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Adds a system that allows the Actors to dodge or counter Enemy attacks through the use of active inputs.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Active Defense Core
Version 1.00

This plugin adds a new system in side-view battles which allows Players to
have the Actor battler’s dodge Enemy attacks.

This system is known as The Active Defense System.

It only works in side-view battles.

In this plugin, the Active Defense that you can use is the “jump”.
This Active Defense allows the Actor battlers to jump over the enemy
animations at the press of a button.

Setting up the Notetags

If you wish for a Skill to use the Active Defense System, place these
notetags within the Skill’s notebox:

<Active Defense: jump>
<End Active Defense>

In this example, the Active Defense being used is the “jump”.

Setting up Properties

Within the two notetags, you can define speicifc properties per each

For example:

<Active Defense: jump>
Jump Speed: 11
<End Active Defense>

If this was within a Skill, it would make it so when the Enemy uses that
Skill the Actor battler’s jump speed is 11.

You can a list of all the properties listed under “Defaults” within
the Parameters.

Setting up Animations

The times where the Player needs to dodge are based on the animations.
By default, the Actor needs to sufficiently be in a position to dodge the
attack in the exact middle of the animation; however, you can also define
“dodge frame” using the notetag in the Animation name:

<ads: x>

For example, if you wanted it to be the 3rd frame, you would do:

<ads: 3>

You can also set it to be multiple frames:

<ads: 1, 2, 3, etc…>

If the Player fails to dodge during every frame, then the Actor will
receive damage.

Animation vs. Action

When using Yanfly’s Action Sequences, keep in mind that you need to use an
animation on the Actor battler to set up the dodge. Once an animation
is played, the Action’s effect can be used.

Also keep in mind that the Actor will continue to use the same results
from the dodge until a new animation is played.

Also keep in mind if multiple animations are played, the last one will be
the one that influences the results.

Global Variables

Here’s a list of all the global variables available to be used:


Returns 1 for a dodge and 0 for a hit.


Returns the current Active Defense type.
For example, it may return ‘jump’.


Returns the current Active Defense Database Item object.



6 thoughts on “Active Defense Core – MV Plugin

  1. Yui

    Hi~ This plugin is really great! I would just like to ask, Is it possible to define another button as a “trigger” for the jump action?
    Let’s say I want to assign the letter “B” button to jump instead of enter or space button.

    Thanks! 😀

    1. Remix

      I can help!
      I don’t really know how to make it specifically make it so we press B
      but inside the jump trigger you can find input.isPressed(‘ok’) right?
      you can change ‘ok’ to something else
      ok means Z, enter or spacebar
      heres all the things you can change it as much as i know of
      ok, cancel, pageUp, pageDown, shift, left, right, up, and down

      me personally, im more interested to find out if we can make that different actors have different
      buttons needed to jump
      like, ok for actor 1 and cancel for actor 2
      or maybe, up down left and right for actors 1 to 4 respectively.

  2. Dalsen Shiclad

    Hello and thank you for this great plugin.

    It is very compatible and really easy to use.
    However, I have a problem, I do not just go higher than 10 frame.
    When I want to apply a frame to dammage over 10 frame, Is this normal?

    sorry for my bad English.

  3. Kau

    Aw, sucks this plugin is no longer supported! (sobs!) I actually use this in a game where active defense was required! i’ll make it work somehow…


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