Pokemon Trainer Name Input – MV Plugin

This Plugin allows you to set up an input box for a Trainer’s name without having to create an Actor for the Trainer. It displays an animated walking sprite in the top corner as opposed to the face image, and allows for fluidity between the display options of Male and Female!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Laziness powers activate! Help file here:

This Plugin allows you to have a name input screen without an Actor.

Using this Plugin, you can call a name input screen to input a name
for the Player, and then you can call upon this name through a
text code:

How to Use

First set up your Parameters:
– Set the maximum amount of characters allowed in the name.
– Set the speed of the animation of the character sprite in the top left.
– Set up the character sprite file and index for both male and female.

Once you have done this, you can use the following Plugin Commands
to call upon the name input screen:

InputTrainerName Male

InputTrainerName Female

Both store the name in the same place, the only difference is the
character sprite displayed in the top left corner and the default
name given.

In order to have the trainer’s name appear in a Show Text event, you
can use the text code:


Extra Features

If you want to force the trainer’s name to be something specific,
you can use the Plugin Command:

SetTrainerName name

Replace “name” with the name you wish to set.

This can be used to create a list of default names the Player can select
from as an alternative to creating their own name.

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