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Requires Timed Attack Core

Adds a new Timed Attack system that is similar to a clock hand revolving around the face of the clock.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Timed Attack: Clock
Version 1.00

This Plugin requires the Timed Attack Core Plugin (SRD_TimedAttackCore)

Timed Attack Core – MV Plugin

This is a Timed Attack that is based off of the movement of a hand of a
clock that revolves around the face of the clock.

The goal for the Player is to press the “OK” button or tap the screen
when the “clock hand” is on top of the target area.

How to Customize Skill’s Damage/Effect from Timed Attack

Use $gameTemp.tas_power to have the power affect the skill.
This value will be a value from 0 to 1 depending on how close the
“Timed Attack” was to being perfect.

For example:
(a.atk * 4 – b.def * 2) * ($gameTemp.tas_power)

In that example, getting a perfect hit in the “Timed Attack” would result
in full damage, and getting any besides perfect would give only a percent
of the full damage.

How to Set a Skill to Use a Timed Attack (Clock)

Use the Notetag:

<Timed Attack: clock>
<End Timed Attack>

Setting those in a Skill’s notebox will activate the “Timed Attack System”
for that Skill.

The part that says “clock” can be changed to have other types of “Timed
Attacks” be used.

How to Set up Targets

<Timed Attack: clock>
Target 1: 150, 180, #00ff00, 1
Target 2: 220, 260, #0000ff, 1
<End Timed Attack>

As shown above, one can set up multiple targets per each Clock Timed Attack.

There can be a maximum of 5 Targets per each Timed Attack.

Each target has four properties:
– Start Position
– End Position
– Color
– Power

They must be seperated with commas in that order.

The Start/End Positions are based off of angular degrees (example: 0 – 360)

The Color can just be any JavaScript of HTML color

The Power determines how effective hitting this part will be.
1 is about the default amount, but it can be given more of less power.

Clock Timed Attack Properties

You can manipulate the properties of each Timed Attack by adding them
in the Notetags. For example:

<Timed Attack: clock>
Speed: 2
Cooldown: 5
Start Position: 145
End Position: 200
<End Timed Attack>

As you can see, there are a couple of factors you can use to even make one
individual Timed Attack different for each Skill it is used with.

Here are all the properties for Default Timed Attack:

Sound Effect: (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Background Image: (Input filename of for in /img/SumRndmDde/tas/)**
Repeat Type: (Input one of the following: None, Repeat, Reverse)
Speed: (Input a Positive Number or JavaScript Formula)*
Height: (Input a Positive Number)
Start Position: (Input a Positive Angular Degree)
End Position: (Input a Positive Angular Degree)
Length: (Input a Positive Number)
Hand Color: (Input a JavaScript or HTML Color)
Base Color: (Input a JavaScript or HTML Color)
Fade Color: (Input a JavaScript or HTML Color)
Background Color: (Input a JavaScript or HTML Color)
Thickness: (Input a Positive Number)
Cooldown: (Input a Positive Number)
Flash Rate: (Input a Positive Number)
Flash Time: (Input a Positive Number)

*The JavaScript Formula can use ‘f’ to represent “Frame Count”.
**Leave blank to use default clock image




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