Alt Menu Screen: Busts and Icons – MV Plugin

Using this Plugin, you can allow the player to select a Character from a list of available characters. You can set an image file that contains Characters and the index of the Character you wish to use within that file.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

BustIcons2 BustsAndIcons

13 thoughts on “Alt Menu Screen: Busts and Icons – MV Plugin

  1. waynee95

    Does this menu also work with normal face images and then position the image above the status boxes? I tried changing the Bust X and Bust Y numbers to move the image caused the image to disappear somehow.

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      I guess technically you could do it if you put enough effort into it.
      Place the face images into separate files and try to position them correctly.
      Keep in mind that if the image is not within the specific space it should appear, it will not be visible.

  2. Zharken

    I don’t know why but this don’t works for me, the plugin works, when I open the menu in the game it appears your layout and system, but there’s no images for the characters, I put the bust in C:\Users\Angel\Documents\Games\Eldas Fate\img\SumRndmDde\menu and I have written the thing but no image appears ingame, just a black square.

  3. Dylan McClure

    It would be so so so so good if the Icons and Busts menu was optimized for 3 characters (as opposed to the 4 it is spaced out for). For instance, having the bust areas space out evenly depending on how large your party is between 1 and 4. Here’s a picture so you can see what I’m talking about: (My game only uses 3 protagonists, so there isn’t much of a point in having all that extra space. ^-^)

  4. Some Guy

    It would be cool if you could shut this menu style off for certain menus. For instance, it’s really really hard to get this to work with the item window, since the menu conflicts with the use item window.

  5. Ihsman07

    So changing the Y position of the bust makes the image completely disappear, even if I set the y position to 1 or -1. I don’t understand why they vanish. Yet, I can move the X position just fine and it works.

  6. John timmons

    Hey SmRndmDde,

    Let me just say I love your Character Creator/Dynamic View, The ability for it to adjust for Character, Face AND SV is awesome. However, are there any possibilities of having it ALSO dynamically change… BUSTS? Very curious to see how that works out, thanks again!

  7. Kloe

    Changing the Y value of the Bust, using notetags or the default position, causes the image to dissapear.


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