Timed Attack: Action Sequences – MV Plugin

Requires Timed Attack Core and Yanfly’s Battle Engine Core

Allows Timed Attacks to be called upon within Yanfly’s Action Sequences.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Timed Attack: Action Sequences
Version 1.00
by SumRndmDde

This Plugin requires two Plugins:

Timed Attack Core

Yanfly’s Battle Engine Core

By default, Timed Attacks play at the beginning of every Skill and don’t
directly interact with the Skill itself besides when the developer uses
the $gameTemp.tas_power variable.

However, using this Plugin, Timed Attacks can now be called upon from
within Yanfly’s Action Sequences!

How to Set Up

To start off, make sure you have all of the Timed Attacks and Action
Sequence Plugins that you wish to use installed.
Place “SRD_TimedAttack_ActionSequences” underneath all of them.

Next, within a Skill you wish to use the “Timed Attack Action Sequences”
in, input the following notetag in the notebox:

<Use Timed Attack Action Sequences>

If this notetag is not used, the Timed Attack will function the same way
it does by default.

How to Call Timed Attacks within Action Sequences
=======================================================================, actio

To call a Timed Attack, use the following action:

Timed Attack

This will call the Timed Attack set up within the Skill.

An example of this would be:

<target action>
hide battle hud
move user: target, front, 30
wait for movement
timed attack
motion swing: user
perform action
motion wait: user
action animation: target
wait for animation
action effect: target
death break
perform finish
show battle hud
</Target Action>

As you see, on line 4, “timed attack” is called.
Input this into a Skill to try it out!
(Be sure to have a Timed Attack set up in the Skill also).

How to Call Different Timed Attacks within a Single Skill

You can use the Timed Attack from another Skill using:

Timed Attack: x

Set “x” to the Skill ID of the Timed Attack you wish to use.

For example, “Timed Attack: 4” will call the Timed Attack from Skill ID 4.



4 thoughts on “Timed Attack: Action Sequences – MV Plugin

  1. "Ethan"

    For some reason, I’ve been getting this error whenever the timed attack happens in the sequence, causing the game to crash.
    Cannot read property ‘width’ of null

    I’m using this on Skill 1 (Attack).

    zoom: 1.5, 15
    camera focus: user, center, 15
    wait for camera
    move user: forward, 48, 12
    wait for movement

    display action
    motion attack: user
    timed attack
    wait: 12
    camera focus: target, center, 15
    wait: 10
    death break
    action animation
    wait for animation
    action effect
    move user: home, 20
    face user: forward
    clear battle log

    Any idea what’s going wrong?

    1. "Ethan"

      Huh, it didn’t show the items in the greater than and less than brackets.

      Timed Attack: default
      End Timed Attack
      Use Timed Attack Action Sequences
      setup action
      /setup action
      target action
      /target action


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