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This plugin adds more options to the Battle Popups!
You have more customization over the attributes of the popups and also
have the ability to add custom popups.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Battle Popup Customizer

This plugin adds more options to the Battle Popups!
You have more customization over the attributes of the popups and also
have the ability to add custom popups.

Furthermore, this plugin changes a lot of the core mechanics of the system,
including the fact that the popup text requires an external file.
Now it just requires you to input the font/colors you wish.

Global Options

You can manipulate the various properties of all the popups.

This includes the font and the font size.
As mentioned before, a font is used instead an image file.

Furthermore, if there are multiple popups in the same section, you can set
how much the proceeding popups shift on the X and Y axis.

Existing Popups

You can manipulate the following existing popups:

HP Damage
HP Heal
MP Damage
MP Heal
TP Damage
TP Heal

The first six will be set into one section, and the remaining popups will
fall into their own section. These sections each move the popups so they
don’t overlap.

Popup Attributes

Here is a list of all the manipulatable attributes:


If this JavaScript condition is true, the popup will be used.



The text shown for the popup.



The X and Y coordinates of the popup.
This refers to the initial position of the popup.
Use the format: x, y

For example: 20, -20



The colors used by the popup text.
Use the format: mainColor | outlineColor

For example: #FFFFFF | #000000



A list of all the animations that affect the popup.
All of the available animations are:


You can use one or multiple animations.
Seperate multiple animations with a comma.

For example: default, rotation



The duration of the popup in frames.



The flash of the popup.
Use the format: red, green, blue, intensity, duration

For example: 255, 0, 0, 160, 60



16 thoughts on “Battle Popup Customizer – MV Plugin

  1. Ron C. W.

    The download link for the plugin “Battle Popup” seems to not be working. There will be a window that asks if I agree to the terms of use, and no matter what is selected, no downloads begin, It’s a shame, cause the plugin looks epic.

  2. Ron C. W.

    Recently made a comment about how the download link for the plugin “Battle Popup” was not working. After
    further use of the website, I’ve found that NONE of your download links are working, for ANY of these plugins.

  3. Ez

    doesn’t work with DOT damages. How to use this with manually executed popups via code? like target.startDamagePopup(); it shows nothing if use this plugin.

  4. L. Toad

    Kind of interested in this aswell. DOT damage and reactive damage/heal… Guess it might be a matter of compatability with Yanfly’s? Or simply a matter of making the right texts in the conditions?
    Would be awesome if this plugin could work with added complexity. It looks so good with customized popups 🙂

  5. thehonorableryu

    Hey there, thanks for the nice plugin! I’m using custom boxes to display “Weak” and “Resist” text when result.elementRate is greater or less than 1, respectively. If I wanted to not just display the “Weak” and “Resist” text but the actual element rate (such as 50% or 150%) within the popup, what would be the best way to mod your plugin?

      1. thehonorableryu


        For a Weak popup text, go the plugin manager after installing the Battle Popup Customizer plugin and create a new custom popup with a custom condition like result.elementRate > 1.0 and a custom text that says Weak.

        For a Resist popup text, create another custom popup with a custom condition like result.elementRate < 1.0 and a custom text that says Resist.

        Hope that helps! Let me know if you wanted to display the actual Element Rate (like Weak 150%, Weak 200%, Resist 50%, Resist 25%, etc.) because I ended up going with a method that's not ideal but gets the job done (basically creating a separate custom popup for each Element Rate possibility).

  6. Dan

    Wonderful plugin! Thank you so much. I have 2 issues maybe you can help with. When used with Yanfly’s Battle animation sequences, if there is a multi hit skill that ends with 5 stacked popus.. one of them does not show. I am not sure if it’s the 1st or last but it always shows 1 less than what it’s supposed to.

    Also… when using a skill that heals all members… the popup for the user casting the spell has an issue with the popup location. it seems to be a bit higher than the rest of them. Here is a pic:

  7. Jake Sauvage

    Hey there!,

    I don’t think you actually look at these comments – but just in case. I’ve noticed that I can’t change the outline color with the plugin – there’s always thick black lines around the numbers/letters. Is there a way to change this?

    Thanks in advance!,

  8. Arthur Franca

    Amazing plugin! It’ll be really usefull, thank you!
    But I would ask u just one thing: there is a way to use different fonts for normal hit and critical hit, or something like that?

  9. HALP

    You probably already know about this, but this plugin tends to not work well with yanfly absorption barrier, might there be a way to fix this, like adding an custom popup to check if the attack damaged or broke trough the barrier?


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