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This Plugin causes all of the Windows in your game to be drawn on different layers, stopping them from overdrawing each other and creating an overlapping effect.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Window Layers Example

8 thoughts on “Window Layers – MV Plugin

  1. Michael Ponder

    You are A GOD!
    I been frustrated with this crap since day ONE!
    And the folks over at RPG Maker Web are just like .. “durrrrrr it is what it is! DURRRrrrrr”.
    Drives me batshit crazy man.

  2. The Lynx

    ‘sup SRD.

    I got two problems with one of your plugins.

    Some of Yanfly’s and PrimeHovers VideoTitle plugin (which I use to play a video in the main menu) cause an UNDEFINED which prevents me from using this plugin.

    Here’s the link:

    Can you look into it? Cuz I have no experience in programming but my guess is that I have to simply add those into the Main Menu Core of Yanfly. Just not sure how.

    The other problem is more of a trivial thing and I think I can fix it on my own, but I wanna let you know about it:

    I use the AlternativeMenuScreen with the multiple Busts and Icons, my problem with it is that the Icons do not show up.
    I know it’s related to a plug in because whenever I them off they show up again (haven’t found out which one it was exactly).

    As I said this ones trivial, the description still tells me where I currently am.

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Ooof…that sucks.
      First things first, make sure you have the latest version installed. I’m constantly updating this plugin in particular, so it’s always good to do that.
      Also, if you could give me exact links to the plugins in question, that would be great!

  3. Damian Floyd

    Is there a way to implement exceptions into the code to allow for certain scenes to keep the default window layering? The reason I ask is because when using Yanfly’s Equip core in tandem with this plugin, it causes the equipment to be shown on a transparent upper layer without a window behind it. This in turn causes the lower layer and the new upper layer’s text to overlap. This is all I have to ask.




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