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This is a port of the first MV plugin I had ever developed; however instead of using JavaScript, this version is entirely written in C++! Using node-gyp, a native NodeJS module is used to interact with the global namespace of the MV game and modifies the desired functions with native, C++ code.

In order to install, simply download the precompiled ZIP version (only works on Windows and MV projects at version 1.5.2 or below). Extract the ZIP in the plugins folder so that the “native-plugins” folder is within the plugins folder. Install the SRD_ElementalSkillColors.js file like any other plugin and you’ll be good to go!

This plugin is nothing more than a proof of concept. For this plugin in particular, there are no performance benefits. However, if a larger product (such as HUD Maker, a pixel-movement plugin, etc.) was built more into the C++ context, there would be drastic improvements.

Please note, this plugin will only function within NodeJS environments. Essentially, this means it only works on desktop exports (Windows, Mac, Linux). Unless specifically modified, this will not work with mobile and HTML exports. Furthermore, the precompiled version (the one available for download), only works with MV versions 1.5.2 and below. 1.6.0 and above uses a different version of NodeJS. As a result, users need to recompile the source code linked beneath the download in order to use the plugin properly.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Elemental Skill Colors


For this plugin, you set the color for the text by inputing the color number from your “Window.png” file from the System folder. By default the colors are:

0 = White
1 = Light Blue
2 = Light Red
3 = Light Green
4 = Blue-ish White
5 = Light Gray
6 = Light Yello
7 = Gray
8 = Slightly-light Gray
9 = Blue
10 = Red
11 = Green
12 = Lighter Blue
13 = Lighter Gray
14 = Yellow
15 = Black
16 = Foggy Blue
17 = Slightly-light Yellow
18 = Dark Red
19 = Dark Blue
20 = Brown-ish Orange
21 = Orange-ish Yellow
22 = Baby Blue
23 = Sky Blue
24 = Teal Green
25 = Black-ish Pink
26 = Cloudy Blue
27 = Pink
28 = Forest Green
29 = Sea Green
30 = Purple
31 = Light Purple


Element ID #
Sets the color of text of Skills or Items that do elemental damage based off of the element they use.

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