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This plugin allows players to distribute points to different stats of the Actors at his or her discretion. A command is added to the menu which allows access to a new menu for stat distribution!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Stat Distribution

This plugin allows players to distribute points to different stats of the
Actors at his or her discretion. A command is added to the menu which allows
access to a new menu for stat distribution!

Plugin Commands

Use the following plugin commands to preform various actions.

OpenStatDistribution Actor [actorId]

This opens the Stat Distribution Menu for the specified Actor ID.

OpenStatDistribution Party [memberIndex]

This opens the Stat Distribution Menu for the specified Actor based on the
index in which they are in the party. For example, setting “memberIndex”
to 0 will open the menu for the party’s leader.

AddStatPoints Actor [actorId] [points]
AddStatPoints Party [memberIndex] [points]

This adds a specific amount points to a specific Actor.

Upgradeable Stats

In order to determine what stats can be upgraded, use the “Default Stats”
Parameter. Otherwise, notetags can be used to customize the stats
per each individual Actor:

<Set Distribution Stats: [stats]> 
Sets the Actor’s stats to this list.

<Add Distribution Stats: [stats]>  
Adds stats to the Actor’s already existing upgradeable stats.

How to Customize Stats

In order to customize the properties of stats, you must use the Database EX.
Simply go to the customizable editors, and select “Stat Distribution Editor”.

Within here, a list of stats will be available and their variables can
be changed to fit with your needs. Be sure to reload to see the changes!

List of Upgradeable Stats

Here is a list of all the available stats and their three-letter codes.

== Base Stats ==
mhp – Max HP
mmp – Max MP
atk – Attack
def – Defense
mat – Magical Attack
mdf – Magical Defense
agi – Agility
luk – Luck

== Ex Stats ==
hit – Hit Rate
eva – Evasion Rate
cri – Critical Rate
cev – Critical Evasion Rate
mev – Magic Evasion Rate
mrf – Magic Reflection Rate
cnt – Counter Attack Rate
hrg – Hp Regeneration
mrg – Mp Regeneration
trg – Tp Regeneration

== Sp Stats ==
tgr – Target Rate
grd – Guard Effect Rate
rec – Recovery Effect Rate
pha – Pharmacology
mcr – Mp Cost Rate
tcr – Tp Charge Rate
pdr – Physical Damage Rate
mdr – Magical Damage Rate
fdr – Floor Damage Rate
exr – Experience Rate

Stat Points

Stat points can be gained by leveling up the Actors.
The “Default Formula” Parameter can be used to set up a formula for how many
stat points an Actor will gain upon level. Alternatively, the following
notetags can be used to give Actors their own formulas:

<Stat Point Formula: [formula]>

For example:

<Stat Point Formula: 5 * level>


26 thoughts on “Stat Distribution – MV Plugin

  1. Not SRD

    Dear SumRndmDde,
    this plugin does not work at all.
    However, instead of giving some insightful information to help resolve the issue, I’m just going to complain about it and never even check for updates in the future that may resolve the issue.
    You are the worst person ever.

    Thanks!! <3

  2. Casey

    Is there a way to make our own custom Stats? So we can use your TP Upgrade Plugin and make the TP a Distributed Stat?

  3. Selvalanch

    Can I restrict this to only Actor 1 ? like skip a selectable members and instance open a state boost window for actor 1.

  4. SumRndmUsr

    Dear SumRndmDde,

    I have a problem with Yanfly’s Class Change Core v1.12 plugin and your Stat Distribution v1.07 plugin. The problem is when I change classes it will consider that class change as a level up if the two classes are not the same level. Thank you and have a great day. The link to Yanfly’s Class Change Core is here:

    Your RndmUsr that did check updates and may have given some insightful information.

  5. Ventus

    Hello SumRndmDde!

    I wanted ask, could you please make a notification for the Stat Distribution plugin, if get and have stat points to increase your parameters? Like a icon next the “Stat Boost” text on the menu. That would be AWESOME!

  6. Juan

    Hey. when increasing stats, RAM goes thru the roof and then it crashes because of insufficient memory.
    Note that this only happens if you have a lot of points and keep the button pressed for like 10 seconds.

  7. SweetLeaf

    Great Plugin SRD always enjoy your work and tutorials…
    Had a minor request
    would be cool to use with class notetags also
    one minor hiccup using this plugin so far not sure if the fault lies with something ive done wrong or whatev but I’ve added multiple stats that can be given points so naturally on the menu you need to scroll down to view all of the stats, however, when I go to scroll downward I get the ol ‘failed to create linear gradient’ bug…. any thoughts? Solved this issue by removing the stats so there is no need to scroll but I would like to have them back

  8. ArtemNevsky

    Hi, I want to thank you in advance for the work done.

    May I ask you to make an alternative version of the plugin. Without reference to the Super Tools Engine. And with the ability to use it with the Main Menu Manager from Yanfly.

    I think the community would agree with me.

  9. Carl

    Hi sum i did everthing u said on the video but when i click on stat boost it say cannot read property “0” of undefined.
    Can u help find a solution?

  10. Jake

    Is there a way to increase the cost as you increase stat?

    Like, with no points in cost 1, after an upgrade its cost 2. Another upgrade it cost 4. Something like that.

    1. Geowil

      Yes. Delete the json file that the plugin creates and then edit the json export code so that the cost field is an expression instead of just a number. For example, I did the cost as Math.ceil(level / 5). However if you do this remember to go to where ever the cost is used at and create a const variable which stores the actor level else you will get errors.

  11. Cleverson

    I was really in need of a plug-in so I’m already using it in my project but I realized something while I was using it, I can not change the Finish command at the bottom of the screen that serves as confirmation to apply the distribution of the points, if possible I could put The option to change the way it can be written in this part such as “Finalizar” in the plugin manager? Other than that the plug-in is excellent thank you !!!!!

    1. Geowil

      You need to change the ‘Finish Text’ plugin parameter. If that is not working then try replacing the Window_DistributeCommand.prototype.makeCommandList function with this code:

      Window_DistributeCommand.prototype.makeCommandList = function() {
      this.addCommand(_.spendText, ‘spend’);
      if(_.reset) {
      const actorReady = this._actor && this._actor.pointsUsed() > 0;
      this.addCommand(_.resetText, ‘clear’, actorReady && this._cost <= $;
      this.addCommand("Finalizar", 'cancel'); //This line, change _.finishText to a string

    2. Geowil

      Wait, ignore my last reply as I told you the wrong function. It is this one:

      Window_Distribute.prototype.makeCommandList = function() {
      if(this._actor) {
      const stats = || _.stats;
      stats.forEach(function(stat) {
      if($dataDistributeStats[stat]) {
      this.addCommand($dataDistributeStats[stat].name, stat);
      }, this);
      this.addCommand(“Finish”, ‘finish’);

      change the “Finish” string to whatever you want. In this case “Finalizar”.

  12. Dylan

    Hey do you think its possible for me to add my own parameters to the plugin? I know its possible to ex. change the name of “Attack” to “Strength”, and have that (do what it normally does) govern physical damage dealt.

    What if I want to add a parameter called “Attack” which would govern how accurate your hits are. So we could have “Attack level”, each level in attack increases how frequently you land hits on the enemy. I know this is similar to Hit rate, which is already in the game. But, I want it to be displayed as an integer and not a percent value.

    Is this possible? Thanks a lot for the great plugin

  13. Casey

    I’m just curious if you’re still intending to make this plugin compatible with your TP Upgrade plugin? It’s really all I need to complete my game and finish making it release worthy.

  14. UngraguGaming

    Hey, I just wanted to know—what’s the command symbol for Stat Distribution? ‘Cuz im using your Icon Menu plugin, but the icon just WONT SHOW UP!!!! Anyhoo, thanks in advance! Later!

  15. Lucien

    Hi. Like this plugin.

    One question though.

    In the Stat Distribution Editor i can set a Max amount of upgrades i can do. Is it possible to make that differend for each class?
    Example. My mage can upgrade hp 5 times vs my warriors 10 times.
    Or force distrupution upon certain stats granting a simmilar effect.


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