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This Plugin adds a system which forces the user to time certain inputs to preform Skills during battle. The better the input is preformed, the more effective the Skill is.

If you update the Timed Attack Core and some of the Timed Attacks stop working, be sure to update all of the other Timed Attack Plugins!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Default Background Image:





17 thoughts on “Timed Attack Core – MV Plugin

  1. Hyd

    I love this plugin. I was wondering though, is there a way to make it so the “$gameTemp.tas_power” function isn’t between 0 and 100% of the attack power, but something custom, like 75% to 125%, so even if the player misses they still get a good hit? The way it is now, if someone misses then it literally misses the enemy, but I don’t want that. I peeked into the script itself and couldn’t figure it out, but I’m still learning the language. Thank you for making this!

    1. Nicholas Fletcher

      Since you include it in the damage formula anyway, you could just get tricky with the math. For example:

      a.atk *2 + b.def * ((1 + $gameTemp.tas_power) / 2)

      That would result in a damage range of 50% to 150% of normal.

      1. Nicholas Fletcher

        Slight correction: (a.atk *2 + b.def) * ((1 + $gameTemp.tas_power) / 2)

        The last one would have multiplied the target’s defense, making better action commands worse.

  2. Cris

    Hi Random,

    First thanks for all the content that you have created and uploaded. It’s been a really good help since I started getting involved with this software a few days ago.

    I wanted to ask you if it is possible to activate this skill several times in the same turn if condition applies. Let’s say you press and hit very close to the middle and get a value above 0.95 for ($gameTemp.tas_power), since you got a high number, I’d like this skill to activate again. It’s be nice as well to limite it to a few times.

    May be the solution is quite easy, but sorry i no nothing about programming….yet.


  3. Joey

    Hey so whenever I start up my project an error showing saying

    Failed to load: img/SumRndmDde/tas/undefined.png

    is there any way to fix this error

  4. Sweet

    I have battles that range across a large area including air combat. I would like for the timed attack image to appear on the target’s current position rather than its ‘home’ position. Is there a way to accomplish this? I can answer any further inquiries if you are interested. Thanks in advance.

  5. MasterMindFunk

    I have followed the directions in this video but I cannot get the timed attack to work. I’m not encountering any bugs, the battles just play out as usual. I have even tried using the plug in by itself in a brand new project. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  6. mrmetapod2

    Hey sorry to be asking about this so much time later, but is there any way to make it play a particular BGM before you play the timed atack minigame?, and on another note is there any way to skip the first command in the weel ver of this?

  7. mimyu oinari

    I love the concept of this plugin and how dynamic it is.
    However, in frontal view it initially shows a fatal flaw:
    It seems to mess up the attack animation: The damage pops up before the animation plays.
    At least in normal basic attack, where this effect doesn’t isn’t active (in my project).
    I don’t know if this is only here because it conflicts with another plugin or if it’s a settings issue.
    But normally, the damage should pop up after the animation played, right?
    Thanks for reading

  8. Joe

    Is there any way to get this to work on enemies? Like the moves and processes work in the same way except when it’s done, an enemy prompts it, and gametemp reduces damage by a certain value?

    1. Joe

      Nevermind. To anyone trying to figure it out, I got it. It’s a bit complex, but you have to make a common event when an enemy strikes. The common event will then make YOU do the damage to yourself, with the enemies stats.

      You will have to:

      -Temporarily make your stats the enemy stats for the event
      -Use action sequences to change the animation to the enemy animation and not yours.
      -Make the formula (Enemy attack)/($gameTemp.tas_power)

      1. TheLunar27

        Hi, I know this comment is from two years ago and I’m not sure if you’ll respond, but this is exactly what I’m going for in my game and this comment is incredibly useful. I’m still new to RPG Maker MV so I’ll definitely try this out later, but I just wanted to go ahead and thank you now since I was at a serious dead end on what to do about incorporating this game mechanic lol.

  9. omrn

    Would there be a way of making timed attacks be all or nothing? (What I mean by that is getting the timed attack perfectly means it deals full damage, anything other than that is zero damage.)

  10. Uncle Fester

    For some reason I cannot get this to repeat for the life of me. I have changed all the conditionals through repeat and reverse and it still just skips ahead right after the first sweep across the bar if I don’t press the button in time.


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