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Requires Timed Attack Core

A ring appears on screen and commands cycle around it. The Player must press the commands as they appear on the top.

If you’re having errors of any kind, be sure to update all Timed Attack related Plugins!

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Sample Images:






Timed Attack: Wheel
Version 1.00

This Plugin requires the Timed Attack Core Plugin (SRD_TimedAttackCore)

Timed Attack Core – MV Plugin

A Timed Attack in which a ring appears on screen and commands cycle around
it. The Player must press the commands as they appear on the top.

In the beginning, the commands will all be frozen. After completeing the
first command, the other commands will begin to move around the ring
counter-clockwise. The Player must press the commands at the exact moment
they reach the top of the ring.

How to Customize Skill’s Damage/Effect from Timed Attack

Use $gameTemp.tas_power to have the power affect the skill.
This value will be a value from 0 to 1 depending on how close the
“Timed Attack” was to being perfect.

For example:
(a.atk * 4 – b.def * 2) * ($gameTemp.tas_power)

In that example, getting a perfect hit in the “Timed Attack” would result
in full damage, and getting any besides perfect would give only a percent
of the full damage.

How to Set a Skill to Use a Timed Attack (Wheel)

Use the Notetag:

<Timed Attack: wheel>
<End Timed Attack>

Setting those in a Skill’s notebox will activate the “Timed Attack System”
for that Skill.

The part that says “wheel” can be changed to have other types of “Timed
Attacks” be used.

Controlling the Conditions for Button Presses

The “Z” Press Condition and “X” Press Condition Parameters let you
customize the JavaScript conditions for pressing the Z and X buttons.

Of course, these don’t have to be Z or X, as you can change the image file
used and also change the condition for them to be pressed.

By default, the conditions are:

== “Z” Press Condition ==
Input.isTriggered(‘ok’) || (TouchInput.isTriggered() && TouchInput.x <= Graphics.width / 2) == “X” Press Condition == Input.isTriggered(‘cancel’) || (TouchInput.isTriggered() && TouchInput.x > Graphics.width / 2) .

Wheel Timed Attack Properties

You can manipulate the properties of each Timed Attack by adding them
in the Notetags. For example:

<Timed Attack: wheel>
Command Amount: 3
Randomize Commands?: z, x, x
Speed: 0.07
<End Timed Attack>

As you can see, there are a couple of factors you can use to even make one
individual Timed Attack different for each Skill it is used with.

Here are all the properties for Wheel Timed Attack:

Normal SE: (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Miss SE: (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Success SE: (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Fail SE: (Input filename of Sound Effect in /audio/se/)
Button Image: (Input filename of for in /img/SumRndmDde/tas/)
Ring Image: (Input filename of for in /img/SumRndmDde/tas/)
Target Image: (Input filename of for in /img/SumRndmDde/tas/)
Phrase: (Input a word or phrase. %1 will represent the counter)
Command Amount: (Input a Positive Number)
Randomize Commands:(Input ‘true’ or a specific pattern)
Speed: (Input a Positive Number)
Penalty: (Input a Positive Number)
Radius: (Input a Positive Number)
Above Height: (Input a Positive Number)
Hit Animation: (Use the format: opacity, x-scale, y-scale, x-move, y-move)
Flash Rate: (Input a Positive Number)
Flash Time: (Input a Positive Number)


Timed Attack Wheel SS

15 thoughts on “Timed Attack: Wheel – MV Plugin

  1. King

    Awesome plugin once again! I have a question about something I’ve run into, trying to use these plugins with yanfly’s action battle sequences.

    So when using these timed attacks on single targets the sequences play out perfectly! But if I try to use the brackets to make an aoe attack(that just plays an animation once) the timed attack nomatter where i place it in the sequence will only activate at the end? Any idea what I’m doing wrong or is there a way to go around it?

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Really? That’s weird.
      Could you give me everything in your Skill’s notebox, and also tell me the exact scope used by the Skill?

      1. King

        Yeah totally! So here’s how I have it set up with the scope set to all enemies:

        Max Amount: 10000
        Start Amount: 300
        Tap Gain: 50

        face user: forward
        move user: target, back BASE, 20
        face user: forward
        wait for movement
        timed attack

        timed action
        action animation: target
        wait for animation
        action effect: target

        Also I noticed if I set the scope to 2 random enemies, it will play the action, then call the timed action, and play the action twice(but on the same enemy) but that might be my use of the “whole” action and not” target”

  2. Ethan

    I cant use this Plug-in Because it says I don’t have Timed attack core downloaded. for about 5 times in a row, I have downloaded the. js file. it just simply wont work; I did put the correct files in the correct folder, and I did follow the tutorials.

    1. SumRndmDde Post author

      Did….you install the Timed Attack Core Plugin?
      Did you make sure it was above the Timed Attack: Wheel?
      What isn’t working?

  3. Alex

    Hey SumrndmDude! 🙂 Love your videos, and plug ins!
    Making my first game here, working on a cool feature would appreciate some advice.

    I want to use something like the timed attack wheel on an event like a ‘locked’ treasure chests, as almost like a lock picking mini-game. Randomize command strings to be entered, and if done successfully, chest is unlocked, unsuccessful, lock pick is broken.

    I was thinking about using variables to make it so after ‘x’ attempts, lock picking skill increases, and make it so the string is easier, or lasts longer…or something. Is this possible? :3

    thanks so much!

  4. Salem Nightlark

    I love your plug ins but was curious if you had any suggestions on how to make it use the four arrow keys instead of z&x. I’ve been trying on my side and can change the images easily and I think I’ve gotten the button mapping adjusted. but I cant get all four commands to run just left and right any advise or assistance would be appreciated.

  5. Puckout

    Mine doesn’t seem to show any text (Great! , OK or Failure) like how yours did in the video. Mind sharing how can that be done ? Much appreciated =)


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