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Requires Timed Attack Core

A Timed Attack that requires the Player to push the arrow keys in the sequence shown on screen.

If you downloaded other Timed Attacks before the release of this plugin (Timed Attack Core, Clock, Mash, etc) be sure to update them! Otherwise there will be errors! D:

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Default Arrow Images:



Timed Attack: Arrows
Version 1.00

This Plugin requires the Timed Attack Core Plugin (SRD_TimedAttackCore)

Timed Attack Core – MV Plugin

A Timed Attack that requires the Player to push the arrow keys in the
sequence shown on screen.

When an Actor uses this Timed Attack, images will appear in a sequence.
Each image will point in a direction and the Player must push the arrow
keys in the specified directions. The sequence is from left to right.

How to Customize Skill’s Damage/Effect from Timed Attack

Use $gameTemp.tas_power to have the power affect the skill.
This value will be a value from 0 to 1 depending on how close the
“Timed Attack” was to being perfect.

For example:
(a.atk * 4 – b.def * 2) * ($gameTemp.tas_power)

In that example, getting a perfect hit in the “Timed Attack” would result
in full damage, and getting any besides perfect would give only a percent
of the full damage.

How to Set a Skill to Use a Timed Attack (Arrows)

Use the Notetag:

<Timed Attack: arrows>
<End Timed Attack>

Setting those in a Skill’s notebox will activate the “Timed Attack System”
for that Skill.

The part that says “arrows” can be changed to have other types of “Timed
Attacks” be used.

Arrows Timed Attack Properties

You can manipulate the properties of each Timed Attack by adding them
in the Notetags. For example:

<Timed Attack: arrows>
Command Amount: 3
Randomize Commands?: up, down, up
Frames: 80
<End Timed Attack>

As you can see, there are a couple of factors you can use to even make one
individual Timed Attack different for each Skill it is used with.

Here are all the properties for Arrows Timed Attack:

Normal SE:        (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Miss SE:          (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Success SE:       (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Fail SE:          (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Image:            (Input filename of for in /img/SumRndmDde/tas/)
Phrase:           (Input a word or phrase. %1 will represent the counter)
Command Amount:   (Input a Positive Number)
Randomize Commands:(Input ‘true’ or a specific pattern)
Frames:           (Input a Positive Number)
Penalty:          (Input a Positive Number)
Above Height:     (Input a Positive Number)
Success Power:    (Input a Positive Number or JavaScript eval)
Fail Power:       (Input a Positive Number or JavaScript eval)
Hit Animation:    (Use the format: opacity, x-scale, y-scale, x-move, y-move)
Flash Rate:       (Input a Positive Number)
Flash Time:       (Input a Positive Number)


Timed Attack Arrows

Timed Attack Arrows Shot

5 thoughts on “Timed Attack: Arrows – MV Plugin

  1. Karl Hunter

    Hey man. I love your scripts! I’m assuming this script, as well as the wheel, timed attack script wouldn’t work if the player was using a mobile device, correct?

  2. Dante

    Incredible Plugin series SRD!
    I just downloaded them and i love these timed attacks, they’re super fun!
    I seem to have an issue with the timed attacks… i noticed that the arrow and wheel ones seem to work correctly 90% of the time, the problem is that the arrow or the wheel images don’t load but everything else keeps running fine.
    I’m not sure what causes the issue but it’d be great if you could point me to some kind of solution.
    Thanks again for your work, SRD!

  3. barioth

    Is it possible to use the sequence to give an effect to the user?
    I wanted to make a dodge ability, if you complete the sequence you get 100% chance to dodge the incoming attack, but if you fail you only get 10%. I tried to do it by creating 2 states with different dodge chances, but how do I make it so they trigger with the sequence? Im a noobie so im sorry if the question may sound stupid


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