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This plugin requires the Character Creator EX plugin:

You also need the Game Upgrade plugin:

This plugin allows Actors to have their sprites and images dynamically change based on the Class, Weapon, or Armors that the Actor has equipped.

Look at the code or download the Plugin:

Character Creator EX: Dynamic Actors

This plugin allows Actors to have their sprites and images dynamically
change based on the Class, Weapon, or Armors that the Actor has equipped.

Class, Weapon, and Armor notetags

If you wish for a specific character creator piece to be used on an Actor
when they have a Class, Weapon, or Armor equipped, use the following
notetag in the Class’s, Weapon’s, or Armor’s notebox:

<Force [section] Piece: [file-name]>

For example, if you wished to use the “Clothing (5)” file from the
“Clothing” section, you would use the following notetag:

<Force Clothing Piece: Clothing (5)>

Forcing a Specific Color

You can also set a specific color to be used with the piece:

<Force [section] Piece: [file-name], [color-info]>

For example:

<Force Clothing Piece: Clothing (5), [200]>


11 thoughts on “CCEX Dynamic Actors – MV Plugin

  1. Ya boi

    Hey SumRndmDde,

    I installed all the plugins and placed them in the correct order. For some reason the character creator ex works but I cannot change the actor’s appearance. I have many others plugins but even when turned off it wont work. I followed the instructions on your youtube vid too. What can I do?

  2. Johnnie

    Is there a script that can accomplish the same thing? like from outside the notetags? There’s some layers of the Character Creator EX characters, that I’d like to not be seen as far as the class, weapons and armor. Any ideas?

  3. TheGreenOne

    This message appears when I try to run this plugin
    “Cannot read the property ‘length’ of undefined”

    I THINK I’ve installed everything correctly, any ideas of what may be causing this?

    1. TheGreenOne

      I cant delete this for some reason lol
      Managed to figure it out… kinda…
      Now I dont get the error so I can get into the game, buuut the sprites dont change when I put on the items with the note tags

        1. MrCrackerplays

          This is probably a bit too late for you guys but in case somebody else ever gets this problem, The “Cannot read the property ‘length’ of undefined” error is because it can’t find the path “/img/SumRndmDde/character-creator-ex” in your project. (I found out due to a spelling mistake I made)

  4. dark finnigan

    To those using this plugin–
    I had to generate a character in game, using the other plugin, before equipment would force changes.

  5. Guardinthena

    Sumrndmdde does or can your plugin work if there are different actor sizes? I am currently crafting a fantasy game and intended to use taller sprites for some races like Humans and Elves, and kept the default shorter sprite actors for halflings. Is there a way to notetag in comment boxes of actors, weapons, or armors to identify which composite graphic to use on what actor?

  6. Axin Zeith

    This error pops up every time I boot up the game.

    Range Error
    Maximum call stack size exceeded
    I have no other plug ins on other than the ones that are required to use this one so what is going on?


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