HUD Maker Ultra – MZ Tool & Plugin

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A plugin that allows for the creation of map and battle HUDs using an external, custom-built editor. Everything from text and pictures to gauges and faces is provided. Presets for conditions, text, and numbers are also hard-loaded and ready to be configured for RPG Maker projects. Everything needed to get started can be downloaded using the button below!

More Information

For MacOS users, you may download a version of the HUD Maker Ultra editor here. Please note that I don’t have easy access to a Mac for building new versions of HUD Maker Ultra, so non-vital updates and bug-fixes may be a bit delayed. Apologies for the inconvenience! MacOS version still in development. Will be released by official tutorial series.

If you’re interested in the Pro version of HUD Maker Ultra, a paid version that provides additional functionality, you can download it here. A list of features, screenshots, and video demonstrations of the Pro version can also be found at that link.

Screenshots & GIFs