the BattlePopupCustomizer, I’ll consider adding the feature if I ever end up remaking the plugin. ~

  2. ValRay

    thanks it will be really appreciate this update 🙂
    And continue to do your best incredible script of awesomeness 🙂

  3. Chaos17

    I would like to suggest another feature: space between letter. Don’t ask why but Rpg maker eat space between letters with some fonts. I just passed 3 days to test that theory out *sad*


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