Alt Menu Screen: Busts and Icons – MV Plugin

Using this Plugin, you can allow the player to select a Character from a list of available characters. You can set an image file that contains Characters and the index of the Character you wish to use within that file.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

BustIcons2 BustsAndIcons

14 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Busts and Icons – MV Plugin

  1. Steven G

    Got a question… is there a way to change the position of the Status Window (where the HP, MP etc. is displayed)..?

  2. Zachary Sevik

    Is there a way to make thi compatible with Yanfly’s Job Points plugin, so that I can see my JP in the menu as well as HP,MP,TP?

    1. Reign

      I had luck with 266w 600h for mine I did have to place the face higher up though because of the boxes. So put the face a little over halfway up the image with a blank chunk at the bottom of the image.

  3. GreyFox

    Is there a way to change actor bust picture in game process with script or plugin command or whatever?

  4. Runako

    To questions about the size, you can try resizing to 330×350 and ensure your image fits in that box. Anything outside of that box will not be seen. I am sure there are other sizes that will work, but just to give you an idea

  5. Mika

    Hey, I use and love this plugin but have one small bug – the “label window” (where item/status/whatever text shows up) is blank when I open the menu, as soon as you press a button to move right/left it shows up, how can I make it show up right away instead of being empty? (In this case, it starts highlighted on “items” and works if you hit enter etc, just no text..)


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