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You need the Game Upgrade plugin:

You also need the Options Upgrade plugin:

This plugin provides developers with the ability to add “options” to the Options Menu.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Options Creator

This plugin provides developers with the ability to add “options” to the
Options Menu.

Option Explanations

To add an option, one must add to the “Options” list parameter.
Each piece of the list has the following properties:

The name of the option that will appear in the option menu.

The category the option will fall into for the Options Upgrade plugin.

The description used for this option in the Options Upgrade set up.

The position of the option on the options menu.

Above – Above all the default options
Middle – Between the general and volume options
Below – Below all the default options

This JavaScript evaluation that must be true for this option to
appear in the menu. If you wish to not use any condition, you
can simply set this to “true”. Keep in mind this condition
is only checked and applied upon initialization.

Variable ID
The variable that stores the result of the option.
This variable will persist through all save files!

Default Value
The default value used for the option if none is specified.

On Change Eval
The JavaScript code that is run when this option is changed.
The option’s current value is stored in “value”.

This means if you change the option to its second option, then
the eval will run and “value” will be 2.

These are all the option names.
Each option name corresponds to the index listed on the left.
For example, if the player choose the first option, then the value 1 will
be stored in the variable. The second option would result in the value
of 2, the third would be 3, etc..


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