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This plugin is the core of all maker-style plugins; it adds a playtest editor that can be opened with F12 while playtesting.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Super Tools Engine

This plugin is the core of all maker-style plugins; it adds a playtest editor
that can be opened with F12 while playtesting. Using this editor, various
actions can be taken and different tools can be used to help test or
build one’s game.

Tool Kit

This is where lanuchers for the various tools will appear. By default, there
are only three tools, but extension plugins will add more later.

Database EX
A tool that adds, edits, and upgrades various MV Database inputs. It can also
have custom editors added to it through extension plugins.

Debug Tool
A tool containing various features for testing one’s game.

Menu Editor
A tool that allows developers to edit the window setups for scenes.


The functions here are to support general playtesting. They involve using
quick and simple restarts, saves, and loads.

Reload Game
Restarts the game and reloads all data. Allows developers to apply edits
to the game without closing the playtesting window.

Quick Save
Quickly saves the game so it can be loaded through “Quick Load”.

Quick Load
Quickly loads the game from the last quick save.

Quick Load + Reload
Preforms the same function as “reload game”, but loads the most recent quick
save after loading.


These allow developers to customize the design/mechanics of the playtesting

Chooses the color scheme of the editor.
“Absolute Randomness” generates random colors every time it is selected.

Follow Mode
If checked, then the playtesting editor will follow the game window on screen
based off of its position.

Follow X
The relative X position for the playtesting editor while using “Follow Mode”.

Follow Y
The relative Y position for the playtesting editor while using “Follow Mode”.


50 thoughts on “Super Tools Engine – MV Plugin

  1. Xuroth

    Ok, this is just plain ridiculous. This Super Tool is just so impressive, especially the menu editor. This makes editing window sizes and positions super easy. I think you should implement your Battle GUI Core and Battle Status Customizer into this (for defining motions, etc). I think this tool as a framework is going to lead to a paradigm shift in external editors, possibly to the point where we may not even need to use the editor to make the game (despite having to actually purchase RMMV and using it for its bundled Pixi.js and NodeWebkit player, of course). That may be a bit dramatic, but I was just thinking the other day about the theory/pros/cons/structure of making an external plugin configurator that allows plugin makers to add in a bit more robust GUI functionality for setting parameters and what-not (supposing they make their script compatible with such a framework). I have to stop now, because I’m gushing too much and I need to get back to working on my game!

    1. Xuroth

      I’ve been testing it with editing the windows in Yanfly’s scenes like the Equip Skills, Learn Skills, Class/Subclass, etc menu options, and it works perfectly just like in the Youtube video!

  2. TheChilliPL

    Hi! In the video, there is something with the skill tree. Will it be possible to make a tree without skills, but custom upgrades? (And script calls to check if the upgrade is unlocked, so for example, it could unlock some doors?)

    1. Meteodros

      lol, the Skill Tree bit was something SRD put in there for fun, he admitted it in his Discord.
      He may make it in the future tho

  3. Ez

    got hyped for nothing T_T this doesn’t work on mobile again. Same problem with Skill Extender. Works well on pc but not on mobile @_@ can someone help me identify the problem? Since they are both window related, i think the problem is similar to Skill Extender.

  4. Procyon Lotor

    With default windows, it works perfectly but with yanfly windows, there are some problems;

    Yanfly Plugins
    – Formation screen, can’t get the elements of window properly, therefore you can’t change some of them.
    – Columns on status screen, especially the ones about stats, don’t reorganize inner data. Some of the content on right can’t be seen. You may change the max. colums number on Super tool for this and refresh window. If you do that, you see everything in order, but when you save and reload, everything goes back.

    In general
    – In my experince, if you move window elements with keyboard, pixel by pixel, it can’t save their last exact position. Only thing that it saved was moving elements with mouse.

    1. kovak

      I got no issues like the ones you described.
      Have you tried to edit the Windows again when a new window appeared?

      I’ve noticed that Yanfly Windows don’t update some info when the Screen Height is inferior to 624

  5. DutchPowerCreations

    Yan flys party system bugs as you can’t select the 2 upper windows. Kinda screwed my game. And your plugin stores everything so I can’t download a new ‘maker’ to reset it. So I am not able to use your plugin any further if I want to be able to use the party plugin.

    1. DutchPowerCreations

      Wouldn’t mind if the reset button was highlighted more xD But still I found lots of boxes it can’t find when using other plugins.

  6. King

    Hey there, reporting a bug of some sort that I found! Not sure if it’s just my project, but whenever I try to do a batlle test with your plugin on, it will give me the error of

    “failed to load: data/Test_Windows.json”

  7. Michael Chang

    Dear SumRndmDde!
    I noticed that your SuperTools Menu Editor does not work well with your Extend Skills plugin!!! When you try to rescale/change the resolution of the Extend Skill window when ingame it does not save!!! It would be awesome if you could fix this because it is interfering with text in my game!

    Also! The supertools menu will NOT open on my laptop, but on my desktop, it works fine! Super confused with this…

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      When on a laptop, be sure to hold the “FN” key in order to use the F# keys.

      As for your original issue, the Skill Extender’s window updates itself, so editing it through the Super Tools Engine won’t work. Instead, you have to rely on the Parameters. >.<

  8. Androol

    Not sure it count as a bug since it’s mostly a plugin compatibility problem I guess.

    I wasn’t able to see the editor window until I turned all the other plugins off. Then after some trial and error tests, I realised it was because I had set the game rez high. So the window is out of the screen at start. No way to use it with YEP_Core installed in that configuration. Even once I got that, using follow window and resizing the game window didn’t work at some screen rez so I fixed it by using the biggest rez possible but really not adapted to work in RMMV. I tried the follow option at different screen rez and it worked on some and not on smaller ones, permitting me to get the windows back inside the screen. The fact that the follow option is only available inside the editor window means you can’t fix it without knowing what the issue is.

    Strangely at some rez the follow fixed it and not at some others.

    Thx for your plugins. Hope that help a bit.

    1. Androol

      A bit of more test made me understand the follow don’t work with resizing, only with moving the windows. That’s part of why I struggled to find the window I guess. Still having the follow and offset setting inside RMMV if it is possible will make fixing this issue far easier when you use biggest game rez.

  9. DudeBro

    Hey SRD!

    The plugin is super cool, I installed it for the Plugin Updater, but now I’m trying to play around with the Menu Editor…except I can’t drag the windows around at all. It still works like I’m in game and clicking on anything is read as a selection command.
    Is there something I’m missing?

    1. Dudebro

      Ignore the above post. I managed to figure it out, just had to move the plugins around.

      I have, however, noticed that since I messed around with it, the game lags pretty heavily when loading the Save or Load menus. Is that a side-effect of the editor?

  10. Chaos17

    Hi, I tested your tool with Yanfly battle result and the setting that I change aren’t saved while the normal battle windows don’t have a problem at all.

  11. Procyon Lotor

    Becuase of Super Tool’s manipulation on my windows, I can’t use it for HUD or plugin update check. Even if I don’t touch “Menu Editor” button to change any window setting, it somehow modifies my help window, options window etc.

    Adding these windows to the ban list changes nothing. Please separate some of your plugins. Window editing was always problematic with this plugin and it seems you won’t fix it, therefore it stops me and probably some others to use your addon plugins like HUD.

  12. MvMaster

    I’m trying to make a game and I want it to be full screen without black bars and the editor won’t work even when I press F12 it just comes open and immediately closes

  13. Norpse

    I’m having a problem. I found this program on youtube, and thought I’d give it a shot. Wasn’t disappointed. The problem I’m facing is, after changing the opacity and window size of the continue menu, it has been taking a while to load after the changes.

  14. Norpse

    Please disregard this comment. After doing a bit more digging, I found out that it was a problem with the save folder itself and not this plugin. Thanks -Norpse

  15. Kumachan77

    I’m running Mac OS 10.12.5 (Sierra) and downloaded the Super Tools, update plugin, and hud maker. I can launch it by pressing F12 and place objects like text and pictures on the game however, I cannot move the items around using my Macbook trackpad or usb mouse. Can any other Mac user confirm if they have the same issue?

    1. Kumachan77

      Well, I figured out that I have to double click an item to activate the movement ability instead of right clicking. Only downside is that copy and paste does not work in HUD maker. I have to type in each value when doing the value and condition for example.

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      The Battle Aftermath does not technically register as a separate “menu”, so it cannot be manipulated. Sorry! ~

  16. Richard Tester

    Just a quick question. can anyone tell the order I need to put these in so I do not have trouble I got super-tools, plugin-updater, character-creator-ex and yanfly-core

  17. Jordannn

    I have tried to move the JS over to my game area along with the respective plugins, but when I hit the F12 Key upon opening the game test, no menu pops up….
    …am I doing something wrong here?
    (I have never done RPG Maker before, and neither have I done JS before, so I am a complete n00bie :/ )

  18. Serbyk

    The plugin doesnt work for me anymore … I updated the engine to 1.5.0 and then the game (using your video) and now when I start the playtest and hit F12 nothing happens … even the HUD that i made is gone … :'((

    1. Serbyk

      Nevermind … I found the problem …
      I had to modify
      Window_BattleLog, Window_MapName

      to this:

  19. Peter

    HUB makers requires your project to be at v1.3.0 or greater… but is original 1.5 (steam). help me?

  20. Regnum

    Whenever I turn ON Super Tools Engine in the plugin manager, and playtest I get:
    Range Error: maximum call stack size exceeded
    How do i fix that? And yes, it’s up to date.
    I also would like to know if it’s possible change the hotkey for Super Tools Engine from F12 to something else?

  21. Tobias


    Very nice Plugin!
    But why this doesnt work on mobile Games? 🙁

    Will you fix this soon?


  22. MrAsterB

    Hi. This plugin is the greatest, but i’ve encountered a weird bug. I go into playtest, open up a debug tool and a second or any further page of variables. And after i change scene and i get “Type Error. Cannot set property ‘value’ of null”. Here’s the weird parts: those pages are empty and there are no calls for them anywhere. Error doesn’t pop when plugin is closed or on any other page OR on the first page of variables.

    If i check console, it points me towards line 3013 in Super Engine .js file which reads: MakerManager.document.getElementById(‘Variable ‘ + variableId).value = val;

    Any ideas? ) I have no clue, i’m a newbie xD

  23. Mike Hunt (@Real_The_Goof)

    This is a WONDERFUL plugin!
    I would suggest options for the faces in the various menus.
    Maybe an option to disable faces in specific menus.
    My game only has faces show during talking, and within the main status box.
    Also, maybe options for message boxes themselves.
    Like simply adjusting the message box size and positioning the X position manually.. not the Y though, unless you can make it possible to adjust the Y for each of the 3 areas of the screen the message box shows.
    I’m just noticing there are no options for that.

  24. Jack Jones

    Any chance this can get a compatibility update with Yanfly’s Core Engine anytime soon? Or if not some kind of auto-scaling feature on the Game Upgrade plugin (to scale the battlebacks, etc.) so that we don’t need the Yanfly Core? That would make this so much better.

  25. Jack Jones

    Any chance this can get a compatibility update with Yanfly’s Core Engine anytime soon? Or if not some kind of auto-scaling feature on the Game Upgrade plugin (to scale the battlebacks, etc.) so that we don’t need the Yanfly Core? That would make this so much better.

  26. gogoat2

    Hi! I have a problem. I don’t know what is wrong. The character creator doesn’t open when I talk to its respective event. I’ve done step by step everything of your video, but it doesn’t work either. What can I do?

    Thanks a lot


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