Alt Menu Screen: Bust Select – MV Plugin

An alternative menu screen that uses “busts” as the main form of Actor selection. Also contains an HP Bar window and Side-View Battler window.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Aldo Nina2


11 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Bust Select – MV Plugin

  1. senketsu lord

    Hi sorry to ask you this dumb question but how do i put the image transparent according to the window ? everytime i try to use this plugin my image comes with the color of the back/surrounding, i.e i want a spongebob image so i google the image put on paint and them use this and the characters come with white. and not like aldos or nina.

    Hope you understand my question, my english is a little basic-medium

    1. Valancet

      You need to use some type of image software and place the image on a transparent background. Then save it as a PNG. There may be some way to turn the image background transparent without having to use software (i.e. photoshop) but if so I’m not aware of it. Good luck!

  2. MarioMCMix

    What size does the bust graphic need to be on average? And please specify using pixels, rather than other measurements (like inches).

  3. AlexV

    Hi. Is it possible to dynamically change the main sprite during the game? For example, when changing equipment or at some other event?

  4. PhoenixMH

    Cool script that I would like to use, but I have a quick question. I’m also using your Character Creator script and I’d like to use this one with it, but instead of using a Character bust, to use a Class emblem. Where depending on what class the player chooses, changes what images is used as a “bust”. Is there a way of doing this?

  5. monkoto

    this is a great plugin.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add layering to the bust picture.
    say in the actor note window would be layer 0 for the base then in the armor you could add armor on top so it
    layers on top of the base. also if someone wasted to add a weapon it could be added through the weapon notes.
    maybe 0-3 layers with option to add more layers if needed.


  6. kaan

    Hi. First of all this plugin is awesome. I discovered it yesterday and since than ı have been trying to figure out that if ı can change the image later in game. I mean by using plugin command can ı change it in game ? I m really wanting to know this 🙂 And good luck with your other plugins!

  7. Jonathan

    Why does my plugin window look different than yours? I’m not using a custom plugin window, and I’m using MV as well, but my plugin window is 2 columns, and only has the option to activate the plugin. ( I don’t see the fields for gold and side view battler, which i would like to have access to.) Is this some obvious thing I’m missing? Thanks!

  8. Tiffany F

    I’m a little new to this,

    so where exactly is the img/SumRndmDde/menu ? is that where it’s going or is it a folder that needs to be created.

    Also if so do you create SumRndmDde as a folder under img in the game folder and then make a folder that says menu?

    If it’s stored in img/sumrndmdde/menu where/what is that? is it a file? Is it a folder? I’m just not seeing anything or anywhere to put my img.


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