Alt Menu Screen: Bust Select – MV Plugin

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An alternative menu screen that uses “busts” as the main form of Actor selection. Also contains an HP Bar window and Side-View Battler window.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Aldo Nina2


2 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Bust Select – MV Plugin

  1. Ganscio

    Is there any way to change an actor Bust with an event or with a class? I wanted to make changeable outfits that change both the map sprite and the menu bust.

    1. Ganscio

      Just reporting back that with my limited knowledge of java and a bit a searching in the plugin I found a way to do it with a script call:
      $dataActors[ID].ams_bs_bust = “filename”
      where ID is of course the Actor’s ID and filename is the new bust, the problem with this is that the change is only temporary: everytime you reload the game the plugin checks the bust from the notetags again, so it’s necessary to set a common event that changes it every time you load the game.


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