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Allows you to create a shop that gives a specific list of Items for the Player to sell to the shop. These Items can be sold for higher, or different, prices then they would normally be sold for in a normal shop.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Help File:

This allows you to create a “Sell Shop”.

A Sell Shop gives a list of Items you can sell.
Their selling prices are usually better then what they can normally be
sold for at a normal shop.

How to Use

In order to make a Sell Shop, simply use the Plugin Command:


right before calling a Shop Processing event.

Setting the Sell Prices

By default, the Sell Shop will give money based off of the price of
the Item sold multiplied by the “Price Multiplier” Parameter.

For example, if the Item costs 100 gold, and the “Price Multiplier” is
1.25, then the Sell Shop will buy it for 125 gold.


On the other hand, you can use the following Notetag to manually set the
Sell Shop price of an item:

<Sell Shop Price: x>

Set x to the price you wish to use.



2 thoughts on “Sell Shop – MV Plugin

  1. Lexicographer

    There’s a minor bug in the plug-in: the total price of the sold items is not displayed correctly – it looks like the sum is being subtracted from the player’s total money rather than being added.

    One of the possible ways to fix this is adding the code below somewhere inside the plugin’s main definition. Apologies in advance for the way WordPress may mangle the formatting, I’ll try to put the code inside a <pre> tag.

    var _Scene_Shop_isSelling = Scene_Shop.prototype.isSelling;
    Scene_Shop.prototype.isSelling = function() {
    if(!$gameTemp.getSellShop()) return;
    else return true;


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