Independent Character Sprite – MV Plugin

Using this Plugin, you can manually set the Player image despite what the Party members are. You can also change it and disable it during the game.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

As usual, here is the Help file:


In some games, such as Pokemon games, you may wish for the on-map
character to be independent from the members of the party.

This Plugin allows you to set the Player sprite to whatever you

You can change the Player sprite during the game, and you can enable and
disable this Plugin during the game.

You cannot manipulate the sprites of the follower; however, if there is
enough of a demand for it, I can add them.:)

Plugin Commands

=> EnableIndependentCharSprite

Enables Independent Character Sprite

=> DisableIndependentCharSprite

Disables Independent Character Sprite

=> ToggleIndependentCharSprite

Switches the Independent Character Sprite’s enabled/disabled value

=> SetIndependentCharSprite x y

Allows you to set the Independent Character Sprite.

Set x to the name of the file.
Set y to the index of the character sprite in the file (0 – 7).

4 thoughts on “Independent Character Sprite – MV Plugin

  1. josh

    Having trouble with changing the players image. Am using the SetIndependentCharSprite x y plugin command.
    SetIndependentCharSprite modern1 1
    is what i am using, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. is my format wrong?

  2. Shadow Angel

    Does anyone know if this plugin still works? I’m considering using it for a collectible monster game.


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