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An extension Plugin to SRD_PKM_TypeSystem (1.01+)
Using this Plugin, the place where usually the Actor’s Class is located is replaced with the Actor’s Elements.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Horrible Help Documentation:


This Plugin displays the Elements that have been assigned to an Actor
using the SRD_PKM_TypeSystem.

Instead of showing the Actor’s Class, this Plugin overrides that and
shows the first two Elements assigned to the Actor.

If there’s only one Element, it will show only one.

This does not include Elements given through States.


Using the Parameters, you can input color codes to customize the color
of the text of an Element when it is displayed.

This uses the colors from the window.png, and is the same as using the
\c[x] text code in shown text. Simply input the ‘x’ into the Parameter
to give it that specific color.

This Plugin starts with the recommended Element color codes based
on the default Elements given in the Type System (SRD_PKM_TypeSystem)

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