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Very simple: this Plugin forces your Actors to only have 4 Skills.
On an attempt to obtain any more, they are given a screen and forced to delete one.
This is one more step to making the ultimate Pokemon game!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Behold! The Help File:

The name says it all.
This is a Plugin that restricts the maximum amount of Skills an Actor
can learn to 4.

If the actor learns more than 4, then a screen will display, and the
Actor must select one Skill to delete.

This is based off of the system used in Pokemon.

Other things you may want to note are:
– When initializing Actors, they’re given their 4 most recent Skills
– This Plugin does not affect Enemies
– You can manipulate the dialogue surrounding the Skill deletion
– You can set certain Skills to be un-deleteable
– An Actor’s most recently learned Skill can always be deleted

If you wish to implement a system to delete un-deleteable Skills,
use the extension Plugin: SRD_PKM_MoveDeleter

How to Use

This Plugin is plug-in and play for the most part.

However, there are a few things you may wish to customize:


You can manipulate the Parameters to change how the Skill Deletion
choices look, along with the dialogue used to inform the Player a Skill
must be deleted.

Change “Message Background” to change the dialogue background to
normal, dim, etc.

For the “Alert Lines” and the “End Lines”, each line referes to a line
on the Show Text event that is displayed.

Skill Notetags

If you input this Notetag into a Skill’s notebox, then that Skill cannot
be deleted during the Skill deletion process.

There are two exceptions:
– If the Skill is the 5th Skill to be learned, then it will ALWAYS be
– If you use the SRD_PKM_MoveDeleter extension Plugin, then you can
call upon a screen to force any Actor to delete any Skill.

6 thoughts on “Pokemon 4 Moves Only – MV Plugin

  1. highlord90

    I have this error that keeps reacurring:

    Cannot read property of ‘push’ of undefined

    This only happens with this plugin sadly :/ What I did was try and learn skills outside of battle through test events (talking to an NPC who gives me a skill) when I reach skill 4 instead of calling the event the game crashes with this message. I love your other plugins btw 😀

  2. Eurritimia

    Is there any way to limit the actors that can use ony four moves? Like using a notetag on actors that I don’t want to have 4 skills only?


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