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Allows you to add Shaking Text to your Show Text events!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Shaking Text
Version 1.00

This Plugin allows you to add animated text effects to your Show Text

This can be done using very simple escape codes within the Show Text
events themselves. Doing so will allow you to customize your own
shaking and wavy effects!

Show Text Escape Codes

Use the following escape codes in any Show Text event:

\Shake – Sets text to default shaking values
\Shake<Power> – Creates a shake effect from simple number
\Shake<xSpd, ySpd> – Creates shake from seperate x and y speeds
\Shake<xSpd, ySpd, xMax, yMax> – Gives absolute control over shaking effect; can control x/y speed, along with the maximum distance the characters can travel before reversing.


\Wave – Sets wave effect based off of default
wave values
\Wave<speed, max> – Sets wave effect based off of speed and
max distance the characters can travel


\ResetShake – Resets all shaking



13 thoughts on “Shaking Text – MV Plugin

  1. Dan the Jac man

    For some reason whenever I want to get a plugin the Terms of Use screen pops up and I say Yes! (Reading Terms of Use) I don’t get to download it… solution?

  2. Mega

    For some reason the Shaking Text plugin doesn’t seem to work. I found out its because I changed the game font but I dont want to use the regular font, is there a solution to this? I really want to use this plugin!

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Sorry, I’m a little confused as to what the question is.
      Are you saying you changed the font but the Shaking Text is still using the default GameFont?

      1. Mega

        The Shaking Text just stopped working, maybe is not compatible with another plugin… oh well! ill see what i can do.

  3. Eslabon

    This plugin is great! I’m only using it in one line of dialogue in one scene so far, but it’s amazing how much better that scene is with shaking text. 🙂

  4. RootlessDubab

    I love this plugin!!!!!!!!
    It’s really useful to show characters feels
    but this isn’t compatible with Yanfly’s Message Core…
    I hope compatible with yanfly’s message core

      1. RootlessDubab

        I forgot to update plugin.
        compatible with yanfly’s message core very well.
        Thank you for answer 🙂

  5. Harken

    Is there any way in which these effects could be applied to choices? As in, in a choice menu, the currently highlighted choice should shake, (all unhighlighted choices have no effects on them)

    This could also effect other text that becomes highlighted, such as in the actor command window and item window etc.

  6. Bunni89

    Is there any way to possibly have the shake animation only appear once? i.e, the text shakes when that line first appears in the window, then it changes to unmoving text when the next line is drawn.
    I was trying to use this text script together with the Yanfly Gab Window. Looping the animation once might be a nice way to draw attention to the new line in your message log, but I figured it might be a little distracting if it just constantly danced around forever. Though, I don’t know if this is even possible, so my apologies if this is a dumb question!


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