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This plugin allows players to distribute points to different stats of the Actors at his or her discretion. A command is added to the menu which allows access to a new menu for stat distribution!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Stat Distribution

This plugin allows players to distribute points to different stats of the
Actors at his or her discretion. A command is added to the menu which allows
access to a new menu for stat distribution!

Plugin Commands

Use the following plugin commands to preform various actions.

OpenStatDistribution Actor [actorId]

This opens the Stat Distribution Menu for the specified Actor ID.

OpenStatDistribution Party [memberIndex]

This opens the Stat Distribution Menu for the specified Actor based on the
index in which they are in the party. For example, setting “memberIndex”
to 0 will open the menu for the party’s leader.

AddStatPoints Actor [actorId] [points]
AddStatPoints Party [memberIndex] [points]

This adds a specific amount points to a specific Actor.

Upgradeable Stats

In order to determine what stats can be upgraded, use the “Default Stats”
Parameter. Otherwise, notetags can be used to customize the stats
per each individual Actor:

<Set Distribution Stats: [stats]> 
Sets the Actor’s stats to this list.

<Add Distribution Stats: [stats]>  
Adds stats to the Actor’s already existing upgradeable stats.

How to Customize Stats

In order to customize the properties of stats, you must use the Database EX.
Simply go to the customizable editors, and select “Stat Distribution Editor”.

Within here, a list of stats will be available and their variables can
be changed to fit with your needs. Be sure to reload to see the changes!

List of Upgradeable Stats

Here is a list of all the available stats and their three-letter codes.

== Base Stats ==
mhp – Max HP
mmp – Max MP
atk – Attack
def – Defense
mat – Magical Attack
mdf – Magical Defense
agi – Agility
luk – Luck

== Ex Stats ==
hit – Hit Rate
eva – Evasion Rate
cri – Critical Rate
cev – Critical Evasion Rate
mev – Magic Evasion Rate
mrf – Magic Reflection Rate
cnt – Counter Attack Rate
hrg – Hp Regeneration
mrg – Mp Regeneration
trg – Tp Regeneration

== Sp Stats ==
tgr – Target Rate
grd – Guard Effect Rate
rec – Recovery Effect Rate
pha – Pharmacology
mcr – Mp Cost Rate
tcr – Tp Charge Rate
pdr – Physical Damage Rate
mdr – Magical Damage Rate
fdr – Floor Damage Rate
exr – Experience Rate

Stat Points

Stat points can be gained by leveling up the Actors.
The “Default Formula” Parameter can be used to set up a formula for how many
stat points an Actor will gain upon level. Alternatively, the following
notetags can be used to give Actors their own formulas:

<Stat Point Formula: [formula]>

For example:

<Stat Point Formula: 5 * level>


15 thoughts on “Stat Distribution – MV Plugin

  1. Dave K.

    Is there a way to update the screen to change the name of the stats or have them pull from the terms list? I went through the plugin and updated the info in the script but it doesn’t seem to apply the new names to the stats distribution screen

  2. bbaallppeenn

    Hello, is there a way to call this plugin usong common event? The only available on the description is for specific actors only. I hope there’s a way to do that.

    1. Adept

      You can use a script:
      That will open the main distribution window, is that what you need?

  3. Adept

    Does anyone know how I can get this to display parameters that are over 999? The bonus still applies (and will show a pending bones >999 correctly), but when you click finish it will only show 999 over the stat’s gauge. I think this is somehow linked to the normal stat maximum, which I’m breaking with YEP_CoreEngine, but I cannot figure out where it is deciding that 999 is the maximum.

  4. Everton Era

    Hi there. I would like to know the SYMBOL name for this plugin. I’m trying to include an icon for it using your other plugin called AltMenuScreen_Icons, but i’m having a hard time finding the answer for this question. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Chris Benitez

    I can’t get the PlugIn Command “AddStatPoints Party [00] [00]” to work. The double zeroes representing the party number and desired stat points respectively of course. I’m trying to create a common event, triggered by the use of an item. Modeled after “Protein, Calcium, Zinc etc. ” mechanic from Pokemon. I have your plug ins activated and in the right order and all your other commands work just fine and wonderfully. Any advice?

    1. Seykken

      Hello Chris
      You have to substitute the entire section representing the IDs, including the brackets.

      For example: “AddStatPoints Party 1 5” will add 5 points to the party number 1

  6. Seykken

    Hello, does anyone know if I can configure custom stats, even if editing the .js file?
    Like “Vitality” for example, a stat that raises both DEF and MHP?

  7. Spoofus

    Dunno if anyone will see this, but is there a way to make this where you can set only certain actors that are able to
    distribute stats
    say like only the main character and his pet dog are allow to distribute stats, but any other character in the party arent able to
    (locking them from showing up in the stat distribute scene all together)
    or would I just have to do the whole, define what stats they can upgrade?

  8. Joseph

    Does anyone know how I would reference an actor’s current stat point total in another plugin? I am writing a plug-in that shows the party members’ current stat point total in the main menu (where their level, HP and MP are displayed)

  9. MikeyMike

    Does this work with MZ as well or just MV? I am new to RPG maker and have MZ, seems that backwards compatibility with MV is hit or miss.


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