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This plugin enables more customization over the core mechanics of one’s game while also providing additional functions for future plugins.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Game Upgrade

This plugin enables more customization over the core mechanics of one’s game
while also providing additional functions for future plugins.

It also provides various inputs for manipulating the core NodeJS
properties setup within one’s game.

Basic Idea Behind the Plugin

This plugin has complete access to manipulation over various properties
of your game window. Normally, such an ability would be impossible; however,
this game rebuilds the game from scratch upon initialization, allowing for
control over such things as maximum and minimum resizing along with the
ability to disable resizing capabilities altogether.

The frame of the game window may also be disabled, and the game now has the
ability to force the game window to always be on top. Experiement to your
own desire! ~

Game Window Plugin Commands

The following plugin commands may be used to manipulate the game window:

Closes the game window.

Focuses on the game window.

Minimizes the game window.

Unminimizes the game window.

Maximizes the game window.

Unmaximize the game window.

Requests attention to the game window.

Makes the game accessable from the task bar.

Removes the game from the task bar.

Enters kiosk mode.

Leaves kiosk mode.

SetProgressBar ratio
Sets the window’s progress bar to the value defined by “ratio”.


12 thoughts on “Game Upgrade – MV Plugin

  1. Matt

    After I got this plugin and set it up, it started causing a window to popup whenever I press play. The window is an inspector for html .
    Any way to fix this?

    1. Matt

      I figured out how to fix my issue. I overwrote my plugins.js file with the file from another project to basically revert that file and then I didnt get teh error anymore. I had to redo my plugin settings too.
      I still don’t know why that was happening though.

    2. Mika

      I found the issue. It had nothing to do with plugins.js but package.json. It adds a bunch of things there that you can delete safely (or replace it with a new projects package)

  2. Brandon Campbell

    Maximum call stack size exceeded
    Im just trying to test to see if it works but even when i first install and play to test it says this. What do I do?

      1. Al Vamada

        I have the same issue and I really need this plugin in order to use another one sooo anyone with answers??

  3. Pebbles

    If I put my game resolution as 1920×1080 the F12 menu doesn’t open. But If I lower it to 1600×900 it works fine. Why is this happening and is there a way to fix it?

  4. Richard Weaver


    Just got this plugin and it doesn’t seem to work well with version 1.6.1. I have all other plugins turned off, save for this one. The game menu will not even load, just a black screen. As soon as I turn the plugin off though, everything else works.


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