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This Plugin was based off of the Independent Character Sprite.

Using this Plugin, you can set up two character sprites to be used as a Male or Female player. These sprites will be independent of the party members, and can be selected in the game. This Plugin is not compatible with the Independent Character Sprite Plugin.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

As usual, here is the Help file:


In some games, such as Pokemon games, you may wish for the on-map
character to be independent from the members of the party.

This Plugin allows you to set the Player sprite independent of
the party members and have two seletions to do so: male and female.

You can toggle the Player sprite between Male and Female during the
game. This would be useful for a screen that allows one to select
between a Male and Female character.

Plugin Commands

=> SetTrainerSprite Male

Sets your Player’s sprite to the male sprite specified in the Parameters.

=> SetTrainerSprite Female

Sets your Player’s sprite to the female sprite specified in the Parameters.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Trainer Sprite – MV Plugin

  1. developer 1

    What if we wanted more than just 1 male and female? Like say I’m making a pokemon game and I needed to switch which trainer is leading the group at a time. Like if the first “male” and “female” trainers are injured is there a way to manually set a third actor so that it looks like they are another trainer entirely set in the parameters?


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